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It’s all lies.

It’s all a fraud.

It’s all designed to turn you into a serf, to allow them to reign over you, free of accountability.

And it’s time for you to, pardon the expression, get woke to exactly what is going on, to see clearly the perilous dynamic of an establishment desperately clinging to power and willing to undermine every principle – there’s that abused and mutilated word again – that is supposed to guide the operation of our society.

The most basic principle that has been dumped like a Kennedy’s girlfriend is the one the self-appointed establishment hates most. It is the notion that power derives from the consent of the governed, that those using that power answer to us Normals.

They hate that idea, and they reject it. Openly. Without apology.

Our establishment is mostly liberal, but with a loud, bitter geek chorus of Conservative, Inc., hacks braying along with their progressive overlords in the faint hope of being reinstated to their comfortable positions locked inside their Beltway gimp boxes once Donald Trump and the Normal rebels he represents are purged from the capital. Liberals are ruthlessly seeking to consolidate and expand their power. They are our enemy and must be defeated, but at least they have the dignity that comes from fighting. Not the Conservanerds. These embarrassing submissives, from the aspiring cruise directors to the the fussy bow tie boys to the the pearl-clutching sissies, all want this ruckus to die down so they can get back to business as usual – losing politely and getting their ration of scraps from the table of their masters.

You could call them lap dogs, but people generally like dogs.

The Nunes memo demonstrates that senior, unelected bureaucrats who identified with the Democrats hid the full truth from the FISA judges in order to obtain warrants to spy on the Trump campaign and transition team.

Let’s say that again, because the lies tend to drown it out.

Democrat operatives in the government spied on the Trump team.

That happened. And the liberals, and many True Conservatives™, do not care.

This crime makes the third rate burglary that ignited Watergate look like a third rate burglary. But understand that the fuss and muss over Watergate was itself all a lie, all a grift. The liberal establishment never thought spying on its opponents was wrong. They pretended to summon up moral outrage about it in order to overturn 1972’s landslide election of Richard Nixon. Today, they don’t even pretend.

Understand: The liberal establishment, backed up by their conservative catamite corps, thinks that their operatives’ abuse of law enforcement to spy on and harass their political opponents is a good thing. They support it. And they think that it is entirely right and proper that the members of this establishment not be accountable in any way to Normal Americans.

And that’s not all. This is no fluke. This is a pattern.

Using the IRS to oppress Obama’s political opponents? That’s a good thing, because it helps promote and expand the power of the liberal establishment.

Turning the press from a band of hacks who at least tried to fake objectivity into committed partisans who are not merely reporting but who are aggressively advocating the Democrat Party’s talking points? That’s a good thing, because it helps promote and expand the power of the liberal establishment.

Letting off scot-free a woman who treated classified information like her putative husband treats his bimbos and who clearly committed crimes that, had you or I committed them, would have seen us dodging potential close encounters in the prison shower room? That’s a good thing, because it helps promote and expand the power of the liberal establishment.

James Comey passing classified material to his buddy to force the appointment of a fatally conflicted special counsel, who subsequently can’t find the unicorn of collusion he was supposed to look for so he and his 100% Hillary-fan team focus on manufacturing obstruction charges about obstruction of an investigation of something that never happened? That’s a good thing, because it helps promote and expand the power of the liberal establishment.

Here’s a quick quiz. Name the Democrat who has come out and said any of this is bad and wrong, or even questionable.

Name one.

Just one.



You will wait forever. The simple, but terrifying, fact is that the establishment, those who presume to run our nation on our behalf, do not accept the basic premise that our government is based upon the consent of the governed and should be run for the benefit of the governed.

Gee, how could that scenario end badly?

They are the experts; they cannot be accountable to mere Normals. Transparency, shmansparency. Remember those heady days and hours before the memo dropped, when we were told that we Normals should absolutely not see this memo because we Normals could not understand it, because we Normals would be misled since it was all lies lies lies, and because classified information must be preserved and safeguarded!

What changes a few days have brought. We Normals understand that it shows senior law enforcement officials lying to spy on political opponents. Oh, that may be true but that’s okay. They should spy on conservatives, because Russians this time and something else next time.

Oh, and within under 24 hours, the NYT, which was wetting its collective self over the legal declassification and release of highly reviewed materials, ran a story citing “current or former British and American officials involved in Middle East policy described the Israeli attacks inside Egypt, all speaking on the condition of anonymity to discuss classified information.” But I thought classified info must be protected? It’s almost like everything they howled about was a bunch of Schiff.

Maybe we need a new classification designation – “TOP SECRET (NO, REALLY – IT HURTS LIBERAL INTERESTS SO THIS TIME WE’RE SERIOUS).”

Everything they say is a lie. Everything they do is to consolidate and defend their power over you.

Get woke.

See what they are doing. Understand that they weaponized your principles against you. Watch how the weak-willed, who refuse to accept that a substantial majority of the ruling establishment rejects the idea that they may only act with the consent of the governed, stand by and do nothing except nip at the ankles at those of us who speak the truth.

The truth is we owe the establishment nothing, not respect, not deference, and not obedience.

The Nunes memo’s greatest importance is not the specific abuses it reveals. Its greatest importance is what we saw in the reaction it stirred, the wholesale repudiation by the establishment of the basic idea that the establishment answers to the people.

It’s all lies.

It’s all a fraud.

It’s all designed to turn you into a serf, to allow them to reign over you, free of accountability.

Are you going to let establishment drive Donald Trump and his allies, and therefore our voices, out of the corridors of power through a deceitful and corrupt abuse of the mechanisms of governance we allowed them to control? Because once we are driven out of power, we are not coming back – if the last couple years have taught us anything, it is that the establishment will use the full weight of the media, the culture and the government to assure that once they beat down our rebellion, they will never again risk allowing us access to a say in our own governance.

Are you going to let them? Are you going to submit too? Or are you going to fight back?

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