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Maybe Mike Boxberg Has a Point

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By the time you read this, the president will have given his SOTU and is on the verge of being acquitted of whatever the hell this idiotic impeachment was supposed to be about. Perhaps Trump will go down in history as having been impeached, but also will go down in history as having said impeachment laughed out of the Senate. 

Billionaires Can Pound Sand

So tiny, box-topping cash candidate Mike Bloomberg has this great idea. He tweeted: “Our tax plan is going to raise trillions of dollars from high-income earners and corporations to pay for our nation's critical priorities.” Let’s never again accuse this zillionaire of not trying to surf the socialist zeitgeist in his quixotic quest for the White House! 

Anyway, as far as what a “high-income earner” is, well, it’s obviously you. There are not enough billionaires to soak to generate “trillions of dollars” year after year of pay for whatever these clowns define as “our nation's critical priorities.” We can safely assume they mean by “our nation's critical priorities” such Democrat priorities as giving more welfare to Democrat constituents, paying off the useless degrees of Democrat constituents, and providing free health care for illegal aliens (who are aspiring Democrat constituents). But it’s going to be tough (but not impossible) to raise taxes on us normal people, if only because there are probably going to be more than 41 GOP senators who will never, ever allow their middle and upper-middle class constituents to be shafted, having stared into the dead eyes of such complicit hacks as Jeff Flake figuratively stuck on pikes in Trump’s front yard. 

But what about the billionaires?

Once upon a time, I might have supported expending political capital defending the principle of low taxes as it applies even to the mega-rich. We could make a highly reasonable argument that every America should be treated the same, and that no sub-set of Americans should be singled out to bear the costs of our government. Seems super-principled, and not even in the fake-principled way the Fredocon are always running their stupid mouths about.

Yeah, but now I kind of think they can kiss my Schiff.

See, those same billionaires are almost uniformly liberal now – today, the notion of the rich, monocled Republican fat cat is a joke. Instead, we have a bunch of liberal weasels spending their millions to limit our free speech, our freedom of religion, our right to keep and bear arms, and our right to eat cheeseburgers and drive SUVs. The closest we have to conservative billionaires are Sheldon Adelson, who does do great work on Israel, and the Kochs, who talk a big libertarian game – except to them, “libertarian” means open borders and your kids being able to buy oxy at the 7-11.
 Yeah, no. 

I propose we not expend an iota of our political capital defending people who hate us. The mega-rich chose to side with SJW fascists who want to silence us and suppress our faith. They chose to side with the aspiring dictators who want to disarm us. They chose to side with the creepy weather cult over us. So, when they call us for help, we’re sending it to voicemail. Why would we waste our political power helping them? So they can stab us in the back again?

You lib billionaires want someone to protect you from the leftist freaks? Ask your new friends. Oh wait, your new friends are the leftist freaks. Gosh, it’s not like we warned you they would turn on you. 

Oh well. Enjoy reaping what you sowed, jerks.

The State of the Union Is Terrible, For Democrats 

So, the night before this VIP column drops, President Trump will have gone to Capitol Hill to give his State of the Union message, and what a state the Union is in. We have prosperity we have not seen since the 1990s – that means if you are under 50, you have never in your adult life experienced this kind of boom time. Our 401Ks are up, and unemployment – for everyone – is the lowest in half a century. We are winding down the wars and not starting new ones, while still killing scumbags wherever they hide. The border is slowly being secured. Our rights are safe, for now, and conservative judges will keep protecting them for decades. We finally have a president who knows how to negotiate a trade deal and not come home wearing a barrel after the wily foreigners swindled him out of his clothes. 

Not a bad list of achievements for a guy under non-stop attack. Think of what Trump could do if the lies and frame jobs ceased for a little while.

Yet one terrible problem remains unresolved, ruining everything – the Democrats are not in power. And for that reason, and that reason alone, the State of the Union is terrible.

It’s an interesting problem that the Democrats face in 2020. They have to convince Americans to ignore their lying eyes and lying wallets and agree that America is in dire straits that only the socialist (either pure or warmed-over, depending on which loser they nominate) can save them. It’s a hard sell. Expect them to focus on the appalling state of health care, which the media – if we had a media and not a dictation service for the liberal elite – should be pointing out is Obamacare, which was supposed to usher in paradise. 

The fact is that the Democrats hate prosperity, but don’t worry – they have a plan. They want to undo everything Donald Trump did. They want to reverse all his accomplishments, and it’s vital that they do so because they really, really want to rule again. And if you have to be poor and oppressed to make that happen, good. That’s actually their goal.

What Is This Weird Love Affair Dems Have With Criminals?

File this under “Maybe You Democrats Should Have Studied Recent History in College Instead of Whining Like Sissies About Microaggressions.” 

Do you know why Bill Clinton beat George H. W. Bush in 1992? Sure, part was that he was an uninspirational squish, and part was his lie about “Read my lips – no new taxes!” But the thing that allowed America to take a chance on Bill Clinton was that he rejected the Democrat’s baffling thug-huggery. Crime was rising to astonishing levels unimaginable today, and normal people were sick of it. But until Bill, the Dems had excused it. 

Bush 41 was able to beat Mike Dukakis in 1988 in no small part because the little twerp could not bring himself to say that he would support hanging some punk who raped and murdered his wife. The Democrats tried to put the issue out of bounds by claiming talking about crime (and everyone was talking about it) was racist – sound familiar? They hated the great Willie Horton ad, which roasted the MA governor for allowing dangerous monsters like Horton furloughs (Horton absconded and raped a woman), not because it was false but because it was absolutely true. The Democrats were soft on crime – and their softness was paid for by the blood of normal Americans.

Bill Clinton did not play that – he even flew home from the campaign trail to oversee the execution of a garbage human who murdered two people, one a cop. Liberals were incensed, but Normal Americans figured they could trust him not to favor the bad guys – he was safe to support.

Well, the Democrats have forgotten the lesson – and the lesson is this: Even liberal people want to be able to walk the streets in safety, and if you seem to choose the crooks over the normals for long enough there will be a backlash.  

Letting out some folks sent away for 50 years for selling some weed is one thing; making it so cops can’t arrest people who are destroying the neighborhood is another. In the big, blue cities, where the left is again allowing criminals to run wild, crime is going up, up, up. A liberal suburban wine mom is going to be liberal right up until the moment the cops call and report that her daughter is in the ICU thanks to some illegal alien let out of stir without bail after his last assault. You know what you call her after that phone call? A conservative. 

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