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GameStop Lets You See the Matrix

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There’s nothing more tiresome than hackneyed references to The Matrix, except for the constant propaganda we’re hosed down with by the Establishment and its media lackeys about how everything is groovy in our totally free, free enterprise paradise of freedom and happiness and more freedom. Some of us have been woke for a while, having realized the undeniable truth that the system is rigged for the benefit of a garbage ruling class, whose sole accomplishment is to perpetuate a paradigm in which they maintain power and prestige by controlling institutions they didn’t create or build. Instead, they are cultural trust fund babies, the equivalent of third generation Kennedy brats with substance issues who got into power by getting into the right schools and modeling the right SJW attitudes. These oligarch overseers rely on us to toil in their figurative fields while they sit on their figurative porches, sipping locally-sourced figurative mint juleps. 


I say burn it all down and rebuild America into what it is supposed to be, that is, what they tell us it is when they lie to us.

I’m not alone. We’re primed for some conservative anarchy. The normals’ resistance cannot be quelled; the revolution will be Telegrammed. Everyone’s gobbling up red pills, the one medication our incompetent Establishment is fully capable of distributing efficiently and effectively. You drop one and you see the Matrix. You see the lie. You see that it’s all rigged. 

And you get mad.

True story…

It not being illegal yet (Soon!), I go speak at conservative groups, conservative events (I’ve been invited to speak at CPAC – see you there), and conservative children’s parties, and I recently went to speak to one of my favorite groups, the Republican ladies of Newport Beach. Now, if you know anything about Newport Beach, you know it’s a nice place. Really nice. Sweet BMWs and Mercedes-Benzes glide past zillion dollar mansions and swaying palm trees. So, you might walk in with the idea that these ladies were the Lovey Howells of the Gilligan’s Island of American conservatism. 


They were more like Lauren Boeberts – and I mean with her awesome gun thing going on too.

I mentioned GameStop and these ladies not only knew what it was, but they cheered the armchair day trader anarchists. And they booed the hedge funders.


Rich Orange County Republicans booed the hedge funders. 

And they booed Liz Cheney and Mitt Romney, with one exception, Nikki! Haley too. The ones who had heard of the Bulwark booed it as well, so there were like three of those.

Populists in pearls, fully red pilled and woke as hell. They saw how the Establishment has been lying to them. They realized that they were never really members of the ruling caste despite their sweet rides and bank accounts. They were allowed its material trappings, but they were excluded from the real power, the power to govern themselves.

They have more in common with the Keystone pipeline worker John Kerry wants to go make solar panels – which seems unrealistic, since his Chi Com collaborators make them all – than with the rich and truly powerful elite. 

People are getting woke – the red pill is socio-political anti-Ambien because it keeps you from falling back asleep and not seeing that everything is rigged.

They see how the ruling caste allows you this little band of autonomy, and how you are allowed some leeway to improve your material life, but the instant you try to assert power that threatens the status quo, the Matrix kicks in and its immune system reacts to snuff you out.

That was the revelation of the GameStop Revolution. You’re allowed to put your money into Wall Street and they might let you take some pennies out, but if you try to go big and play at the same level as the anointed, oh no. You don’t get to. The system shuts you down – literally. You can’t buy the hot stock. Does that apply to the hedge fund guys? You think they can’t play after you’ve been sidelined? Come on. It’s blatant market manipulation, but Wall Street owns the Asterisk Administration – Treasury Secretary & Lord High Protector of the Masters of the Universe Janet Yellin took nearly a million bucks to “speak” to the lever-pullers behind the RobinHood app – and the Administration owns the SEC, and do you think it will investigate the hedge funders who changed the rules? No, but look for FBI SWAT teams to be hitting the basements where the Reddit rebels live. That is, right after they bust more conservative meme guys for illegal memes.


Really – felony memes. It’s yet another example of the dual system, theirs and ours. How dare the peasants use technology and social media to try to promote their views! Some guy using the name Ricky Vaughn circulated a mildly amusing meme in 2016(!) about Democrats needing to vote by text. He’s looking at ten years. But some lib named Kristina Wong circulated a mildly amusing meme in 2016(!) about Republicans needing to vote by text. From her apartment, she’s looking at Ricky Vaughn looking at ten years.

Brennan, Comey, and McCabe lied multiple under oath and otherwise. Now they’re rich, and the FBI couldn’t manage to make a case on them. An FBI agent lies under oath on a declaration to a judge so the FBI could violate a citizen’s rights and he gets…probation. But some rando tweets a meme and our intrepid heroes want to lock him away for a decade. Maybe they suspected him in a series of inappropriate garage pull knottings.

Say, what’s up with that guy who murdered five dozen conservative country music fans in Vegas? Any developments, G-Men? Would it get you moving if you discovered he posted some questionable memes?

And the Capitol Hill nonsense is yet another red pill moment. They lie about what the president said and impeach him, again, this time like the last time for the real crime of not being an approved president. On one hand, the FBI charges the Viking guys with planning Muh Insureckshun months ago, and on the other hand, flatulent honeypot aficionados like Eric Swalwell – he rolled in the rice with a Chi Com agent, but that’s cool, onward and upward! – accuse the president of incitement by telling people to peacefully protest. How dare us!


Protesting the Establishment is illegitimate.

Parler is illegitimate because our side did it.

Senators objecting to a flawed election is illegitimate when our side did it.

The truth about American history, set forth by the 1776 Commission’s report, is illegitimate because it doesn’t paint us as illegitimate.

We are illegitimate.

That’s their position. This stuff about us being real participants in this “democracy” is all lies and it’s all a scam. 

Any time we attempt to use the rights we supposedly have as American citizens – to invest how we want, to elect who we want, to say what we want, to live how we want, to just plain be – we find out that none of those things are rights but are instead mere privileges to be snatched away by the ruling caste the moment we use them to actually challenges the garbage status quo.

So, why again do we owe any respect, loyalty, or obedience to this paradigm?

We don’t. 

That’s the final effect of the red pill – to lift the scales from our eyes, to free us from adherence to the fraud, from the inertia that leads us to the default view that the status quo has some sort of moral legitimacy because the Establishment governs with the consent of the governed.

It doesn’t, though. It’s a lie. And we see it clearly now.

Let’s tear it all down and rebuild America by making the lie they sold us into reality again.


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