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We’re going to come out of this nightmare whether the Democratic politicians like it or not. The pandemic is subsiding, so America is done with this lockdown nonsense, and the inevitable re-opening is coming. It will start out slow, then get faster, then get very, very fast, and then get finished. That’s how these things happen. But it won’t happen without #resistance. The lib establishment and its media gerbils clearly think it’s in their interest to have the Bat Gobbler flu crisis continue indefinitely. They think it hurts Trump, plus they really love wielding power over you. Just look into the dead doll eyes of Governor Karen (D-Minncounsinigan) and you can see that forcing big box stores to tape off the seed section gives her a kind of erotic pleasure. It’s kind of creepy.


But people aren’t having any more of this Schiff. We’re done. We could deal with it when it looked like a commonsense thing to do, but now it’s just getting stupid. Things are getting better and they are doubling down on the social distance Stasi act. You got police departments tweeting that protest isn’t essential, but apparently being petty fascists is.

Over it!

We’ve seen the protests being, and we’re going to see more of them, but we’re also seeing silent rebellions. After weeks of disconcerting emptiness, the barren freeways of Los Angeles are suddenly filling up again with people who are voting with their feet and venturing back outside. While this paralysis may be a funfest for loser government workers, journalisandanistas, and other nonessential dorks who, for some reason, are still getting paychecks, it’s a disaster for everybody else and we are about done. We will no longer be the collateral damage of their power tripping.

It doesn’t help that Nancy Pelosi, whose last name is Italian for “Antoinette,” is prancing about on the air with Nimrod late-night hosts in front of her 24-grand dual freezers even as she holds up the PPP loans that we need to the country’s small business backbone alive and many of us employed.


Let them eat artisanal chocolate ice cream with James Corden, whoever the hell that is!

When you get a pink slip from your boss, you should write a thank you note to Nancy Pelosi because it’s her and the rest of the Democrats that are screwing you over.

If there’s anything that Trump knows it public opinion, and that’s why he’s championing re-opening the United States again and soon. I’m not one of those people who thought it was crazy to react to the Wuhan Flu at all, but it is crazy to keep reacting to Pangolin Fever forever. Time to Liberate the USA.

The pols slobbering at the chance to boss us around into 2021 or 2022 better get their heads right. There is no “new normal.” There’s just “normal,” and that’s what we need to go back to. We’re not permanently avoiding each other (literally) like the plague, or wearing those dumb masks forever, or never again gathering in groups of more than five. I’m going to see the Psychedelic FursBlondie and the bat-curious goth rockers of Bauhaus in September, jerks, and that’s just how it’s going to be.

Hey, the great Chinese coronavirus panic was fun while it lasted, but it’s done. The curve has been flattened. The numbers are dropping. All good things come to an end, and so must this.


There’s no bright line that we will cross and know it is over. Different places will open up at different paces. There will just be one day when you look around and realize, “Hey, it stopped.” I did a lot of disaster operations with the Army and there’s the early part where you’re out in uniform with guns and chaos reigns and everybody’s freaking out and after a while, it kind of peaks and then suddenly you’re walking around in uniform with guns and everyone else has gone back to their normal life and is looking at you funny. That’s kind of where we’re getting to now. This thing is over. 

Yeah, I know the Wuhan bug is still out there, but we’ve got it under control now. We’re going to start getting back to normal, although the Democrats will have to be dragged kicking and screaming because they love this. Power, economic devastation, and the ability to boss people around and oppress them these are the things they live for.

We’re going to see a rush back to freedom. What’s going to happen is conservative states are going to start opening up and they’re going to start opening up soon. Then people in fascist nightmare states like California and New York are going to look over at Texas and North Dakota and the rest of free America that lies outside of the future People's Republic and wonder why the hell they are still getting yelled at for going to the beach. Pretty soon it’ll be an avalanche as people demand to re-open. And then the stock market is going to soar and unemployment is going to come down and we’re going to put this nightmare behind us. And Trump will get re-elected, which they fear more than any virus.


And once this ends, it’s time to reevaluate. It’s time to reevaluate all the science people who couldn’t make an accurate model to save their or our lives. It’s time to reevaluate all the globalist jerks who sold us out to China – hi Hoover Biden! And it’s time to reevaluate all the Lil’ Himmlers who enjoyed this all way too much.

But first we’ve got to re-open America, and that’s going to happen faster than you think.

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