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AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Should that desiccated old weirdo eventually be inaugurated, he would stagger into office a shambling mess and his corrupt inauguration would set the stage for massive populist-conservative comeback in 2022 and 2024. We should ruthlessly exploit his weakness, corruption, and stupidity in our quest to ruin his followers’ hateful dreams.


Let’s assume the election challenges fail – worst case, what they would have succeeded in doing is waking up millions of Americans who were not only stunned to see the blue city election shenanigans but also the media actively shilling for the corporatist establishment. The people supposed to looking out for us are instead, as always, looking out for themselves. Everything about the Establishment is a lie and a scam. 

This is a mega-red pill moment, and it is reinforced by the subsequent revelations like how our military leadership lied to the elected president in order to continue their forever wars. The Establishment is not some collection of principled, wise, and steady pros. It’s a shabby collection of grifters, aspiring fascists, and other mediocrities who could barely pull off a steal.

If Biden squeaks through, he barely squeaks through – only a few fewer questionable ballots in hard Dem cities would throw it to him. Look at his coattails – it should be shroud-tails, because the Democrat brand was death down-ballot. We are going to come this close to stealing the house, and already the fake moderates are Nadlering themselves about 2022. And they are right to. What was expected to be a blue wave turned into a blue Toobin Zoom call.

We are likely to hold the Senate, assuming we get on the ball in Georgia. When that happens, the spongey mind of Grandpa Badfinger will be up against the steely malice of Cocaine Mitch. I like our odds. The Murder Turtle will stop the most insane insanity, and Biden will be relegated to attempting to rule by decree. Except we have the Supreme Court to stop that, as Justice Roberts is now superfluous.


But those things Biden does do will be a disaster. He’s already eager to put a lid on the economy again. Hey goober, you told us you were gonna fix coronavirus, so it’s all on you now. And you’ll screw it up like everything else. Right now, the never-ending war gang is back in action, turgid at the thought of finding fun new wars and continuing old ones. Of course, our kids can fight them for the Establishment while theirs can get rich of Chi Com graft. That should be popular.

A Biden regime would be a series of failures with the mainstream media – who we don’t listen to anymore – telling us are successes. Remember, Trump was fun and interesting, but mostly he was successful. Biden won’t do anything except dumb things to please his dork constituents from Marin County. He’ll mess up the country, but one of the funniest results will be how some of the jerks who voted for him (well, the living ones) will get caught up in his idiocy and suffer. Biden made a lot of semi-coherent promises, but he won’t keep them. And we’ll make them a suppository for Dem candidates in 2022 and 2024.

That’s another issue for Biden – he’d start off a lame duck. No one – no one – thinks he can run in 2024. We would be shocked if he’s not shuffled off to a Matlock-fueled perma-lid within six months. And dozens of Dems are mentally measuring the drapes already. With his manifest decline in obvious effect, he’s the stumbling, bumbling mascot for the 25th Amendment. 


Back to the woke populace – we’re mad. We’re not going to back down. Instead, we are looking for vengeance on those we feel have betrayed us. Exhibit A is Fox News. Have you watched it at all in the last week? The non-Tucker/Hannity ratings are tanking. A lot of people have dropped out and are looking for new places to get their news. Do you think Donald Trump hasn’t noticed? Get ready for Trump News, people. And in the world of social media, people are moving away from the leftist thought-policed sites to places like Parler and Clouthub

And while the mainstream media will line up to give him his daily tongue bath, our media will keep after his utter corruption. Remember, they can’t help themselves. They will sell us out to China. They will sell out Israel. They will try to cash in. And we’ll point it out even if the mainstream media’s new mission is promoting blind faith in government officials.

So, if Biden does win – let’s put aside the issue of whether he would even know it – he comes in barely having won, with a big, fat asterisk after it because of the manifest irregularities and fraud, with a crippled Botox Nan and the Doom Tortoise in the Senate just aching to make his life a living hell. He’s got to deal with the Chinese coronavirus and he plans to listen to the same dummies who screwed it up in the first place. That will be a disaster, his disaster. Remember, the best and the brightest of the libs are neither – they are singularly unaccomplished jerks whose worth is approximately 1/1000th of their inflated self-worth. They’re going to crash and burn.


And when they do, we need to mercilessly crush them in 2022 and 2024.

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