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Refuse to Be Silenced

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Parler’s gone for now, the victim of a conspiracy to silence, but it will return. The fascists can try, but they can’t shut us up forever. Truth flows like water around obstacles. The Twitbookgram decided to start playing whack-a-prole to bonk unapproved ideas on the noggin and pretty soon too many heads will be popping up out of too many new holes. They will pop up on Gab, or Clouthub, or Dave Rubin’s People will find a way to be heard.


Once you leave their personal domains, the tech overlords become…irrelevant, and powerless.

Now, they can conspire, collaborate, and likely violate antitrust laws, though it is hilarious to assume that a Biden* DoJ will find anything out of sorts about that. The Democrat Party, and far too many Fredocon hacks in the GOP, are bought and paid for. They are happy to auction themselves off in a bidding war between Silicon Valley and Beijing. And there are a few remaining Muh Free Enterprisers who confuse capitalism and monopoly corporatism, and who are happy to surrender their sovereignty if their twisted principles so demand. But there is only so much the silicon villains can do. Eventually, some enterprising entrepreneur in Latvia is going to have a server farm no one in Cupertino can switch off.

They are shooting their wad, as far as the corporate tech censorship goes. It’s a hassle right now, but we will not be gagged.

And we have some plays too. The feds are all on the side of censorship, sure, but what about our red states? Every single state that has a GOP majority has the chance to pass its own laws to protect freedom of thought and speech. And they should. They should do it yesterday.

McCarthy’s crusade against the damn communists was the cause of laws in a number of states banning discrimination in public accommodations – that’s not just a hotel but any service provided by a business – based on political views. We need more, and stronger laws like that. To bar someone from access to business on the same terms as any other customer solely on the basis of having dissenting political views in favor of freedom is as ugly an evil as racism, sexism, or fatphobia, which is apparently now a thing. 


We should unleash the full power of anti-discrimination law against the corporate creeps at the state level. Our current anti-discrimination laws provide a terrific template for new legislation that will ensure that a bunch of boardroom Mussolinis can’t deny us the ability to function in modern society as retribution for disagreeing with the idiotic views of their 29-year-old second wives.

I’d love to see some New York megabank explaining to an Oklahoma jury why it refused to give Bob a loan for a new truck because his last one had a “TRUMP 2020” sticker on it. Especially when that jury can award punitive damages.


No, they can’t. They never could. And you don’t want them too.

They can’t refuse to serve you because you are black. Do liberals think that’s bad?

They can’t refuse to serve you because you are a woman. Do liberals think that’s bad?

In places like California, they can’t refuse to serve you because you think you are a woman, even if you aren’t. Do liberals think that’s bad?

So, I think all fair-minded people can agree that they also can’t refuse to serve you because you refuse to conform to the views of rich people in DC, Manhattan and Scat Francisco. But even if we can’t all agree on that, where we are able, we can get our GOP legislators and governors – assuming they aren’t invertebrates like Brian Kemp – to insist with the force of law that they also can’t refuse to serve you because you refuse to conform to the views of rich people in DC, Manhattan and Scat Francisco.


Oh, and just imagine this legislation being passed in the red states: “The Social Media User’s Bill of Rights.” I have. I compose the draft legislation in my head for fun as I listen to the Sex Pistols’ “Anarchy In The U.K.” You know Johnny Rotten is one of us now, right? You know we are, as the hoary but apt cliché goes, the punk rock of American culture? And we will win too.

My Prime Principle is that I live as a free man, with the liberty to do as I please and think and say whatever I want. Anything else is a secondary and supporting principle. And purported principles that undercut the Prime Principle are history.


Yep. Communists too. People advocating weird perversions. And people who like seafood. They, like the Nazis, disgust and repel me. But free speech is not free if only the people who agree with me are free to speak.

I will offer an alternative to liberals on the issue of free speech. We can censor bad ideas like you want, but I get to be the censor. Now, you libs seem reluctant to accept this tantalizing offer, and for good reason. If I am censoring bad things, that means I am censoring you. I’ll start with your idiotic and poisonous SJW dogma. That’s illegal now. You put your pronouns in your Twitter bio and BOOM – off to Supermax. Then I’d ban advocating for socialism, along with all of the strains of the Marxist virus. This pathology killed 100 million people in the last century, so I think it’s more than fair to assess its endorsers as “violent insurrectionists.” Also, you can no longer say mean things about President Trump or his supporters. Oh, and what delights I would have in store for the garbage mainstream media!


*Tents fingers and cackles evilly*

This is fun! If only I wanted that power, which I don’t, but that’s the power the liberals want over us.

So, I kind of doubt the libs would go for it, and we should not go for it either. We need to radicalize in favor of free speech, free press, and free thought. Argue for it. Demand it. Exercise it. And make no apologies when they list horrible people who will say horrible things if free to speak – you know, just like they could in America a few weeks ago. 

Free speech, now and forever.  No compromise, no exceptions, no excuses. It’s not enough to favor free speech – you must be affirmatively anti-censorship!

And if we have to go underground for a bit, if we have to change the way we communicate because a pack of leftist twits sitting at monitors in the Bay Area are trying to stamp us out and shut us up, we’ll do it. And we will come back louder, bolder, and unafraid.

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