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An Open Letter to President Trump: Moms Are Done with RINOs

Dear President Trump,

As a mom I want to personally thank you for standing strong for the four years of your presidency, protecting and advancing the American Values mothers care about.  It was so refreshing to have freedom actually promoted from the White House, which is why I am increasingly frustrated with endorsements being determined by poll numbers and campaign funds.


Mr. President, the millions of Americans who voted for you did not vote for you based on poll numbers or campaign coffers, and we certainly didn’t vote for you based on favorable news coverage! We voted for you because you stand for the America First principles and the values of freedom and family we care about.

The next two elections will have a dramatic effect on the political landscape and the future of our country.  After witnessing the results of the Virginia governor’s race, I think it is abundantly clear that moms are a powerful political force. Pundits on both sides recognize that suburban women are the single most important voting bloc. Moms are going to decide the winners of the next election, and I can assure you, Sir, we are done with spineless, finger to the wind, self-serving RINOs (Republicans In Name Only). We want people, at all levels of government, who exhibit the same courage you did in standing for America First values, constitutional principles, and parental rights.

While in office, Mr. President, you delivered on many of your campaign promises: reversing many anti-American policies, protecting life, supporting American families, and showing respect for the Constitution. Everyday Americans were thrilled to see life and liberty winning in D.C. for a change!

You are well known for calling out “losers.” Career politicians who have never worked in the real world are a favorite for your jokes, and you have constantly slammed RINOs—those lobbyist-sponsored puppets who claim to support the Republican Party Platform but undermine American values when it comes time to legislate.


With such a reputation and track record of calling out RINOs, Mr. President, I am completely befuddled why you would be endorsing them. It seems in recent months you have endorsed candidates based on who is ahead in the polls, who “has a chance” of winning. Millions of Americans value your word, believing those you endorse will have the same conviction you did. With such a high standard, poll numbers should not be what dictates who wins your endorsement. We know that poll numbers are unreliable; you, more than anyone, know that is true. If you endorse based on principles and values instead of poll numbers, the genuine America/family-first candidate will rise to the top and get all the money he or she needs because of your endorsement.

If, however, you endorse weak and inconsistent candidates, your endorsement will not be enough to push those candidates across the finish line. Moms are going to be the ones deciding who wins the vote, and we are not going to be voting for people who have no respect for the Constitution and parental rights, or lack integrity. Every day, we speak with mothers across the country who are concerned about their children’s future, the security of our borders, unconstitutional mask mandates, and the violation of our God-given liberties. These moms are not willing to take a chance on weak candidates. Why, then, Sir, are you endorsing them?

Take for example Eric Greitens, who is running for a Senate seat in Missouri.  Democrats and communist sympathizers would like nothing more than for him to win the primary. They know the people of Missouri (most especially mothers) would never vote for him because of what he did as governor: publicly cheating on his wife and resigning in disgrace after wasting taxpayer dollars in court. President Trump, you do not have to endorse Greitens or any other self-serving RINO. If you are looking for someone who will be loyal not only to you but also the America First agenda, then why wouldn’t you endorse someone like Billy Long? Billy has been loyal to you since you came down the elevator. How many members of Congress can say that? If you were planning to run for president, who do you want filling Congress, RINOs who will fight against you or Freedom Caucus supporters with real backbone who will stand with you?


If you want truth, family, freedom, and the Constitution to win in the next election, you must support the winning team. RINOs and unreliable politicians do not stand a chance. Moms are willing to knock on doors, motivate their friends, hold signs, and win elections, but they will not work for candidates who are not serious about American values.

The past two years have inspired many patriots to run for public office to ensure that the flame of liberty is passed along to our children and grandchildren. These are the courageous men and women that moms will propel to victory! We will not settle for empty promises and promising poll numbers. We are in a defining moment for our nation, and the men and women we elect to lead us will determine the state of the country that our children and grandchildren inherit. If, Mr. President, you want to continue a legacy of liberty, please start endorsing stronger candidates.

Let’s really put America first and stop letting money and poll numbers decide whom we support. Vote with moms: Constitutional principles, America First values, end mandates and government overreach, and create an environment for freedom to prosper by getting government out of the way.

That, Mr. President, is a winning ticket!

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