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Unify This

Posted: Nov 11, 2020 12:01 AM
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Unify This

Source: AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

President Barely-Erect Biden staggered unsteadily in front of the cameras the other day after the media attempted to crown him and called for “unity.” I have a question about this unity of which you speak, Grandpa Badfinger. What’s in it for us?

I was in Vegas with the Trump legal team for most of last week. The campaign is full of fight. It’s going to be tough, but we’re not just fighting to ensure every legal vote is counted in this election but that every legal ballot is counted in every election going forward.

And also, more on why the media sucks…

Submission Is Not “Unity”

So, Oldfinger wants unity.

Seem like a nice thing to want. “Unity” has this heartwarming, fuzzy connotation. We’re all in this together or something, right?

Except, well, I’m not sure we agree on what, exactly, “unity” means.

If it means we work together as opponents but in an atmosphere of mutual respect, okay, sure. Sounds pleasant.

But I’m not feeling that.

See, when Biden starts talking about “unity,” he never mentions what he is going to do to attain this unity of which he speaks.

If “unity” means “stop complaining as I do what I please,” well, pass. There’s a different word for that concept. It’s “surrender.”

We don’t do surrender.

I say that if he wants “unity,” it’s his move. What is he going to offer us in compromise? He’s been anointed the president-elect in his mind, and he is asking for something from us, so what’s he want to give?

Is he going to offer to forego ending the filibuster? That would be a pretty significant offer. Now, he won’t, but if he did, that would assuage many of our concerns. 

Maybe he will say he’s not going to make millions of people unemployed by ending fracking.

Maybe he will promise not to make millions of us criminals by banning guns.

There are lots of things we are concerned about, and if he wants unity, then step one is to let us know that we really have nothing to be worried about. 

That is, if unity is really what he is after and not capitulation.

Fear And Electioneering In Las Vegas

So, Ric Grenell texted me and called me out to Vegas last week. I wrote about that here and there is not much more publicly that I can do to update you. I do want to let you know something that should make you feel better. The GOP campaign staff is really solid. It knows how to do stuff. It knows how to manage data, and analyze it. It knows how to do logistics. While the legal team was drinking from a firehouse, it managed to assess, research, draft, and file legal papers very quickly. The post-election process is highly abbreviated – you have to do everything fast and the burden to get relief is very high. They put in a good showing. I know what an organization that is functional looks like, and what one that is a mess looks like. Understand that the one I worked with in Nevada was very professional regardless of the end result. That’s good news going forward.

I Hate The Media

Talk about an evergreen subject. You know, the media has this amazing way of being garbage and then, right when you think it can’t be any more garbage, being even more garbage. The week after the election should have finally convinced anyone who still has a Pollyanna view of the press as something other than the enemy of the people that this institution is a disaster. They call Virginia and Arizona with, like, a vote in, but days later they’re still holding off on calling Alaska – Alaska! – because the polar bear mail-in ballots from Orguniviknugkillk aren’t totally tabulated. And then they rush to “call” the whole election though the fight has not ended. It’s transparent why – to create a narrative that that horrible Trump is creating all this unnecessary trouble by insisting that every legal ballot be counted. After all, the idea about election irregularities is crazy talk by crazy people.

Those same people in 2016: “THE RUSSIANS HACKED THE ELECTION!”

How’s this?

You dinguses can whine about Trump refusing to concede on December 10, 2020. Why December 10, 2020? Because that’s 37 days after the election. And what’s significant about 37 days after the election? That’s how long Al Gore let his chads hang before conceding in 2000.

So, call me on December 10, 2020. 

Until then, I don’t damn thing from anyone in the media about conceding.

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