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It was an undeniably awesome week when measured by the only metric that truly matters, the amount of pain inflicted upon liberals. Now, we are not sadists; we don’t delight in watching liberals suffer because their suffering itself makes us happy (Okay, it makes us a little happy). Rather, liberals’ misery is an important teaching aid that might succeed in instructing them in the folly of their poisonous, ridiculous ideology, since reason doesn’t work. And they had better learn and change their dangerous course before we all end up here.


Also, some sanctimonious jerks who pretend to be conservative humiliated themselves again, and that’s always fun.

The big event was when President Trump did something that has caused the liberal elite and the conservative Wormtongue contingent to wet their collective Underoos. He chose democracy, science, and normal Americans over the elitist twits of the pagan climate cult.

Horrors! An American president choosing Pittsburgh over Paris – Oh, well, I never!

The Paris Accords were apparently such a big deal and so mightily important that there was no need to submit this proposed radical restructuring of our economy and the crippling costs it would impose upon us to the representatives of the people. Consent of the governed? No time for such technicalities! In a hundred years it might – might – be slightly warmer!

To argue for the Paris Accords is to argue against democracy – incredibly, they wanted to deny us any say in our electric bills tripling and in hundreds of thousands of our citizens being tossed out of work to please the Chardonnay-swilling swells of San Francisco and Manhattan. They all know this treaty would never pass so they decided to make a treaty without having it ratified – senators have to answer to actual voters, and when you vote to give Third World dictators billions of bucks from your constituents’ pockets, they resent it. Plus, it’s super hard to explain why we’re meeting one standard and China gets to meet a different (and much lower) one. And all to attain – maybe – a fractional decrease in the temperature a century from now. Maybe. Unless a volcano erupts or something else happens that changes things, in the way temperatures changed long before Exxon came along.


Basically, it was a bogus goal based on a fake crisis designed to justify a massive transfer of wealth and power away from us and to the liberal elite. They call that #science.

And Trump nuked it. Killed it dead. Their screams of pain and wailing about “earth crimes” and “eco treason” are a beautiful symphony, and their response to it all was illustrative:

Why shouldn’t our representatives get to vote on this treaty in the Senate like the Constitution says?

We’re all going to die!

Why should China and India get to pollute more than us?

We’re all going to die!

How is writing checks to Third World countries going to help the climate?

Don’t you see? We’re all going to die!

Well, I’m convinced, but not how they intended. And not by them either, but by the shrieks of terror from the crony capitalist contingent and its zillionaire members like Elon Musk and the GE chairman who fear their government subsidy gravy train may be derailing. Any time the corporate rent-seekers have the sadz, I have the happyz.

Of course, we also have the pseudo-con contingent coming along trying to step on the GOP’s Schumer. Mitt Romney piped up that leaving the Paris Accords is terrible essentially because his rich buddies and the Euros think so. Great, he and Hillary agree. You can be sure Jeb! will be weighing in soon about how putting our people out of work to cater to the delusions of Angela Merkel is an act of love.


The other big deal came on the cultural front when Kathy Griffin forgot that normal people have an aversion to beheading political opponents – though how long that will last if liberals keep changing the rules is unknown. She then apologized and then unapologized at a press conference with Gloria Allred’s lawyer daughter. I’m not sure why Griffin needed a lawyer, unless she feels compelled to file a class action suit against normal people for malicious decency.

What was truly great was how this Hollywood fringe mediocrity’s idiocy brought the current manifestation of liberalism into such focus not just for us news junkies but for normal people. She gave us a great opportunity to say, “Hey, this is what #TheResistance is all about. These are the people who want to turn your culture into a cesspool and then drown you in it.”

And it worked – that hackneyed crone has caused liberalism more damage than a thousand unread scold-tomes by Ben Sasse, who is always willing to instruct fellow conservatives on our moral inadequacy but who can’t even man-up enough to tell that witless creep Bill Maher that the “N-word” is un-Judeo/Christian and unAmerican.

But then arose the usual nasal whines of the usual wusscons about how responding to Griffin’s head games was “beneath us” and how we conservatives shouldn’t “stoop to their level” by actually talking about what every single person in America is talking about.


Baloney. These wimps whimper and wail about our cultural decline and then, when presented with a golden opportunity to make our conservative case and run up the score, they go AWOL because they don’t want to get their soft, girlish paws dirty by actually fighting for what they say they believe in. They are frauds and scammers. They were happy to sit in their donor-funded sinecures waving their fingers at liberalism’s relentless march through our culture, but all of a sudden it turned out that we normals expected them to actually fight. And when that ginger geriatric cryptkeeper of a comic gave us a blood-soaked opportunity on a platter, they turned tail and ran rather than jam it down our enemies’ collective throat. Losers.

And as for not wanting someone persecuted for speaking her mind, or her mindless as the case may be, that is absolutely right as a principle and absolutely wrong as a tactic. We tried reason. We tried principle. And, as the enigmatic Ace of Spades observes, those tactics failed. So now, let’s try pain.

Let’s let them see and, more importantly, feel the consequences of the very rules they want to impose on us. I’ll gladly sacrifice Kathy Griffin’s ability to be a talentless hack to save free speech by using the corpse of her already comatose career to teach liberals what the end game of their new rules looks like.

Hell, we better stop these liberal morons now, because things can get a lot worse – if you want to see what “a lot worse” looks like, check out my new novel Indian Country. Here’s a spoiler: it’s really violent and people get hurt right here in America. So if ceremonially disemboweling the careers of some Kathy Griffins or some Bill Mahers is what it takes to start getting liberal heads right and get us back to something like normal, count me in.


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