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America’s bottom-feeding, self-anointed intelligentsia is guilty of both false advertising and treachery. This week, these Wuhan-excusing weasels came right out and applauded ChiCom censorship. This brings us to my guiding life principle: Buy guns and ammunition. So, we’ll also talk about what a citizen’s basic, bare-bones personal armory should look like. And I’ll probably insult liberals more and complain about other things – all in this week’s very special VIP column!

Shhhh! You’re Not Supposed To Say It Out Loud!

Last week in the Atlantic, which is the Bulwark for the dumb people who don’t pretend to be conservative to grift the suckers, they came right out and told us what we knew they were always thinking, that censorship is a good thing for keeping the rabble in line.

Here’s the article, which you can read for yourself even though I think it’s a steaming heap of festering horse-Schiff. Note that my willingness to allow you to be exposed to dangerous, unAmerican and outright evil ideas, like the poisonous swill contained therein, runs exactly contrary to the thrust of this bilious and vile pamphlet.

Its key point is that censorship and control of the internet to exclude stuff that these law professors (Remember – 98 percent of law professors are fools, which goes a long way to explain why lawyers have the rep they have) disapprove of is a good thing. Our Constitution, which prevents people like them from arresting other people who say unapproved things, is bad. And the best part is this gem: “In the great debate of the past two decades about freedom versus control of the network, China was largely right and the United States was largely wrong.”

Now, maybe you forgot that we just spent about three years with liberals like these authors hyperventilating about how Trump was truly really literally Putin’s pet and what a TREASON! TREACHERY! EMOLUMENTS! thing it was to support a foreign dictator over the red, white and blue.

But, apparently if the totalitarians in question totally dig slurping bat borscht it’s cool to side with them.

Now, if this was just a one-off by some man-bunned femboy spouting off from xis tenure as an assistant professorship in the Department of Oppression and Daddy Issues at Gumbo State, it would be just another tedious embarrassment by our endlessly embarrassing academic community. But one of these profs was from Harvard, which, I have been told, is America’s premier educational institution. Of course, I have been told that mostly by people who went to Harvard; it’s a little-known fact that Einstein, while working on his Theory of Relatively, discovered that there is something faster than the speed of light – the speed of a Harvard alum slipping that he is a Harvard alum into a conversation. But it’s not just one crummy campus infested with a case of the 1984s. This is a troubling trend. For example, one Jay Rosen, a journalism professor at NYU, recently tweeted:

A group of professors, myself included, have written an open letter to the heads of ABC News, CBS News, NBC News, MSNBC and CNN petitioning for an end to live coverage of the president's briefings. If you're an academic and want to sign, scroll down....

I cut the link out of the quote – if you want to sign a petition demanding the American people be prevented from hearing your political opponents speak, you can, at a minimum, get off your fascist Lieu and go find it your own damn self.

In any case, our alleged guardians of Western civilization have pretty much decided to throw the city gates open to the invaders from the East and have accepted their collectivist tyranny as the proper state of man. What’s adorable is how they think they would not be thrown up against the wall themselves once their usefulness to their masters has ended, but no one ever said our smart set was actually, you know, smart.

Buy Guns and Ammunition

Apropos of nothing, except the inescapable evidence that our trash elite is seeking to retain its power and prestige by any means necessary, including adopting active censorship to keep you and me from expressing our forbidden wrongthink, I want to know why you don’t have a weapon. Actually, why you don’t have several weapons.

The Founders were very clear that they thought that the ultimate backstop against tyranny was a bunch of ticked off Americans with gats. It is a pretty damn good deterrent too. Would-be tyrants and their skeevy minions need to calculate the chances that some citizen with a deer rifle or that patriot’s friend, the AR-15, will bust a cap in their behinds should they get all dictatory. And we’ve seen – from their own word processors – that these folks actively want to take your rights.

But hey, if you are disarmed and they control a monopoly on violent force within our society, they’ll be totally cool to you and respect your other rights. Also, Nickleback rocks, Beto is not a furry, and Joe Biden would make a great babysitter for your teenage daughter.

You need guns and ammunition, and you should go right now and buy guns and ammunition. It’s your duty as a citizen to participate in the deterrence of tyranny, and in its defeat if our domestic dictatorship dreamers get uppity. But what kind of guns and ammunition? What should you have in your personal freedom arsenal?

Let me start with the basics for those who are not gun people (Experienced gun people can achieve the same results with other weapons, but newbies should stick to the basics). You need a solid fighting rifle and a combat-capable handgun.

For a rifle, get a 5.56mm AR-15. There are dozens of makers using the basic platform. An AR-15 is light, time-tested, and readily modifiable to suit your needs. It will work reliably and you can use it effectively after just a little bit of training – as millions of American soldiers have done in the last half-century. Plus, buying one owns the libs something awesome.

For a pistol, get a Glock 9mm. Just do it. Yeah, I love the M1911A1 – after all, I am a man. But the Glock is totally reliable, very effective, and so simple even a public school grad can figure it out. 

There are also various other rifles that can do the job, but if you are at freedom’s entry-level, stick to a good AR and a good Glock. Remember, you can buy a bunch of freedom sticks for your freedom collection. If you want to get fancy, you can look into a shotgun too. I like the Remington 870, but there are many good ones. Just remember to buy plenty of ammo and train to be legal, safe and fearsome to those who would kill or enslave you. The NRA – America’s premier civil rights organization – will direct you to get the training you need. Join it today.

Now you can start emailing me about how I am totally wrong about my gun choices.

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