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Swallow Hard and Vote for Akin: It’s Important

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At the end of the day, I’ll support the conservative who makes a lousy gynecologist over the liberal who makes a lousy senator.

The deadline has passed and Todd Akin has failed to take the advice of pretty much everyone else in the conservative movement and drop out of the Missouri senate race. He’s the candidate going into the election against Claire McCaskill, a liberal Democrat who provided Obama’s winning Obamacare vote and has been there every step of the way in the progressive quest to turn this country into a crony-capitalist, welfare state nightmare.

Easy call. I’ll back the guy who’s confused about where and how babies come from over the socialist enabler.

Do I have problems with Akin? Oh yeah. Sure, his comments were silly, and his decision to remain in the campaign instead of giving up his ballot position to someone without self-inflicted gunshot wounds to the feet was selfish and short-sighted. But on September 25th, the day he stopped being able to drop out, that stopped mattering.

Do I like this situation? Hell no. But I just wrote two articles on why libertarians must suck it up and vote for Mitt Romney if they wish to remain true to the Constitution and the fight for liberty. Hundreds of hemp-loving fiat money opponents decried the idea of supporting the lesser of two evils, but there, as here, the lesser is significantly lesser. We traditional conservatives need to do the same thing – hold our noses and vote for the guy who is most likely to promote conservatism.

Yeah, even if he’s made us want to smack him.

Akin is in this race, and he is not that far behind. McCaskill, the Midwestern Marxist who plays John Birch back home to trick the yokels, had a small lead a couple weeks ago when Rasmussen found her up six. But that was September 11th – the voters of the Show Me state have had another two weeks for Obama to Show Them exactly what he and his minion Condescending Claire will do with another term.

That picture isn’t pretty. If Missouri voters like sucking up to foreign mobs, watching our diplomats murdered with impunity and seeing the economy play “How Low Can You Go?” then McCaskill is their only choice. But I suspect they don’t.

Todd Akin isn’t going to get a fellowship working with Stephen Hawking anytime soon, but he’s a reliable vote against the nightmare of another half-decade of liberal rule. He’ll have six years to make amends and redeem himself or get primaried – talk about an incentive to perform. All that time he’ll be a hardcore conservative vote right where we need him.

Another six years of McCaskill Obama-enabling and tax cheating antics is a powerful incentive for Missourians to swallow hard and pull the lever for Akin in the privacy of their voting booths. After all, the real problem with Todd Akin right now is that people don’t want to be seen voting for him. And the idea of supporting him makes me shiver.

It doesn’t matter that in retrospect his comments were hardly so awful as to desire the universal, hyperventilating calumny they were met with – who the hell, except the most psychotic leftist, actually thinks Akin somehow supports rape? Sure, he handed the opposition – the Democrat/Media Complex – a powerful weapon to forge a narrative. But in the end, that one gaffe may not be enough to save McCaskill.

Newt Gingrich is one of the first conservative players to come back to Missouri and work for him. Bit by bit, funders are coming back. Hopefully, the big guns who pulled out after the news will relook and give him some of the cash firepower he needs to close the gap.

But in the end, it’s the Missouri voters who will decide. Missourians won’t be voting for him. They’ll be voting against McCaskill and the toxic liberalism she represents. And putting aside her appalling political ideology and her Marie Antoinette-esque personal conduct, McCaskill isn’t about to make any contributions to the field of particle physics herself.

Here’s the bottom line this November:

If you want Obamacare repealed, you have to support Akin.

If you are against sex selection and partial birth abortion, you have to support Akin.

If you want to continue to keep and bear arms, you have to support Akin.

If you want two to four new Supreme Court judges who believe in the parts of the Constitution that are inconvenient to liberals, and who won’t find hidden new provisions that miraculously support the liberal agenda, you have to support Akin.

There is simply no contest – Missouri can choose the dumb conservative who may just be the deciding vote that saves our country, or they can choose the dumb liberal who is dead set on destroying our country.

In this case, it’s not really a tough call at all. I say go for the dumb conservative.

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