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Leave that poor Swedish kid alone, you climate hoax-mongering ghouls. Stop hiding behind Greta Thunberg’s Pippi Longstocking braids and come out and push your damnable globaloney warming lies yourself, jerks. Free Greta.


There’s no excuse, none, for this shameless and despicable exploitation of a vulnerable girl. What kind of person would do that to a child? The kind that considers other people collateral damage in their quest for a leftist utopia. Everyone else gets to pick up the pieces when our useless elite breaks a few eggs along the way. Big Chief Warren, Totally-Not-Doddering Joe and the rest of the Democrat clown carpool have all signed on to banning fracking, which would literally strip the livelihood from 10 million (non-blue coastal city-dwelling and Democrat-voting) Americans, so you can be sure the left won’t hesitate to sacrifice this terrified Scandinavian child to their meteorological Moloch.

Now, making her the face of the CLIMATE EMERGENCY NO TIME TO THINK HAND OVER YOUR MONEY AND YOUR FREEDOM OR DIE DIE DIE campaign does demonstrate a certain demonic brilliance. When an adult says something ridiculous, you can come back and say, “Hey stupid, that’s ridiculous.” But when the climate fraudsters go all Edgar Bergan with their adolescent Charlie McCarthy, that takes off the table the kind of vicious mockery adults pushing this bogus agenda deserve. 

They practically dare you to deny her. And, naturally, even the gentlest criticism of Greta is met with the lie that it’s some sort of vicious assault on this innocent waif. Google her name and it’s headline after headline from our garbage mainstream media howling with fury over people defying the 16 year-old Swedish Saint. And the fact that she is manifestly troubled only serves as more cynical insulation for the shadowy leftists promoting her as some sort of visionary. Actually, they portray her as outright magical – supposedly, she can see carbon.


She’s not a visionary. She’s not magical. She’s a kid, a special kid with special needs, and despite the intensity of the feelz the adults around her have forced upon her – her condition likely making her especially vulnerable to their doomsaying – she has nothing of value to say about how we run our country.

Nothing, because she’s a child, and regardless of the intensity of the feelings her puppetmasters have generated within her, her policy prescriptions deserve zero attention. None. Not because she’s a bad kid. Because she’s a kid, period.

Anyone seriously pressing the idea that the emotions of fanatical teens must guide our public policy is a fool; more likely, the people whose machinations control Greta are simply cynical. Imagine that one day Greta said the Swedish equivalent of, “I looked into this whole global warming thing in more detail, and for a number of reasons it’s become obvious that it’s not a thing at all, and I now feel really, really strongly that we should not turn millions of people around the globe into impoverished serfs in its name.” Does anyone think that a single one of her fans would nod and respond, “Well, if that’s how Greta feels, count me in! I’m buying a Chevy Yukon!”?


She has suffered depression and illness. Her backers acknowledge that she is on the autism spectrum, perhaps with Asperger’s and obsessive-compulsive disorder. She displays a bland affect and is obviously uncomfortable in social situations. To throw her into the public eye is unforgivable. It’s clear she is not pretending to be terrified about an eco-Armageddon, an emotion likely compounded by her conditions. Has anyone who supposedly cares about her thought this through? She really believes this garbage. She thinks we’re all going to die, horribly and soon. She doesn’t get that this is a grift, a scam, a political ploy that no one really believes – not the crewmembers of her eco-yacht flying to New York to sail her home and not pols like Barack Obama, who was so convinced the seas are rising that he just dropped $15 million on a beach house.

Uniquely vulnerable, Greta is uniquely invested in the scam. Her fear is real. But when faced with the reality that people aren’t willing to surrender their money and freedom simply because she demands it, she may lose hope. What happens if this precious child hurts herself?

That’s obvious. Her backers would cynically morph her from living demigod to martyr and blame you for what happened, you awful, selfish people who refused to submit to the emotional blackmail that underlies the whole Greta of Arc campaign.


Let go of this kid, you creeps. 

Let her be free of the spun-up apocalypse rhetoric and emotional manipulation of those who push her out there into the spotlight where she does her best to please the people she imagines love her. Do they? Is that how people treat someone vulnerable who they love? 

Greta’s the face of a political movement we despise, but her life is precious. It is important. It matters, perhaps more to us – her political opponents – than to the people who supposedly have her best interests in mind.

Let her go. Not because it would be to our side’s political advantage, because it isn’t.  She hurts the climate change scam here in the US of A. The Europeans are the Fredos/Chris Cuomos of Western civilization, weak and stupid, and they eagerly lap up this kind of nonsense. But the vast majority of Americans have too much common sense to allow their country’s energy policy to be dictated by a teenaged girl’s obsessions. Let her go, because this is terribly destructive to a child who is only trying to please those who she mistakenly believes have her best interests in mind.

Free Greta, you monsters.

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