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The disconnect between many in the Democratic Party and the majority of the country on the issue of abortion was on full display this week with Sen. Elizabeth Warren serving as a word picture for a party that seems unable to find common ground with anyone but Planned Parenthood.


In an unsurprising loss because 60 votes were needed, the Senate was unable on Tuesday to put an end to the practice of infanticide when abortionists refuse to provide medical care to babies born during botched abortions or of painful late-term abortions committed on children in utero 5 months or later. Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE) led the debate for the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, while Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) championed the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, both calling for these measures as the bare minimum of human decency for human beings.

In his floor speech, Sasse told his colleagues about the Born Alive measure, “This bill isn't about abortion. I'm pro-life. I'm unapologetically pro-life, but this bill is not actually about anything that limits abortion. This bill doesn't have anything to do with Roe v. Wade. This bill is about something else. What this bill does is try to secure basic rights, equal rights for babies that are born and are outside the womb.”

On her Twitter account on Tuesday morning, Senator Warre n made it clear that it was “radical and restrictive” to put any limits on abortion. As she has unapologetically said, “I believe that abortion rights are human rights.”


That’s not a position the public shares with the Democratic presidential candidates.

A Marist poll released last month found that 70 percent of Americans support restrictions on abortion and that 55 percent would ban abortion after 5 months of pregnancy. A poll by Students for Life of America found that only 7 percent of Millennials support the current Democratic Party Platform of abortion through all 9 months, for any reason at all and with taxpayer funding.

The Democratic National Committee’s platform is so extreme that no matter who becomes the party’s nominee, the Democratic candidate for President of the United States will support full taxpayer funding of abortion through a “Medicare for All” socialized healthcare system, ending the Hyde Amendment that limits federal funding of abortion, using taxpayer dollars for abortions worldwide, passing a no-limits standard of abortion into federal law (codifying Roe v. Wade), and possibly even packing the Supreme Court with new judges who will vote abortion first and often.

These positions play well with Planned Parenthood, the nation’s No. 1 abortion vendor, which is so popular with those running for the presidency that the candidates paid their glowing respects in a candidate forum and continue to discuss additional funding to an abortion practice that already gets more than $600 million a year from taxpayers.


Warren has even pledged to dress in a Planned Parenthood scarf to her inauguration, a fashion don’t for many voters.

And yet, despite the mad rush hours before to support unlimited abortion in all its forms and even infanticide of, as CNN calls it “a fetus that was born,” Warren felt the need to chastise former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg for allegedly telling an former employee to “kill it” when he learned of her pregnancy.

The senator went on to discuss an event of discrimination that she says happened to her when she was a pregnant school teacher, attempting to be a champion of women. But the schizophrenia of Warren’s exchanges – for and against abortion -- illustrates the problem with the Democratic Party’s approach.

Rather than eliminating the suffering – problems with employment laws and enforcement, and lack of support for Title IX violations that our team at Students for Life sees often on college campuses, to name a few – the abortion mindset insists that we eliminate the potential sufferer by getting rid of the baby. Abortion as a sign of female empowerment and as the defining issue for women is ingrained into talking points, ignoring women’s need for economic equality, education, or accommodation when pregnant and parenting.


But the reality is that the day after a woman gets an abortion she will be just as poor, just as in need, just as deserving of help as she was the day before. “Kill it” should not be the message to women who wonder about their futures.

Pregnancy is not a disease cured by abortion as abortion does not elevate women, but rather often illustrates the lack of support for those most in need of it. This is why the radical push for abortion without limits misses the mark with the majority of voters and why Warren’s dizzying arguments about abortion this week clearly illustrate the pr oblem for a party that is putting the interests of the abortion industry ahead of women’s true needs and the desire of the American people.

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