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I Got Your Insurrection Right Here

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So, my stock portfolio dropped about 5% during the time that the Democrats – who include the Beltway Cowgirl and that cackling Renfield of conservatism, Adam Whatshisname – were engaging in their latest circle of jerkiness. To put it mildly, the selfie-snapping of a bunch of polite MAGA geriatrics led by a Conan-channeler eighteen months ago are not my primary concern at this juncture. And I bet that’s true of all American voters whose heads are not firmly lodged up in their fourth point of contact.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has pretty much vanished from our consciousness. Why is that when just a couple months ago it was the biggest story in the world?

And let it be written – Joe Biden is running in 2024. I know because his paid liars say so. But boy, do I want it to be true!

Please Keep Obsessing About January 6, Smart People

This is my sacrifice. I will tolerate Twitter trying to make the kangaroo kommittee trend and the rest of the garbage regime media make this political fetch happen. In return, I will let these morons set fire to whatever residual credibility they might have left.

The idea that anyone outside the MSNBCNN demographic of pinkos, mutants, and groomers gives a half-damn about a minor scuffle from long ago is hysterically funny. People are going bankrupt juicing up their Subarus and these nimrods think they can get the people really ticked off about some forgettable fracas. Please, please, please go with that.

One hefty brain trust Democrat recently opined on Twitter, where smartness goes to die, that “No matter what Republicans hit you with, respond with ‘but you tried to end American democracy.’” I’d like to see that plan in action, since I have a morbid love of train wrecks.

I talk about the ending of American democracy – though we’re not a democracy – in my new book We’ll Be Back: The Fall and Rise of America. It gets edgy and scary. If democracy was being ended by Republicans, it would take a lot more than whining by doughy Dems to stop us. We have the guns, and people like our Dem consultant have snarky tweets and carbs. It they think J6 was an insurrection, then they need to get out more – out of New York, out of Santa Monica, out of DC.

Whatever Happened to Ukraine?

I was informed that Ukraine was the most importantest thing ever was and now, somewhere north of 100 days on, the invasion has settled down to a slog. We still see pinkos who would never ever set their dainty feet in a hostile fire zone sporting their Ukraine flags in their usernames, the tales of fighting seems to have vanished along with the legends of “The Ghost of Kyiv” and Snake Island.

Perhaps bloody slogs have less sex appeal than come-from-behind victories over a larger but inept foe.

The fact is that the Russians performed poorly in the initial campaign, failing to secure objectives particularly in the north, and eventually having to pull back. Corruption stripped units of equipment, and poor maintenance turned T-72s into tracked paperweights. But Russia, for what it lacked in finesse, made up for it in its sheer volume of Russians – it has lots of them. That’s how Russians have typically fought. They weren’t perfectly coordinated, they weren’t particularly capable, but what is important is that they weren’t running out of Russians. 

Now, there is word that many frontline units are smashed up and that they may have trouble back-filling them in the future, but right now the Russians are grinding it out. They may not be winning, but they are not losing. Americans have gotten used to lightning-fast victory, but this is not an American war. The Russians will seek to win by sheer weight of numbers. And some of our allies are wishing that the Ukrainians would just cooperate and give some concessions so the Euros can get back to business.

The problem for the Western elite is that Putin is not one of them and does not think like they do. He’s willing to gut out a fight, and we have seen that he is not particularly concerned about who gets killed while he is doing it. He’s a bad guy. I would prefer the Ukrainians win. But the fact is that Germany is already playing games with its pledged aid and other countries are tiring of this three-month old conflict too. They want it over, and if the Ukrainians have to give up half their country, that’s a price the non-Ukrainians are happy to pay.

But I doubt the doughty Ukrainians will pay it. Look for this war to drag on and on, though all the cheerleaders will move on and the Ukrainian emojis will morph into whatever the New Thing is.

Joe 2024

I strongly support Joe Biden running in 2024! His new clown of a press secretary – hard to believe someone hired solely for her sexual orientation might not be competent – recently tweeted: “To be clear, as the President has said repeatedly, he plans to run in 2024.” You know, if you tell people you are being clear, that’s kind of an indicator that you have not been clear. But let me be clear: I want this desiccated old pervert on the ballot. With poll numbers on par with leprosy and the music of Richard Marx, Joe Biden is the perfect Democrat to run in 2024. For us.

Of course, the big question is who we put up against this empty-headed dust puppet…

Pre-order my new book We’ll Be Back: The Fall and Rise of America. And don’t forget my Kelly Turnbull series of conservative action novels. The latest is The Split, but get all these action-packed bestsellers, including People's Republic, Indian Country, Wildfire, Collapse, and Crisis!

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