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Rittenhouse Deserves a Freaking Medal

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Screenshot via Twitter

Nobody knows anything. Even the people in the jury don't know how this sh** is going to end. 

What do I think's going on? Because I am a lawyer, I do trials. I have no idea! I have some guesses. Are they educated guesses? I don't know! We'll probably find out that some weird sh** was going on; they were sacrificing virgins or something, which they went and got from The Bulwark staff. I don't know how this is going to turn out. But my guess is that probably two, maybe a little more, maybe fewer, people are holding this sh** up and not willing to acquit our boy Kyle.

And why not? Because of ideology. This isn't how things should be. We have a judicial system that the left is using to enforce its kind of tyranny, to shut us up, to prevent us from defending ourselves, to prevent us from protesting. 

Just look what they did to the QAnon Shaman.

Editor's Note: This episode was published prior to the reading of the verdict in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial. The verdict is in.

Warning: Contains Strong, Explicit Language


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