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Liberals do not care whether you live or die. That’s a harsh but accurate assessment. Your death is acceptable collateral damage in their pursuit of their progressive policy goals.


A wonderful young woman was shot dead in the street, murdered by an illegal alien who should have been deported long ago with a gun he stole from a unionized federal employee who left it in his car. San Francisco, with the full support of Barack Obama and the Democrat establishment, designated itself a sanctuary city for illegals and refused to turn the degenerate multiple felon over to ICE for deportation. Now a young American woman is gone, having bleed out in her weeping father’s arms.

Barack Obama doesn’t care. He went on vacation.

Her death isn’t unique – statistics pried out of the feds reveal that at least 121 illegals released from custody between 2010 and 2014 went on to kill. That’s at least 121 dead Americans, and Barack Obama does not care. He does not put his foot down and demand his agencies and state governments enforce the immigration laws. He doesn’t even call the families of the victims of his conscious decision to tolerate this sanctuary lawlessness. He golfs.

Trayvon Martin properly gets shot attacking a citizen and Obama is at the microphone. Michael Brown dies when he attacks a cop and Barack Obama can’t shut up. But a normal, decent American is butchered by a scumbag Barack Obama choose to allow on the streets and The One 86es himself from the stage for the first time in recorded history.

This is where Obama’s liar contingent pops up their little ferret faces and starts shouting “racism,” but the fact is that Barack Obama and his liberal co-conspirators have tolerated a bloodbath in the minority community that could bring the corpse of Democrat icon and KKK kleagle Robert Byrd to tumescence. Liberals’ policies have killed more blacks than the racists of the Democrat-founded KKK could ever imagine in their wildest fever dreams.


And that’s before we bring the minority genocide that is abortion into the discussion. Margaret Sanger is probably grinning in hell at the success of her genocidal fantasies the liberals have made a reality.

Why don’t liberals care? Because none of this would help them in their quest to accumulate and keep power. A nice young girl murdered by a released illegal alien with a gun lost by yet another incompetent government flunkie? That’s not a narrative they want. They want the votes of the illegal alien lobby. They want the votes of the limo libs who pat themselves on their backs for designating their filthy cesspool of a burg a “sanctuary city.” And they sure don’t want to insult their unionized federal hack constituency by focusing on yet another of its failures.

And why doesn’t Obama speak up about the daily massacres of black and Hispanic men on the streets of Chicago and other big cities? Because to do so would demonstrate the utter moral bankruptcy of the blue state model that nurtures the liberal machine. The most dangerous place in America for a minority is in a Democrat-run big city, and that fact is just not useful. It can’t demonize any political opponents, and to bring attention to it would only give rise to demands for accountability for the total failure of urban Democrat rule.

So Barack Obama and his liberal friends chose to just let people die. White, black, Hispanic – at least in their complete apathy the progressives have finally stopped discriminating. They judge everyone, of all colors and creeds, solely on the content of their political utility.


It took Donald Trump to bring this to the forefront of the American discussion – Lord help us. Of course, the mainstream media was only too eager to promote him, believing his antics hurt the GOP and helped Hillary. But, living as they do in a progressive bubble safely insulated from the carnage of their policies, the media hacks are going to find that Americans of all parties share a profound distaste for being shot down in the street by losers allowed to stay in this country contrary to law because it pleases the elite to do so.

We’ve all seen the polls showing Trump leading the GOP pack of 17 with a staggering tsunami of support of 15.8%, but note what we don’t see. We don’t see his unfavorable numbers among the GOP, which will doubtless be Jeb-like in their enormity. That truth isn’t useful.

Nor do we ever see how Trump plays against Hillary – probably because the mainstream media either hasn’t thought to poll it or because they think the numbers would show Hillary crushing him so decisively that it would spoil the fun. I’m not so sure. “Unlike Hillary, I won’t let illegal alien criminals murder your kids” is a pretty compelling platform among the kind of normal Americans for whom majoring in gender studies was never a viable option.

The heartbreaking appearance of Jamiel Shaw’s father in what was otherwise a Trump circus demonstrates that this won’t resonate only in the white conservative community. As soon as the mainstream media figures out that Trump is going to start drawing support at Hillary’s expense too, he will vanish from our television screens.


One thing is for sure. Neither Obama nor Hillary will do one damn thing to stop the bloodshed until they absolutely have no other choice. Let’s give them the benefit of the doubt they would never give us and assume that it’s not that they want us normal Americans to die any more than they want Israelis to die or want Christians in Iraq to die. It’s just that they don’t care enough to stop these unfolding tragedies because it’s not politically helpful to deport illegal alien criminals, to tell Iran to shove its nuclear ambitions, or to send in the ground forces that never should have been withdrawn and destroy ISIS.

They just don’t care whether we live or die. Leftism always accepted the need to break a few eggs, and it’s never been clearer that we are the omelet.

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