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Well, this is going to be cheery. Have you noticed that everything is a lie and a scam? Everything.

See, the problem starts when our elite realized that it could break the norms and betray the principles that we all thought we were all abiding by without accountability, at least for a little while. The Establishment realized that it can simply not enforce the norms, and then there will be a lag time while the normals continue on as if the norms were still in effect. It’s inertia – this is why you get these sad sack RINOs lecturing us on how we’re subverting the institutions when what we are really doing is pointing out that the institutions have subverted themselves.


It’s willful blindness to the corruption because the weakhearts don’t want to admit there is corruption because that would then require them to act. It’s easier to live on scraps.

As you read this, I expect that we will be hearing how the GOP blew Georgia. Either we lost Tuesday night – no delay in calling it for the commies! – or we’ll enter the endless recounts leading up to the inevitable Dem victory. I hope I’m wrong, but I doubt it. If I am, feel free to mock me for my lack of faith in the system. But then, sometimes you draw a five when you have 16 in blackjack. You just don’t bet on that happening.

I guess this is all necessary. The structures and institutions of American society have all been in place with little real change for nearing a century. Nothing lasts forever though, particularly when they are run by grifty idiots. The disruption caused by the tech revolution has helped speed up inevitable processes of change – you know, the creative destruction we hear about in unwoke economics courses. The institutions we relied on – our churches, the NFL, the political parties – are now focused entirely upon preventing that inevitable change. The lackluster losers who inherited their sinecures in these institutions (not literally but by being adopted into the establishment by going to the right schools) want to maintain a status quo that is great for them and poison for the rest of us. 


Joe Biden* is the quintessential example of this, a failed retread with zero accomplishments promising business as usual with a veneer of wokeness slathered on top of it all. He wants to hold on to his ruins. He’ll entrench his corporate masters and do everything he can to stifle the potential for reform and dissent. Remember when dissent was patriotic? Now, the media’s whole job is to angrily reaffirm the divine right of our garbage elite to rule us.

BREAKING: All the people in power are good and wise and benevolent and competent and to say differently is treasonous sedition of treachery! Film at 11.

And they have carefully cultivated a class of drones to support them. You see them on the street, healthy people wearing face diapers as they walk alone. They can’t all have immunity conditions. Most are just brainwashed, and eager to be. There’s this funny outtake of The Office where they elaborately prank Dwight to think he is in the Matrix, and they offer him the blue pill that sends him back into the false reality or the red pill that opens his eyes. He asks for the blue pill. And that’s what so many of the losers who are our fellow citizens want, desperately. They yearn for a blue pill to make the reality go away.

It never occurred to me until recently that maybe a lot of people don’t like freedom. Maybe they are happy enough with Netflix, Trader Joe’s chardonnay, and serfdom.


I told you this was going to be cheery.

And yet I have long-term optimism even if I have short-term predictions of chaos. History doesn’t just stop. There’s no locking us into this forever. And enough of us are woke that we remain a threat to the garbage status quo and the mutants who run it.

It’s easy to focus on the bad – a Mitt Romney or a tool like that useless Georgia secretary of state – to draw our attention and become a focus for our anger, but look at the bigger picture. We have more squared-away folks out there doing our work now than ever before. The GOP, which we will not abandon because in a two-party system you can’t really start a new party, has been dragged kicking and screaming our way. Oh, not completely, not even close. But it is moving our way over time. The Jeb!s and Nikki!s think they stand to inherit it when that mean old Trump leaves. Nope. Not happening.

This is a long war. If you want a quick win, you won’t get it. If you think some sort of magic even is going to fix everything, wrong. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Our Rome won’t be torn down and rebuilt in one either.

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