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If the hyperventilating faux outrage over Donald Trump's tweets about that pair of home-wrecking nobodies on MSNBC was actually presented in good faith, it would be merely be stupid. But it is not presented in good faith. It is a transparent attempt to drag Trump off-point and tie him up in a never-ending discussion about his completely irrelevant personal failings, even though liberals slobber over all sorts of people with personal failings who just happen to support their fascist dreams. It's not working, because Trump cares nothing about what these fussy nannies shriek while clutching their pearls, nor do his voters really care. But it is still annoying.


No, his tweets are not annoying. I don't care about his tweets, so they don't annoy me. I didn't vote for Donald Trump to be a role model or a moral paragon. I voted for him to not be Hillary Clinton, and to incrementally move towards actual conservatism. Like everyone else who voted for him, I knew he wasn't a doctrinaire conservative. But he believed in some conservative things, and that was better than someone who believed in no conservative things, and who wanted to stamp her sensible shoe into our faces forever.

Was he my first choice? No. Was he my second? No. But was there any other choice when it came down to him or Felonia von Pantsuit?

No. Which is something a lot of the cogs in the machine that is Conservative, Inc., still don't choose to acknowledge.

Liberals don’t annoy me when they whine about Trump’s tweeting because I know it's all a lie and a scam, just like everything else liberals say. They don't care that Trump is mean to girls. These cretins brought us Bill Clinton. They don't care that Trump is vulgar. You should see what liberals, including proggy blue checks, say to me on Twitter. Let me put it this way: after the nonstop parade of death wishes, perversion accusations, and general mouth-foaming hostility the liberals traffic in every day, I'm distinctly unimpressed by Trump calling out Mika’s chin lift.

So I refuse to care. And I don't care. Not even a little. At most, I'm entirely indifferent to these playground spats, though I do enjoy seeing these leftist schmucks getting a taste of their own medicine. And do I love seeing the frustration of the hapless establishment when Trump just ignores its tantrums and keeps firing off tweets long after they've been decreed unacceptable. Trump galls them because he refuses to submit to the moral authority of the immoral. It's beautiful.


I think a lot of his voters feel that way – oh, they’ll tell pollsters they don't like his tweeting, because you're supposed to say you don't like stuff like that, but at the end of the day they don't really care about his tweeting enough to withdraw their support. Tweets are part of the Trump package, and they're okay with the package.

I refuse to spend one iota of my limited allowance of outrage on Trump’s imperfections. I didn't vote for Donald Trump to be a nice guy. I didn't vote for him to be a Jeb!-like sap. I voted for him to fight the liberal establishment, and I voted for him with my eyes open. I'm not surprised that he is who he is. I just don't give a damn.

And I especially refuse to give a damn because this is so obviously a ploy to peel-off weak, Fredocon Republicans so that Trump can't implement policies those Republicans are supposed to endorse. These poser Republicans yearn for the chance to undercut the guy who humiliated their kind. Of course Ben Sasse has to get in on the moral preening act – that grinning donkey has never met a virtue he didn't want to signal, and if I had shown the utter lack of moral character he did when he smiled while Bill Maher used a racial epithet, I’d want to distract attention too. As for Lindsey Graham, every time he pipes up, I see a vision of him in his little blue sailor suit, disapprovingly wagging his lollipop at me.

Those guys are narcissistic clowns and I expect nothing more from them. But what is annoying are the otherwise useful people on our side who immediately do exactly what the liberals want and latch on to whatever bogus Trump is Awful! meme is dominating the airwaves that day.


Here’s a crazy idea you might want to think about it. You don't have to grab a pitchfork and torch every time the liberals start rounding up a mob. You can actually not join in the stupidity.

I reject the notion that Trump is stepping on his own message when he tweets something obnoxious. There are plenty of days – the vast majority of days – when Trump tweets nothing obnoxious, so name one of those days when the mainstream media transmitted his preferred message. Come on – get out your little calendars and tell me the exact date the media cooperated and transmitted his message.

There isn't one. If he's not in a fight with Mika Discount Megan Kelly Brzezinski, then it's going to be Russians Russians Obstruction Russians Treason More Russians.

“Okay, CNN reporters, Trump hasn't tweeted anything today, so let's focus on the President’s priorities! Camarota, do a segment on how important it is to deport illegal aliens. Acosta, I need a report on how consumer confidence is up up up! And Cuomo, put down that fidget spinner and clean up the mess your new puppy Woofy left in my office.”

If you're so offended and outraged by his tweets, here's an idea. Don't pay any attention to them. Don't read them. Don't talk about them. And don't join the freaking Democrats in a lynch mob to emasculate the guy who brought us Justice Gorsuch and who we’d like to see replace a couple more robed dictators.

Yeah, I get it. Trump's aesthetically displeasing to your delicate sensibilities. Do you think this is news to us? Do you presume you're the only ones who have detected that Donald Trump is not a proper gentleman? Get over it, and yourselves.


And cut out the freaking clichés. What am I going to tell my children about Donald Trump? Whatever it is, it’ll be hell of a lot easier than explaining Bill Clinton's humidor habits.

I haven't really thought about it, but if I was one of those weirdos who pester their kids about politics, and if I had weirdo kids who cared, I’d probably say something like: “Trump doesn't take any crap, and if you swing at him, he kicks your butt. Don't you take any crap from jerks either. Punch back twice as hard. Just don't date anyone like him.”

And if I hear one more pompous doofus tell me I “have no honor” because I refuse to spin up every time Trump offends their tender feelz, I may slap a dork. The submissive gentleman ship has sailed, or rather, the USS Jeb! ran into an iceberg.

I get that you're offended. Okay. I choose not to care. Some people do care, and they’re sincere and they’re wrong. I’m friends with a lot of them.

But the psuedo-cons don't care, yet cynically exploit this nonsense to undercut Trump to regain their diminished status. All you soft boys whose mommy and/or daddy handed you a conservative magazine and made you think you had a divine right to be taken seriously by us normals, pay attention. The issues Trump is talking about matter to us. Sometimes it's our livelihoods, sometimes it's our very lives - often put at risk in wars you pushed from behind your laptop. I get that under Hillary Clinton, your mediocre positions in the big DC/NY scheme of things would've been secure, but I've got to break it to you – we don't care. Your pathetic status as obedient gimp-cons serving your liberal masters in the establishment big house may mean everything you, but it means nothing to us.


Normal Americans – the ones you hold in utter contempt – are hurting, and the only person who paid any attention was Donald Trump. You sure didn’t. You would have fed us to Hillary Clinton if you had your way, because under her your measly positions would have been secure, and under Trump everyone sees that we don't need you.

We followed you for years, but when it came time to fight for what you said you believed in and risking your mediocre sinecures, you defected to the other side. You betrayed us. Don't you ever dare talk to me about honor.

In an ideal world, I would love to get back to presidency dominated by gentlemen like Ronald Reagan. But we don't live in an ideal world. Here's the ugly reality – there is a cultural war going on, one that could get worse. This isn’t a game; there are real stakes. If you volunteer to join conservatism’s enemies to allegedly protect an ideal of decorum that this culture has long since left behind, you’re being played for a sucker. You're either serious about winning, or you’re serious about losing.

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