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There's Something Happening Out There The Elite Refuses To See

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Okay, I know what the media polls say…they say exactly what the media wants them to say. I also know that the non-media polls, and literally every other indicator, say that Donald Trump is going to win in six days. And one reason is the excitement for the president that is bubbling up out there. I‘ve never felt excitement like this about a presidential election, and I was literally at Ronald Reagan’s final campaign appearance ever in 1984 (November 5th, Mission Valley, San Diego).

Okay, if you want to despise millennials even more than you ever thought possible, watch this nightmare.

Also, doesn’t it seem kind of weird that the biggest corruption scandal in American history is entirely AWOL from the mainstream media? No? Exactly. I’m not surprised either and that may be the scariest thing about this unprecedented flex toward soft totalitarianism.

The Excitement Is All For Trump

I’m sitting with Irina at a diner in the heart of Ted Lieu’s district, munching on a patty melt after an evening out with the genius behind this soon-to-be-a-classic classic anti-Badfinger ad, and these cars and trucks waving Trump flags start going by. They’re honking, I’m pumping my fist, and some lumpy tuber who looks like a CNN anchor starts whining and it’s awesome. Then a dude in a Porsche Cayenne rolls up and steps out with a MAGA hat. And just down the road, a couple thousand people gathered for a rally – with no Trump or Pence or anyone in sight. 

Again: Ted Lieu’s district.

You can tell me about polls and the electorate make-up and all that stuff, but even in deep blue Cali people are coming out for Trump. And this does not undermine the “shy Trump” theory. A lot of these out Trump folks work for themselves, or are not married to shrews, or are otherwise invulnerable to anti-Trump retaliation by the wokestapo. The fact is, people are pumped.

But you look at Hoover’s baby’s baby-daddy’s daddy and he couldn’t attract a crowd if they were pouring free Mad Dog on skid row. Kamala is doing her awkward booty-shaking on stage before spare audiences and it’s cringe central (while Trump’s perky two-step to YMCA is hilarious and joyful). They airdropped Obama into Philly to pester a few passersby with a bullhorn and it’s pathetic.

My anecdotal experience – and right now, I trust that over all the MSNBCNN polls in the world showing Biden +37 – is that 1) a lot of folks who did not go for Trump in 2016 are coming around, and 2) almost no people are migrating from Trump to Biden. Now, the non-Trumpers in 2016 might have disliked him, or gone for McMuffin, or didn’t vote at all. Some are like a rapper known, for some reason I don’t want to know, as “Lil Pump,” who tweeted Trump hate in 2016 and in 2020 tweeted a foul vid expressing his support for Trump’s tax policies in impolite terms. I’ll not bother linking. But in short, there are lots of reasons more people are moving to Trump. As for those moving to Biden? That brings us to our next topic…

What The Hell Is Wrong With These People?

What is the thought process that leads you to not only hassle your dying dad about who he is voting for but to post a video about it with this look on your mug like you are expecting a pat on the head?

This lunatic’s father is terminal, and he was a Trump voter. So, nightmare daughter decides to pester him to the point where he finally tells he her voted for Biden. I hope he lied to shut her up. But the really horrifying thing is that this hellspawn thinks this was OK.

Basically, like many Democrats, she considers emotional blackmail and intimidation to be just fine. Think about that. She can’t win an argument. She can’t convince him. No, she basically has to tell him to do as she commands or he can die alone.

That’s not sick. Sick people can’t help it. That’s evil. And evil is a choice.

Like I said, I hope he lied.

Let’s Just Not Do The News

Here’s the strangest part of the unanimous mainstream media blackout of the outrages of the Biden Crime Clan. It’s that we aren’t more shocked. Imagine ten years ago if someone told you that all the mainstream media outlets would give a full and complete pass to a presidential candidate in October whose brat was there in black and white hustling influence and dollars from foreigners (let’s not even get into what’s there in full and atrocious color). We all knew the media was garbage back then, but if someone told us that the media outlets would conspire and consciously decide to jointly to refuse to report on it (except in the vaguest “GOP Pounces!” terms) we would think he was nuts. Why, they would be all over it.

Fast forward to 2020 and that’s exactly what has happened (aided by giant corporations who own the social media platforms) and we’re like “Oh, yeah, figures.” And that Twitter has shut down a newspaper’s account (The NY Post) because it is reporting things Twitter does not think you should hear, and that the entire mainstream media support this corporate censorship of the press, likewise gets a shrug if not applause.

This should shock the hell out of us. But no one is surprised.

Yeah, I’m sure the short-term advantage in this election gained at the cost of any remaining shreds of credibility will be totally worth it for the media in the long run. When that mean old Trump is gone, things will totally go back to normal.


Look, I hate the mainstream media and would detonate it like Eniwetok Atoll given the chance, but nothing I could ever do could even approach inflicting the damage upon it that the mainstream media has inflicted upon itself.

The clock is ticking. Support great conservative candidates who can win back purple seats, like Sean Parnell in Pennsylvania and Michelle Steele in California. They can do it if you help!

Book V of my best-selling conservative thriller series about America splitting into Red and Blue, Crisis drops in November and you should get ready for it by reading People's Republic, Indian Country, Wildfire, and Collapse now. Also, get my new non-fiction book The 21 Biggest Lies about Donald Trump (and You!)!

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