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Trump Charges the Liberal Hacks’ Latest Ambush

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You know, these Deep State dorks want to be thought of as cunning operators with savage skills, but most of them are more like Barney Fife stumbling on a loaded AK-47 while hopped up on Aunt Bea’s famous hash hush puppies. They tried yet another hack ploy with the Roger Stone sentencing, and found themselves outplayed yet again like Joe Biden going up against Bobby Fischer. All Trump did is follow a basic rule they taught me and every other infantry guy down at Fort Benning.


You charge into the ambush. Full bore, no hesitation.

When you find yourself in a kill zone, you don’t futz around trying to figure out a plan. You do that and you die. 

You don’t run away, because then you get shot in the back and die tired.

You determine the direction of fire and charge into it.

You might get killed, but that’s a consequence of walking into an ambush. The simple fact is that the only way you have a chance of coming out of it unventilated is to charge the SOBs ambushing you. 

Which Trump did.

Here’s how these weasels laid their ambush. These rump doofuses on the Mueller coup accomplice team were preparing a sentencing memo for the judge in the Roger Stone case. Now, let’s leave aside the fact that the ghastly, targeted prosecution of this harmless gadfly treated justice like hobos treat the sidewalks of the Cesspool-By-The-Bay. Let’s pretend this was not a scummy political persecution for “crimes” that establishment suck-ups commit with impunity. Let’s forget all that and pretend his conviction was legit rather than another seedy attempt by Hillary-loving bureaucrats to get at Trump via his associates. 

That’s a lot of disbelief to suspend, but go with it. Okay, the sentencing memo gives the government’s perspective on the appropriate sentence based on such factors as the sentencing guidelines, the effect of the crime, the prior crimes of the convict, and other factors like age. For these non-violent offenses by a first-time offender of age 67, which caused zero harm, and were related to the “collusion” that even Mueller’s pack of scummy Democrats were forced to admit was a lie, you would expect somewhere from a few months to a couple of years in Club Fed. And apparently that’s what the persecutors briefed to their bosses, because in a high-vis case like this, flunky attorneys brief their bosses at the DOJ.


These hacks instead asked for 7 to 9 years.

Literally no one on earth could say in good faith that was remotely appropriate for this case. None, at least not without lying. It’s equal to a death sentence, but then it’s a Trump associate so there are apparently special rules. And you’ll notice few of the Dems whining about this say this is an appropriate sentence – at least not with a straight face.

They did it to make Trump react. They knew the establishment and its submissive media would freak out. They thought they could derail his most epic run ever.

Well, Trump reacted. He tweeted the manifest and undeniable truth – that the liberal persecutors were treating Lady Justice like Harvey Weinstein treated eager starlets, except without the sop of a minor supporting role in a Gwyneth Paltrow flick.

Trump charged right into the ambush.

The reaction was predictable, especially after the DOJ brass realized these punks had bait and switched their sentencing recommendation. The DOJ promised to revise the recommendation and the media and liberal pols went nuts. This is the same media and the same liberal pols who want actual criminals to go free, who think arresting illegal alien thugs is a crime against humanity, and who want to close our prisons and turn them into Billy Jack-esque Rainbow Schools to teach hugging and climate paranoia to children.


Then he questioned the judge’s impartiality, which you are not allowed to do because of reasons unless its Gorsuch or Kavanaugh. Then it’s totally principled, the principle being “the elite gets its way.”

So, we got the #ImpeachBarr hashtags and the Very Serious Lawyers on Twitter and CNN explaining how undoing this breaking of norms and rules is a terrible breaking of norms and rules. As a lawyer, let me give you some free advice – take Twitter lawyer advice with a grain of salt. And that grain should be approximately the size of Mothra.

There was a lot of talk about how “troubling” and even “frightening” it was that Donald Trump “interfered” with the “prosecutorial discretion” of these first-line functionaries. There was little talk of how obviously it was a set-up designed to try to trick Trump into violating some newly created norm – that new norm being that a president must leave unaddressed manifest injustices inflicted upon his supporters.

Except Trump does not play that loser’s game. They still think that Trump can somehow be shamed into obedience to the elite by castigating him for violating its arbitrary and unequally enforced unwritten rules.

He can’t.

We hired Trump to break the establishment paradigm that pretends our so-called betters are about the rule of law when they really just use the law to rule. If there is a “norm” or “rule” that requires us to look away and ignore when liberals twist and pervert the power of their positions to pursue politically motivated vendettas, then such “norms” and “rules” should not just be broken.


They should be shattered.

Enter The Donald. 

They thought they were cunning. They thought they were smart. They set up an ambush thinking, yet again, that This Time We Will Get Trump™.

Trump charged.

Here’s how this ends. 

It ends with Roger Stone (and LTG Mike Flynn) pardoned, and the libs crying.

It ends with the American people who aren’t celebrating shrugging.

And it ends with the garbage caste we call our elite losing again.

Keep charging those ambushes, Mr. President, for another five years.

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