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Good riddance to Liz Cheney – Yo Lizzy, don’t go away mad, just go away rejected and humiliated back to the smoldering ruins of your failed dynasty. Her ejection is the minimum act of political hygiene necessary to demonstrate to the base that the Republican Party is no longer the cruise ship fleet of the past. I’d ship off Adam Kinzinger too, but his new pals the Democrats will take care of that simpering suck-up soon enough when they gerrymander his Illinois district into oblivion in 2022.


It seems ridiculous to have to say it, but you cannot have a senior leader of the Republican caucus who spends all her time trashing the GOP base as she shimmies and shakes for the delight of her media buddies. They’ll always make it rain with praise and applause for a self-hating con. The base has seen this before, and it is in no mood to be lectured about its perfidy by the likes of the Beltway Cowgirl, who never met a corporation she didn’t like or a war she didn’t expect your kids to fight for her.

The left and the media, which are the same, have been trying to help her by pretending that the issue is her courageous stand against the guy who hasn’t been president for a hundred days. It’s Cheney courageous, certainly – she runs the terrible risk of media acclaim and a cushy sinecure at CNN when her constituents toss her out in the primary.

Right now, she’s about as popular in the Cowboy State as the Lincoln Project Summer Camp for Boys and, except erotically, there’s no real difference between her and that band of skeevy pests. Cheney has accomplished something unusual though – she’s managed to become one of those Republicans the Dem/media human centipede loves while still in office. It took W a decade and a half, a bunch of paintings of soldiers his incompetence got maimed, and lots of backstabbing of those of us who defended him when he was too much of a gentleman to defend himself, to get there. She’s sufficiently damaging to our party that our enemies are coming to her defense. I bet it’s because they want the best for us.


As part of her collaboration with people who want us disenfranchised, enslaved or worse, Cheney has glommed onto the current liberal “fetch,” asserting that questioning the garbage election is to engage in “The Big Lie” with all its Nazi overtones. This hamhanded formulation, like so many other propaganda ploys, is designed to carve out yet another area of debate as undebatable. We’re supposed to pretend that 2020 was swell, and it wasn’t. There was outright cheating – I saw it in Nevada. The question is not if there was election fraud, but how much. The “Kraken” nonsense by the grifters served only to discredit real instances of outright graft. But there were other issues too. 

The Democrats and biased pols, bureaucrats, and jurists changed the rules unfairly and sometimes unlawfully to gain advantages they should not have had. The Roberts Court, as usual, backed off from addressing these issues because of some bizarre notion that to inject itself into the matter would discredit the institution. What it succeeded in doing was discrediting itself, since it showed we cannot count on the Supreme Court to vindicate our rights when that might mean justices having to endure uncomfortable conversations at the country club. And there was the unofficial, extra-governmental unfairness of the tech titans and the media actively taking sides against conservatives. Put them all together and you get President * – do not ask us to pretend that’s okay fine good-to-go, but that’s exactly what the likes of Liz Cheney want us to pretend.


And then there’s her hysterical reaction to the imbroglio on January 6th , which she Ken Brockmaned from something that was, frankly, about the level of a second-tier basketball play-off victory brawl – except for where the mystery government official shot and killed the unarmed trespasser – into the most insurectiony insurrection ever was.

Now, the Cheneys are notorious for not having personal experience with widespread violence – that’s for you and your kids – but, having been through her fellow congressjerk Maxine Waters’ LA Riots, I can say this: “Shut your fool mouth, you ridiculous clown.”

I note that Cheney is not as offended by Waters, who just recently again called for violence as she did in LA, as she is for dissenting Republicans. Cheney is all for expelling and banning the legislators who refused to rubberstamp the alleged election results. Weird how that works. Except it doesn’t work – it can’t work. Our base is no longer going to tolerate pols who won’t fight anti-conservative double standards – much less pols who are all for them.

Now, there is an argument that we must strengthen the GOP by addition, not subtraction. This is a moderately useful cliché, but it ignores some key facts in this situation. First, you can live with dissent, but you cannot have a turncoat in your crew, much less in the leadership, kissing up to the enemy media. Cheney constantly takes the focus off of the myriad failures of Grandpa Badfinger in favor of relitigating the Era of Mean Tweets. No conservatives want that, except maybe some Fredocons when they aren’t busy cruising local middle schools for dates. We get that Cheney’s got her panties in a bunch because Trump humiliated her family friend Jeb! and rejected her dynasty’s legacy of failure in war and peace, but getting even with him for defying and disrespecting her brood is her agenda, not ours.


The other fact is that the Cheney situation reveals yet another double standard. The addition/subtraction thing doesn’t come into play when it’s Marjorie Taylor-Greene. She’s icky, according to people who hate us, so she’s gotta go. Or to Matt Gaetz, who is “accused” of stuff in the form of leaks from our honest and forthright Department of Justice to the objective and neutral media. He’s gotta go too, right now, though we haven’t seen an indictment much less a conviction. After all, we gotta trust the DOJ and the NYT. But Cheney, who is nadlering all over us peasants? Not only must she stay in the caucus but we must keep her as a leader.

No thanks.

The rap is that this is a civil war within the GOP, but it’s really Cheney and Kinzinger and that’s about it against all the rest of us. What they lack in numbers they make up in free media eagerly provided to try to convince the saps that these losers have support from anyone besides each other. Enough.

Cheney needs to go. She needed to go months ago. And the fact that the Democrats and their media insist we keep her is all the proof you need. Time to stop tolerating traitors in our midst.

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