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The quiet, firm competence of Governor Ron DeSantis in the face of Hurricane Ian is proving a real problem for Democrats, Never Trumpers, and other garbage people. He's good at what he does, unlike them, and people see how he differs from the Establishment despite the blizzard of lies and silly charges designed to tear down the best governor in America. Why DeSantis is a monster who hates gay people because he banned grooming and he caused global warming by not making you turn in your Tahoe for a Schwinn and he dragged innocent illegal aliens from their idyllic sidewalk shantytowns in El Paso to the nightmarish hellscape of Martha's Vineyard. It's enough to cause literal shaking! Sure, Donald Trump was Hitler, but DeSantis is both disciplined and (unlike Trump) sees that institutions like the regime media are worthless and must be destroyed, so he is Super Hitler on Steroids times a zillion.


Certainly, the comparison with the half-wits in the White House in the wake of the Cat 4 storm has been less than flattering to the Establishment windbags. President Cornholio has contributed nothing to the relief efforts besides more video of him wandering away, but in his defense, he's been distracted running his fool mouth and risking nuclear war. And Kamala has been at it as well. The Florida administration had to correct the Veep's insistence that hurricane relief would be targeted at people of color and presumably non-binary two-spirit otherkin. Diversity may be our strength, goes the cliché, but there's no diversity in the Biden Administration – they are all idiots.

What they cannot tolerate is how DeSantis shames them for actually doing his job well. Oh, how they were praying for him to fail. The more destruction the better, and the suffering of Florida's people be damned if the left can try to score points off of Heavy D based on Ian's wrath. But DeSantis refuses to play the George Bush role of gentleman simpleton and to be a punching bag for people without the upper-body strength to toss a haymaker. DeSantis is out there constantly, answering questions, issuing guidance, and giving info. DeSantis oversaw the planning and execution of the response to the hurricane with clarity and efficiency shocking in this world of posers and ruling class charlatans who have never accomplished anything other than taking on ever-higher positions from which they can achieve even greater failures. 


Thanks to professional courtesy among the ruling caste, it is agreed that they will never hold classmates accountable, not in the regime media, not via the corrupt law enforcement system, and not even informally in terms of public disapproval. Our elite has formed a feedback loop o' failure. But DeSantis is not part of this crew (despite him holding their silly credentials) and therefore he is subject to accountability. The problem for the elite is that DeSantis does a good job, and the brother of accountability is credit. If they show too much they may end up giving DeSantis the credit he is due. He deserves a lot – commanding well in a disaster is hard. Those of us who know recognize that his disaster response was terrific – I only worked on disaster ops at all levels in the military for nearly a quarter century, but ignore my opinion and take the word of the 23-year-old blue-check stringer for that this response was Iraq to the Wall Street meltdown power in terms of the level of screw-up. 

But, even worse – if you're a leftist – is that his day-to-day leadership has been outstanding. DeSantis banned school grooming. He beat woke companies like Disney into submission. He made Florida such an economic powerhouse that there is an exodus from the blue states to the Sunshine State that is draining all the brains and hard workers, leaving NY and CA with nothing but commie feudal lords and serfs. And this November, he's going to beat Charlie Crist like a dominatrix does a Dispatch writer, though with less whimpering.


DeSantis must be stopped.

So brace yourself for stories about how people have had to wait several hours for rescues, or how the wreckage is still not cleaned up three days later. We'll see the regime media full of reports about DeSantis's willful failure to wave his magic wand and undo the damage that Ian caused in the blink of an eye. 

This is getting tiresome. Remember all the stories of how DeSantis – pardon me, "DeathSantis" – caused COVID or something by refusing to force people into useless face diapers and how he risked the lives of lazy public-school teachers by not letting schools be closed because of the flu that barely affects kids? The people responsible for the two-year hiatus in education that has wrecked so many kids – and, for once, the classic "minorities hardest hit" narrative is true – are now trying to duck responsibility. But people understand. DeSantis was the guy who said "No" when all the weak hearts and sissies went along with the pandemic idiocy.

Now they are even trying to hit him for being an anti-looter. He pointed out – correctly – that if you loot in Florida you might just get shot. Normal people think "Good." The blue check mafia wet itself because scumbags, criminals, and thugs – favored Democrat constituencies – might find it harder to abuse law-abiding people when they can shoot back.

Will the campaign of lies work? Will they be able to derail the governor from running in 2024 and maybe winning the nomination but certainly beating Grandpa Badfinger in the general? Maybe. Many people are stupid – Democrats do win some elections even without cheating, so it might. But then, more and more of us are gobbling red pills. You and I are based and know what time it is. We understand the nature of the fight, but many normals are just turning in, and more will when their 401(k) statements arrive or they have to fill up their SUVs. They will see the undeniable failure that is the Democrat agenda. And they will see the actions of the governor down in Florida who drives the Establishment insane with his competence and success.


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