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Remember, we have to believe all women…except when it’s a liberal like Bad Touch Biden who is doing the grabbing, in which case she’s either a lying tramp who wanted it or she simply doesn’t exist. You know, all these differing rules about how we are supposed to react to #MeToo stuff seems really complex and difficult, since they change based on the ideology of the alleged pervert, but it’s really simple if you just understand one simple thing.

The liberal outrage is all a lie and a scam.

They don’t give a damn about women getting treated like garbage. Not even a little. They just want to leverage bogus claims of #MeToo accusations against conservatives like Brett Kavanaugh for cheap political advantage. That’s why when a Democrat does it – and they know he’s doing it – all you hear is the sound of silence and complicity. 

Being a Democrat means free passes for making passes, or worse. Everyone knew Bill Clinton was a scumbag – even now his wrinkly carcass is probably soaking in a hot tub with a couple of exotic dancers on loan from The Gilded Pastie. Not even Felonia Milhous von Pantsuit cares. She’s got her Chardonnay and her Twitter account where she can chuckle about the pandemic and imagine that if she had remembered Wisconsin and was president, she would have ordered a million new ventilators back in August because she’s smart. 

And everyone knew that sauced harpy’s donor and pal Harvey – hell, he was every liberal’s donor and pal – was leaving no starlet unturned out. Weinstein fell not because liberals were outraged but because he was on the losing side of an internal power struggle against the old guard elite within liberalism. Suddenly, overnight, Harvey’s wink-wink nudge-nudge quirks turned from awards show joke fodder into something sinister. But his behavior never changed.


And the same goes for Jeffrey Epstein, who didn’t kill himself.

Liberals don’t care until they are forced to care. And even then they only pretend to care.

Take Not-Senile Joe Biden, please. Last week a woman named Tara Reade – no, not the blonde from those 90s movies – who actually worked for Hoover’s daddy as a Senate aide claimed that he did the stuff to her back in 1993 that Donald Trump only talked about on the Access Hollywood tape. Remember the furious outrage about the locker room chatter in 2016? Well, Malarkey Boy actually did that, claims this lady, and the Democrats are not only ignoring it but are still intent on nominating this senile doofus to be president.

If they were as smart as they are evil, they would use this as a way to get him out of the race so they can slip in someone else, like Andrew Cuomo, who if not distinguishing himself in the Chinese coronavirus pandemic at least appears to be able to string a couple sentences together without wandering off onto a tangent about how when he was young, people used to tie onions to their belts, which was the style at the time.

Now, I don’t know if Tara Reade’s claims are objectively true. There is some evidence in the record that it is. That handsy weirdo is infamous for his delight in caressing everything in sight without a Y chromosome to fend him off. According to Reade, as she resisted his probing paws, the future veep said to her, “Come on, man, I heard you liked me.” I can totally hear him saying exactly that exactly that way. Around that time, she also told relatives and friends about it. So, basically there is exponentially more evidence of this than the transparently ridiculous scenario weaved by Christine Blasey Ford about Brett Kavanaugh.


It was a scenario Biden and his Democrat buddies bought into without hesitation. But gee, there seems to be some hesitation now. There’s so much hesitation that you have to look really, really hard for any mention of it among the mainstream media. Moreover, Reade says she went to Time’s Up, a liberal advocacy group allegedly dedicated to protecting women. She says they sent her packing. Apparently, Reade misunderstood that its job was to protect prominent liberal men, not nobody liberal women who constitute acceptable collateral damage in the fight for progressive power.

Compared to the Kavanaugh slanders, you have an accusation of a substantially worse sex crime that is substantially more credible against the presumptive Democratic nominee. And you have an organized and active conspiracy of silence designed to cover it up by Democrats, their pet interest groups, and the garbage mainstream media.

Like all the trash people in his trash party, Biden wanted to crucify Brett Kavanagh over a patently ridiculous lie while posing as dedicated protectors of womenfolk. They all knew it was a joke, but who cares if you have to ruin a good man if doing so protects the ability to off babies up through adolescence? And now we have this, which may or may not be real but sure as heck sounds consistent with how this skeevy creep behaves and talks, and instead of believe all women, we get, “Nah, ignore the victims that hurt our chances in November.”

Liberalism isn’t even hypocrisy. It’s just one giant lie wrapped in a scam and dipped in unadulterated bullSchiff.


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