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This week, we’ll talk about the death of comedy – it’s sacrificed itself on the altar of liberalism – as well as the real plot behind Nancy’s 25th Amendment ploy and also ACB’s fashion sense. 

No Laughing Allowed

Someone associated with Saturday Night Live back when your grandpa was frugging to Foghat noted that eventually the cultural avant garde becomes the garde, but our glorious kultur klowns have further devolved into the rear guard. Their job is to wring every drop of originality or dissent out of the rich tapestry that was America, and force us into a grim conformity of politically correct platitudes and obeisance to their pagan demigods.

Basically, you’re supposed to close your stinkin’ trap and do what you’re told. And the wardens of this mental prison are the free spirits of Hollywood, the noble neutral truthtellers of the media, and the caring n’ compassionate mandarins of the Democrat Party.

Take the aforementioned SNL, please. This is a comedy show that can’t find a joke about Grandpa Badfinger, or rather, won’t even look for one. Imagine Richard Pryor on there today saying all the things that cannot be said? You can’t, because it could never happen. Instead you get shopworn takes on Trump and maudlin, cringy tributes – freaking tributes! – to RBG and Felonia Milhouse von Pantsuit. Look, there’s a terrific skit just waiting to be made about the zombie justice and her dying wishes and the antics that ensue and they’ll never, ever make it – no, instead they flash upon the screen “Rest In Power” (which is the lamest lib catchphrase since “Speak truth to power”) and you will just want to gack like a supermodel after partying with Ana Navarro at a Golden Corral.

These are rebels with a pause.

Comedy, and it kills me to have to explain this, is subversive. It undermines and attacks authority. It punches up. And the thing is that the allegedly edgy rebels o’ rebellion are the establishment. To laugh at the establishment is to laugh at themselves, so they no longer do it, or even allow it. Oh, they pretend to. If you watch the boring hacks who clutter up late night over-the-air TV you see a bunch of alleged comics each competing to wedge themselves into the same niche, the one that Marin County Volvo drivers can safely curl up in. They don’t speak truth to power; they text power and arrange to meet for a bespoke cosmo.

There was a time when the rich and powerful were the targets of humor. But that was awhile ago. Today the people purportedly deploying humor are hanging out with the rich and powerful, if not the rich and powerful themselves. That’s why they aim their feeble jests at people who are Christians, people who have normal families, and people who sweat at work. Take that, puny mortal who makes a fraction of what I do and who has probably never had kombucha!

Check out Netflix – careful what you click on because you could have the feds show up – and every series has the same dreary cast of villains. Religious. Male. Working class. The hero, heroine or – increasingly – the gender-unstable herox, must be written to show these backwards creatures what for.

Yawn. Another action sequence where a 105-pound ingenue karate kids a half-dozen 200-pound thugs? Sweep this, Netflix, and I don’t mean the leg.

Everything is woke, and it’s all lame.

It’s all to get you to shut up and know your place. It’s all to tell you that this is not your society and you have no right to participate in it. But it is your society. It is your culture. And you don’t need to obey them.

You can refuse to conform.

And you can read, listen to and watch those who do.

Real comedy is now the domain of conservatives.

The 25th Amendment Stuff Is About Biden

When that desiccated only weirdo popped off with “I got in trouble when we were running against that senator who was a Mormon, the governor,” it was clear that whatever had gotten injected into his Schumer to help him to stagger through the debate had worn off. The guy’s a mess, as I have said before, and that’s Nancy Botox’s real motivation for trying to create a “Kick the Prezzy Upstairs” Committee before the election. See, to activate the 25th Amendment, you have to have the Veep plus either the cabinet or a committee (which is what Her Harpiness wants to establish) start the ball rolling. Now, Kamala will break all human speed records tanking her boss. There’s a big check mark by her on the “Who’s Up To Toss Gropey Joe Out” list. But the cabinet will be appointed by Biden, and if he and Lady McBiden are cunning, they will appoint not the Dem superstars of tomorrow, like Audie Buttigieg, but solid Oldfinger loyalists who won’t budge. That’s why the Dem establishment needs that committee – it’s their way to get Crusty the Crustacean out and Commie Curious Kamala in. But doing it now means they can pretend the move aimed at Trump, who has to be infuriating them with his failure to become a COVID invalid.

Just sayin’…

ACB Goes To The Senate

It would be easy to talk about how dumb the Democrat senators are – I expect Mazie (Your people call it “Corn”) Hirono has an intern behind her at all times whispering to her to remember to breathe – but why beat a dead donkey? It’s just piling on at this point. 

The first day was really all about ACB’s jet black mask. There’s a lot of talk about how it sends the wrong signal but all I can think of is how it makes her look like Bane.

And I’m okay with that. I want a conservative avenger destroying the institutions – the fact is that Batman was always a gullible tool carrying water for the elite establishment.

Fight the power.

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