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The next guy who tells me his sad feelz are so intense over the election that he’s not going to vote in Georgia or anywhere else ever again cuz all is lost and blah blah blah is getting slapped.


Hard. I’m getting tired of loser talk, and I won’t have it.

This is for the benefit of the weak-hearts: Oh no, did you have a set-back? Did stuff not work out the way you wanted? Is it – gasp! – hard?

Too bad. Man up. Or woman up. Or genderfluid up. Just stop bawling like Brian Stelter over his cousins when he gets passed a bowl of mashed potatoes and get your head right. We’re in a fight. Fix your bayonets and follow me over the top. 

Come on you apes, you wanna live forever?

Freedom, justice, and liberty aren’t easy to win. If they were, everyone would have them. When the going gets tough, the tough don’t act like a bunch of millennial college students sobbing over microaggressions – and when you find, to your horror as I just did, that Word recognizes and autocorrects “microaggressions,” you don’t take that as a sign of cultural defeat and just give up and put in your application for cultural serfdom.

Die on your feet before you live on your knees.

Here’s how it’s going to be. Whether Trump ends up winning or losing – the court battles continue – you’re going to support the Republicans in Georgia in January and everywhere else thereafter. You’re not going to pout in performative despair about how the mean old Democrats cheated and how there’s no point in voting and boo hoo hoo. You’re going to elect people to stop the libs, winning outside the margin of fraud, and you’re going to keep fighting against fixed elections in court and elsewhere. 


Is it always going to be fair or right or honest? No.

So what?

This all brings to mind the new book by my friend and fellow Townhall alum Michael Walsh, Last Stands: Why Men Fight When All Is Lost, in which he chronicles a bunch of remarkable fights against all odds throughout history (including his Marine father’s story of the Chosin Reservoir, which alone is worth the price of the book). Sometimes you win these fights, like the Brits did at Rorke’s Drift (there’s a tribute to Zulu in the form of a battle in California in my new conservative action novel Crisis). And yeah, sometimes you lose. The Romans lost to my ancestors at the Teutoburg Forest and the cavalry lost to Elizabeth Warren’s ancestors at Little Big Horn. But here’s the thing – you don’t give up.

At Cannae, Hannibal slaughtered 80,000 Romans. And not just any Romans – lying dead in the dirt were the cream of Roman society. But did the Romans give up? Did they start talking about how Carthage cheated and now there was no hope and how they might as well ditch Jupiter and get on the Baal bus?


They built another army. And then they fought. And eventually, they razed Carthage, sold everyone that they didn’t run through with a gladius to the highest bidder, and sowed the fields with salt.

See, that’s how hard people take care of business.

Now, compare and contrast that with the social media sissies who insist that because Biden cheated and because some GOP wimps are wimpy, they’re just going to take their votes and go home. Sure, some of these are liberal bots trying to incite people into sitting out Georgia. But some people pushing this suicide pact are misguided cons blinded by emotion.


If you are so mad and frustrated by this bogus election and the fact that the Republicans haven’t waived their magic wand and made it all better that you refuse to fight the libs anymore, then you’re no better than some simpering sophomore majoring in Trans Poetry of Upper Volta at Gumbo State who sees the American flag and starts “literally shaking.” 

Get a grip. Stop the nonsense. 

No, we won’t give up. Not until we exhaust our remedies to this fraudulent election and not until we use our considerable political power to ensure it never happens again in the future. And we don’t give up then either.

We never give up. Never.

Yeah, we are headed for tough times, with a garbage Establishment that will use garbage corporations and garbage media along with garbage bureaucrats to stomp their Gucci loafers in our faces, but it won’t be forever. They are weak, and they are stupid, and they are brittle. We will win. But we have to fight.

History is not over. The defeatists eschew hope, maybe out of misguided angst but maybe because giving up lets them off the hook. Freedom is hard, serfdom is easy. If you want to be like the Fredocon weenies, begging for scraps from their Establishment masters, your life will be easier. You’ll just not be a man. If you can live with that, as the Bulwark slugs can and do, then ahoy soft and safe submission. 


But if you can’t live like a gimp, then pick yourself up, brush yourself off, and get back in the battle. History teaches that today’s last stand is tomorrow’s victory.

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