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All this Democrat-sponsored chaos sets the stage for an implied bargain, that if you only reject President Trump and elect Grandpa Badfinger, everything will go back to “normal.” Don’t you believe them. They got a taste for the power that comes from chaos, and they like it. 

You should buy guns and ammunition. That’s kind of an evergreen statement, but right now it is super-evergreen.

The RNC is happening and had planned not to watch much of it, not as a protest – though I would like the immunity from the Chinese virus that protesting creates – but because I didn’t need to. But the Larry O’Connor asked me to do the Townhall VIP live commentary with him and I had to. Monday was fantastic, and I hate saying that because I hate to give the party any credit. But it was fantastic.

Biden Fake Implied Promise

Here’s the deal – give up on your impudent embrace of populism via its avuncular avatar Donald Trump and vote for the senile old weirdo who lives in the basement and the Democrats will end the chaos. Because the chaos – everything from the riots to the pandemic panic to the post office sucking even more than usual – is under Democrat control. They are doing it, on purpose, to intimidate you into voting for a guy whose strings they are pulling. They want their power back, and they will do whatever damage to the country that they need to do in order to retake it.

It’s a pretty cynical move, but that’s what they have left. It’s not like they can promise competence. All they can promise is that if you elect them, a bunch of garbage humans won’t come into your neighborhood and wreak everything you worked for all your life.

But they can’t keep that promise. Do you see them pulling a 180 and unleashing the fuzz on these creeps? Do you see them demanding the indolent post office drones do their job?

Nothing will change if Biden gets elected, except it will become exponentially worse. What is rewarded reoccurs, and chaos has worked. Why would those experiencing the giddy joy of wielding these extracurricular weapons suddenly give them up because one of Gropey J’s ventriloquists puts some words in his mush-mouth asking them to? 

They made new rules. They justified it because Trump is literally Hitler, meaning you are literally Hitler, and they must retake power by any means necessary.

The crackdown will not come on the creators of chaos. It will come down on the critics of chaos. Watch. They do not intend to ever let you have the opportunity to toss them out of power again.

Buy Guns And Ammunition

The chaos above is directed at disenfranchising you, of turning you into a scared little serf begging his feudal lords for protection. Of course, that protection won’t come. The Democrats have a history of this. The KKK night riders of the past did the same damn thing. They want you afraid because you are defenseless.

Don’t be defenseless. If you are a healthy, law-abiding adult American citizen you need to buy guns and ammunition in order to have the capacity to defend your life and liberty. The attack on the police is a transparent attempt to strip the protection of the government from you, to break the social contract that had us citizens mostly outsource our security to the government in return for it providing security. But the Democrats want to cancel the government’s part of the bargain at the same time it strips you of the tools to do that yourself.

Don’t cooperate. Arm yourself. The hundreds of millions of weapons in the hands of American citizens is a final backstop against tyranny. Crazy talk? Look at Portland. What is happening there is okay with the Democrats and their media lapdogs. They want that.

The only problem is that so many of you are taking up this sage advice and arming up that there are almost no guns or ammo to buy anymore. But keep looking. Your life and freedom might well depend on it.


Here’s a prediction about the Republican National Convention. It’s going to be a dark, divisive Nuremburg rally of hate and hatred.

Well, that’s what the garbage media will be saying by the time you read this, and it wasn’t. Not even close. Instead, Monday’s opening night was about aspiration and focused on the future. Hoover’s stripper-baby’s grandpa is running on “I won’t be Trump,” though it is not clear who that senile old weirdo thinks he actually is. Via this convention, Trump is promising to get the economy revved back up, the troops home and keep us free. That seems like a smart strategy, and I’m just fine with the mole people and C.H.U.D.s who watch MSNBCNN having no idea what we are actually doing in this campaign. There’s a huge disconnect between the lib bubble boys, bubble girls and bubble gender non-binary otherkins of the left and actual Americans. They don’t feel the vibe, and the vibe is for a clear Trump victory. Let them fail to assess us correctly. We, however, have got their number.

There are some stars coming out of the convention, like Kim Klacik, and Sean Parnell who both crushed it Monday. The president had some meet and greets. Andrew Pollack and Herschel Walker were both powerful, for different reasons. Sen. Tim Scott became an instant 2024 contender with his closing talk.

And then there was Nikki Haley, who the GOP establishment loves because they believe she is one of them. And so do I. You can almost see her grit her teeth when she tries to say something that is conservative woke. Like Jeb!, we ought to always write “Nikki!” with an exclamation point. They say she’s a player in 2024. Just not feeling it, folks. Just not feeling it.

Later in the week we’ll see Ric Grenell, another 2024 contender. The GOP is changing, and the blue checks are fretting that it is Trump’s party now. But they have it all wrong. What happened is that we in the base took back the GOP from the losers, failures and hacks who spent a couple decades conserving nothing. This was a convention whose message was that this is a party normal people want to belong to. A party, not an individual. We don’t belong to Trump; Trump belongs to us. And I think we’ll reelect him handily in November.

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