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Let’s take a moment to bask in the glow of liberal pain as the wins keep coming and our enemy’s defeats mount. LTG Mike Flynn was freed of the leftist frame-up. That lady in Texas was freed from jail after refusing to kiss the Ted Lieu of an Obama pal by apologizing for the “crime” of wanting to feed her family. And the awesome Ric Grenell freed the transcripts of the House’s garbage Russia hoax investigation, revealing that the CNN talking Schiff-heads who assured you that Trump and Putin were making out in the onion dome of the Kremlin were telling a very different story under oath.


And that was all in just one glorious day.

There’s more to come.

Sure, we have the tattered remnants of the bat biter flu pandemic to deal with, but no one not pre-programed to hate Trump is buying that he and not the ChiCom’s inexplicable desire to munch on pangolins is to blame. The Free States are mostly coming out of this nonsense, having realized that a bug that targets the elderly, subway riders, and the George Conway carb-curious demographic is best handled by having those people chill at home while the rest of us go back to earning a living. We were told that our selfish desire not to go bankrupt was going to kill grandmas across the fruited plain, but like so many expert opinions parroted by the Democrats’ gimp media lately, that was malarkey, and not Grandpa Badfinger’s ironic kind. Remember how happy spring breakers were gonna kill us all? How requiring Wisconsinites to show up to vote was pretty much genocide? How Georgians not cowering on their plantations would swamp Atlanta’s hospitals with wheezing victims of Republican greed? Yeah, no. None of that was a thing. None of that was even remotely a thing.

What was a thing was the New York subways being a festering petri dish of pestilence. And what was another thing was the genius move of requiring that nursing homes take back in sick people. The liberal establishment doesn’t care that Fredo’s Brother was throwing lit matches into a pool of gasoline. It was all Trump’s fault because everything is Trump’s fault, like heat waves, plagues of frogs, and liberal low-T.


So, the red states will get onto recovering – and that’s going to happen with lightning speed – while the blue states will drag it out. Pennsylvania’s and Michigan’s governors are hoping that they can fascist their way to turning those states blue in November, but everyone sees that it isn’t Trump who is shafting the populace. It’s the Dems screwing over their own citizens on orders from Nancy Pelosi (D-Haagan-Daz). 

We need to avoid screwing it up. If Donald Trump can resist the usual Republican legislators’ tendency to be stupid, and if he can get them to deny these creeps the fed funds to subsidize endless lockdowns, said lockdowns will end when the governors have to explain to government employee unions that, er, uh, um, all the lockdowns have stopped the flow of tax revenues and, well, there’s no money for inflated union paychecks. Pelosi is scary, but the unions are really scary.

And Trump’s not going to fund his enemies, as much as the GOP dopes will want him to because of reasons and we’re all in this together and bipartisanship and thank you, sir, may I have another. Nor should he give in and let the corporate donors import a bunch of cheap labor from the Third World when we have 15 percent unemployment. To keep winning, all Trump has to do is keep the RINOs from indulging their natural inclination toward losing.

And then there is the election. The polls are all over the place, with lots of them claiming that Trump is doomed in the key states. We’ve seen that before. Others have him gaining approval. The pollsters must hate putting those out. But the election is six months away and though the economy is a mess, it took two months to get made into a mess. We have three times as long to pull out of the mess and get back to the real new normal – Trump prosperity. 


Plus, we have a secret weapon: a senile and weird one who lives in a basement in Delaware. Gropey Joe’s popularity depends entirely on his invisibility. The second people start paying attention they are going to notice that compared to him. Mr. Magoo is an incisive and sharp-witted achiever at the top of his game. Oh, and Magoo’s kid isn’t doing billion-dollar deals with the Chinese reds between snorting rails and impregnating pole-dancers. Plus, when Magoo dated Tara Reade he was a perfect gentleman instead of a creepy perv. 

Biden is a mess, a freakish, deteriorating mess of garbled thoughts and bizarre verbal tangents, and he can only lurk in the dark making hostage videos for so long. The Dems will absolutely cancel their convention to keep him off stage. That’s a done deal. They’ll say it’s about safety. And they will not let him debate Trump. No way, no how. That would be a slaughter, a hilarious, cringey slaughter. Their excuse will be that to do so would “normalize” Trump, but however they do it, there’s not going to be a Trump-Gropey J cage match.

Don’t worry. They are not going to replace Biden with someone who is at least coherent and can tell you what year it is. It’s not that Biden is so cunning that he can fend off such an initiative. Right now, his focus is on his war of wills with that uppity squirrel who keeps staring at him through the basement window. No, it’s that the puppetmasters behind the intern-diddling Charlie McCarthy of American politics won’t forego their investment. The left tried to leverage him out with Tara Reade, but after some perfunctory equivocation, the libs got real: “Yeah, he probably did it, and no, we don’t care.”


#MeToo became #SoWhat.

The election is gonna be lit, and my money is still on Trump.

And there’s another factor at play that we have not paid a lot of attention to. Experience. Ric Grenell’s brilliant maneuver against that human lollipop Adam Schiff was a great example. When Trump came in, he had no Rolodex of experienced executive branch hands to both protect him and to crush his enemies. We saw how that inexperience hurt him early on as the libs exploited it. Exhibit A is how LTG Flynn trusted the FBI bureaucracy. Think that’s going to happen again? Trump is now surrounded by ruthless and seasoned D.C. operators who know how to play the game. The Dems and their garbage media serfs’ edge early on was that they were up against novices. No more. One need only watch how Kayleigh McEnany imposed her iron discipline upon that pipsqueak reporter then cruised off the podium, leaving him sobbing like the pathetic loser he is, to see that our side is now composed of loyal, focused pros who love to fight.

And that’s why the winning is going to continue.

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