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The Loser Establishment Is Rightfully Terrified of Ric Grenell

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The D.C. establishment and their media rump-kissers went into a full-on spazz mode when President Trump continued his unbroken streak of awesomeness by appointing Ric Grenell the acting Director of National Intelligence, thereby threatening the intelligence community’s unbroken streak of failure. None of our media idiot savants – a term which is only half-accurate – thought to ponder the question of exactly how Ric’s appointment could possibly make the IC worse. Its legacy of ashes is a national embarrassment. But then, the purpose of the currently-constituted intelligence community, the foreign policy community, and every wing of our incompetent, inept, and corrupt establishment is not to serve the people of the United States. Its purpose is to serve the personal interests of the currently-constituted intelligence community, the foreign policy community, and every wing of our incompetent, inept, and corrupt establishment. Its denizens fear that this fearless patriot is going to burn down their whole shoddy edifice, and we can only hope they’re right. 

Flick that Bic, Ric.

Let’s examine just the last week of the establishment’s towering achievements in the foreign policy realm. Afghanistan is still a bleeding wound a mere 18.5 years after it started. And the New York Times decided to give a wanted Taliban terrorist access to its opinion page to share enemy propaganda. That’s no surprise. America’s establishment never seems to take America’s side. It’ all about the foreigners’ feelz. One beef about Ambassador to Germany Ric Grenell (he’ll stay on in that critical job while acting DNI) is that he gives the euroweenies the sadz by telling them things they don’t want to hear, like “Pay your share of NATO, deadbeats,” and “Stop sucking up to the mullahs, jerks.” Okay, I added the “deadbeats” and “jerks” parts. And it is indicative of our failed establishment’s mindset that the alleged pros are more concerned with pleasing foreigners than protecting American interests.


Oh, also in the last week or so, Ric personally got Kosovo and Serbia back together after 20 years. Not the establishment – Ric. For the tens of thousands of us who served there, this is great news. There is no comparable achievement by the establishment, but there was a big leak designed to interfere in an American election, so I guess that’s something. Someone in the IC leaked that RUSSIANS RUSSIANS RUSSIANS are helping Bernie (and Trump), right before the Nevada Caucuses. Gosh, if only the misnamed intelligence types would interfere in elections overseas as aggressively as they do here. The usual Maddow-viewing durrwoods freaked out, assuming that none of us had noticed humiliated crust-o Bob Mueller admitting Trump didn’t have anything to do with Russians. Bernie fumed, and his nitwit supporters went on oblivious to how the Democrat establishment is in the process of stealing his nomination and bestowing it upon Bilbo Moneybaggins.

I know Ric personally. He used to live in my town and we would see him at restaurants (at steak houses, like an American) or the movie theater (including at that Winston Churchill movie, like an American). I’m biased, but then my bias is towards quality and the establishment’s bias is toward mediocre conformity. The thing they really hate, and fear, about Ric is that he beats them at their own game. He is what they imagine themselves to be – smart, smooth, and accomplished (as in Germany and Kosovo/Serbia). He has their dream credentials (Harvard, but no one is perfect), their dream resume (seven years at the UN pummeling foreign punks), and a remarkable ability to communicate (including on Twitter) that allows him to connect with normal people. The conservative world was electrified by this terrific appointment – and the biggest supporters were the crusty vet community who know that this urbane, cosmopolitan diplomat actually supports our troops and our president. The establishment hates that because his loyalty is not to maintaining their self-perpetuating sinecures but the United States of America. 


The Grenell appointment is only one battle in this post-impeachment campaign to make up for three years of lost time squandered on bogus charges and endless investigations. See, when Donald Trump came into office, unlike Felonia Milhous von Pantsuit, he did not have a bulging Rolodex full of eager sycophants with bureaucratic experience. He first tried to hire old “conservative” establishment hands and found that their loyalty to the establishment trumped their purported conservatism. Slowly, he has been surrounding himself with quality people. And those Trump loyalists brought into the administration fresh? Well, after three years, they now have experience. They know their way around. He has built a cadre of tough, experienced loyalists within the bureaucracy. Just think of how it is going to be after eight years.

But there is still trash in key positions, and the president is taking out the garbage. He is cleaning house of losers, schemers, hacks, and pompous fat-bodies. He’s going to ruthlessly purge the national security/foreign policy bureaucracy, getting rid of the Never Trump weasels and replacing them with actual patriots. The media is going nuts, as it has been directed to do by its masters, screeching that Trump is ruining the institutions that have not failed to fail at everything they have done in nearly 30 years. He’s going to try out a new idea on our bureaucracy – having it not suck at its job. The reason you are hearing all the shrieking and screaming is that it’s working. 


Trump has rejected the special rule that holds that of all presidents, only he has no right to an administration composed of supporters. And he refuses to pretend to be impressed by the loser establishment that brought us Iraq, Iran, the unopposed rise of China, Libya, TRUMP RUSSIA, and a zillion other failures, fiascos, and frauds. Time for a winning establishment. And that’s what Trump is building.

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