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Go On the Offensive In Georgia

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The battle over this bullSchiff presidential election has had the fringe benefit of exposing exactly what the scams, grifts, and cons the Dems will use to try to steal the January 5, 2021 Georgia Senate run-off elections. What the GOP needs to do is to keep up the fight to count every legal vote in the presidential race while ensuring that the Dems can’t pull off the same scam again in two months. Yeah, we need to do two things at once. Yes, it will be hard. So what? 

The political team has plenty of munitions to drop on the two undistinguished Dem losers trying to steal these seats. David Perdue’s opponent Jon Ossoff is a Beto-like weasel, but it’s unclear if he is a furry too and if he gets off dressing like a weasel. He’s one of those shiny, young Democrats who is essentially an empty vessel into which blue state donors can pour money and Chuck Schumer can pour leftism. He tries to play moderate but he’ll dance to whoever is playing the tune – in this case, the Marxist Tabernacle Choir.

Kelly Loeffler’s opponent, Raphael Warnock, is a full-fledged Castro-kissing commie. He did significantly worse than Ossoff in the general, and maybe the wife-abuse accusations had something to do with it. By the way, the garbage Atlanta Journal-Constitution hilariously headlined it this way: “Warnock, wife involved in dispute.” The article text notes that the Democrat “was accused by his wife of running over her foot with his car during a heated argument days before he filed paperwork to officially seek the office.” Yeah, that would technically count as a “dispute” in my book. I’m sure if it was a Republican, the headline would be “Slobbering GOP brute runs over woman in racist hate crime.” Regardless, we have a chance to define the guy trying to abuse the woman as the guy who has abused a woman.


The political advantage is slightly in favor of the GOP, but we have all learned about the magic power of fraud. That’s what we need to go on the offense against. How do we do it? We do what military guys call “preparing the battlefield.” We need to set conditions in advance that will defeat their fraud initiative. And you do that with lawsuits.

Before the last election, the Democrats were practically getting their mail at courthouses they were suing so often to loosen safeguards in order to make it easier to cheat. We need to do that. As we saw in Nevada (where I was) and elsewhere, the best time to get judges to rule to make the election fair is before the election. Afterwards, judges are understandably reluctant to alter or change procedures. But we have two months, folks.

Two months. That’s forever.

I used to tell my troops (and my associates in law practice) that I can get them anything they need to do their job except one thing. I can get money, ammo, experts, air support, whatever. But neither in war nor litigation can I get them more time.

This two-month delay is a gift, as is the Georgia team’s experience with how the Democrat strongholds cheated. Let’s unwrap it.

The Georgia Team now knows the Democrats’ moves. It needs to file multiple lawsuits within the next couple weeks and start demanding remedies for these abuses. It further needs to be organizing a massive poll watcher contingent to observe – and to have orders in hand before election day that they be allowed to observe properly. Also, we need court orders barring any more “Uh, we stopped counting tonight” shenanigans. Further, they should absolutely demand a court order allowing GOP experts a chance to review the Dominion election machine software to ensure they are no surprises therein. How can Democrats be against this transparency if they have nothing to hide?


Of course, they have plenty to hide, and they will #resist. But President Trump can help by ensuring federal marshals are ready to enforce the courts’ orders.

Oh, and there are Dems promising to play residency games to get into the state and vote. We need to be all over that.

The Senate is the Big Enchilada after the presidency. There’s no reason to half-step. We need an aggressive, pre-election legal offensive to ensure that this nonsense does not happen again.

So, what can you do? If you’re a lawyer, you go down there and do lawyer stuff. You might see me there. If you are a regular citizen, you can volunteer to help turn out voters before and then to stand in the counting rooms at 3 a.m. watching. If you are out of state, you can call voters, or you can give money.

You need to do something. Whether the President wins or loses his fight, we still need the Senate. And after seeing the Democrat’s game plan put into action in real time right in front of us, we have no excuse not to beat them at their own game.

Crisis, the fifth book in my best-selling conservative thriller selling series about America split into red and blue is coming out on November 23rd, so get ready by reading People's Republic, Indian Country, Wildfire, and Collapse


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