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AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Putin has sent has 100K+ troops into the fake separatist regions of Ukraine, and that’s bad. But the morphing of Canada into a fascist state before our eyes is exponentially worse. A garbage elite on our border – with the disgraceful support of 65% of American Democrats – has declared war upon the working class, outraged that mere peasants are refusing to submit to their betters. Due process, free speech, not beating the brains out of old ladies with walkers – these basics have gone by the wayside and our senile president, with his coterie of aspiring Castros – though Castro was potent enough to impregnate Trudeau’s trash mommy while our ruling class can’t make it happen unless they are on a Zoom call – have said nothing publicly. But privately, they are taking notes. They love the idea of criminalizing dissent – look at the January 6th witch trials – and they are taking notes.


 And while Ukraine is bad, this is about us and our country and whether we will remain free or slide into a corporate-abetted social credit dictatorship.

I like Ukrainians. I deployed with them. I trained them in Ukraine. They like to party and they like to fight invaders. I get no problem giving them weapons to kill Russians. I hope the corpses of invaders are piled like cordwood as the Ukes channel the Finns when the Russian dictator-du-jour Stalin sent troops into reindeer land back in 1939. But the worst-case scenario if Putin takes over Ukraine – he’s actually only likely to secure some strategic chunks of it, but whatever – is that Putin adds Ukraine back into the Russian sphere of influence where it has resided for centuries anyway. As obnoxious as it is, we can live with that.

But we cannot live under tyranny here. Canada is right next door, and this is a dress rehearsal for the kind of tyranny our own garbage ruling class would love to inflict here. Sadly, the majority of Canadians and their disgusting MPs seem to support treating the Anglo-Saxon legacy of human rights and democracy like Eric Swalwell treats his boxers after a chili cook-off. They have proven themselves unfit to be a free people and are happy to slide into serfdom. 

I don’t care what happens to a bunch of maple leaf sissies who prefer a thug-powered nanny state that suppresses dissent and scoffs at due process. I do care that this constitutes inspiration to Democrats here at home. And for that reason, on Kurt’s “Things I Care About” chart, “Canadian Fascism” is number one with a bullet.


It is tougher but not impossible for this to happen here. We have protections and structures that will help prevent that from ever having to happen again, like the Constitution. Canada doesn’t. Nor does it have a heritage of freedom as we do. Canada is packed with the invertebrate descendants of the crown-groveling traitors who fled when we held our last revolution. Submission is in their blood but, we can hope, not ours.

With our federalist structure, the kind of goose-stepping conformity the black-faced caudillo can impose in Canada is not possible here. You can have bastions of the kind of mini-fascism that unsatisfied suburban chardonnay women love in California and New York, but you can also have free states like Florida and Texas. That takes the pressure off – if you get tired enough you move to where there’s freedom (as millions have). 

We also have courts that function, at least at the SCOTUS level. Certainly, they are not perfect, but there’s at least some chance that if/when the government decided to steal the money of dissenters because of Muh Emergency – everything is always an emergency that requires we give them more of our money and freedom – the Supreme Court might step in to stop it, probably 5-4. This is because we have a Constitution that recognizes that rights are not privileges the government invented and can provide or withdraw as it pleases, but are instead endowed upon us by our Creator.


And if all that fails, we have 400 million guns.

Now, our garbage ruling class hates all that. Rights are an obstacle to them, and freedom is defiance. Recently, we were informed by the regime’s minions that the idea of freedom is a manifestation of white supremacy. Geniuses on Twitter offer typically inept leftist memes – leftists simply cannot meme – that our freedom does not override wussy pinkos’ safety. In fact, rights override everything, including wussy leftist lives. It overrides our lives too since we would rather die fighting for them than exist without them. After all, we are not submissives from Ottawa.

But the danger is there, and that peril dwarfs the dangers of some Slavic squabble across the globe. Again, this does not mean Ukraine is unimportant; Putin’s campaign will have all sorts of bad effects, though mostly for the Western Europeans who imagined that great power coopetition ended simply because the US imposed a Pax Americana. Sniveling weasels like the insufferable David French want to focus on Ukraine over Canada for obvious reasons – it’s much more beneficial to the ruling caste to focus on some far-flung fracas than the ruling caste’s corruption, failure, and tyranny initiative here at home. 

The rulers of Canada have more in common with the American establishment than with their own people, and America’s establishment clearly prefers Trudeaueans to those knuckle-dragging Jesus gun people who sweat when they work. The idea that what happened in Canada cannot happen here – particularly with the eager participation of corporate accomplices to create a Chi Com-esque social credit regime that punishes dissent by eliminating dissenters’ ability to work and live within the economy – is ludicrous. It not only can happen here but the Democrats actively want it to.


Ukraine has its challenge, but we have our own. Good luck to Ukraine, but if it is ruled by corrupt Ukrainians– on my first trip there we were delayed because the government would not let us take off without a bribe – or by corrupt Russians is much less significant to us than the vital question of whether the dictatorship metastasizing on our northern border is going to spread into our country.

Good luck, Ukrainians. We wish you well. Kill lots of Putin’s thugs. We are happy to provide you the means to do it. But we need to solve our problems here before we solve yours there. There is nothing more important than our freedom, and that’s under attack right now right next door.

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