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Can We Really Be Shocked by Donald Trump’s Comments?

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No one wants to talk about it. But the sad fact is, Trump’s comments aren’t really all that shocking. Those of us who didn’t support him in the primary knew who he was then—so did Hillary Clinton. Her campaign was armed and ready for their carefully orchestrated and perfectly timed “shock” factor. But is it really all that shocking?


It is obvious we have two extremely flawed candidates, but we need to remember the majority of the people who voted chose them. That is a much more devastating reality than the choice before us. The people we elect are a representation of who we are as a people. That, not the candidates, is why this election is so distressing.

I am actually quite dumb-founded that Trump’s lewd comments during a private conversation on a bus 11 years ago are the line so many are drawing in the sand. Don’t get me wrong. I neither condone nor excuse Donald Trump’s language but I’m not surprised by it. It is after all, reflective of our current culture.

There is an event held every year in San Francisco that is the most disgusting celebration of debauchery in America. People attend in various stages of nudity, participating in public sex acts and sadomasochistic performances in front of thousands of people. Vendors line the streets selling various sex toys—including some in the shape of a cross. Amazingly, the media that were shocked by Donald Trump’s comments don’t find that offensive. In fact many of them attend the event. The New York Times has even had a booth there. The Huffington Post, who expressed their disgust at Trump’s comments, lists Folsom Street Fair as one of the “five can’t miss things to do in San Francisco.” Really? That doesn’t disgust them?


Folsom Street Fair began in 1984 as an event for homosexual men and those in the sex industry. Over the years however it has grown to include couples and more and more women each year not only attend but participate in the sex acts, nudity, vulgarity and sadomasochism that run rampant through the fair. Until a few years ago, parents actually brought their children with them. Public outcry from several family groups put an end to that. Now fair organizers publish the following:

“Please do not bring children less than 18 years of age to our street fairs; the environment is very much for adults only. If you want to "expose" your child to alternative sexualities, there are other ways to do it – read a book, watch a movie, or attend a conference.”

Parents don’t need to go to that much trouble because, thanks to Planned Parenthood’s push for Comprehensive Sex Education (CSE), they can get the “exposure” right in their own school. Planned Parenthood states on their website that Comprehensive Sex Education is intended to more fully enlighten our children on the “full array of topics that comprise sexuality” to include “safer sex, sexual orientation and sexual pleasure.” Our own schoolboards and administrators are supporting this. CSE is being implemented in school curriculum all over the country as early as kindergarten. Where is the outrage over that?


Hillary Clinton supports gay marriage, the LGBT agenda and the promotion of it through comprehensive sex education. She called the videos of Planned Parenthood selling baby parts “partisan attacks” defending their abhorrent practices declaring “as president I will always have your back.” Planned Parenthood is the biggest promoter of the sex industry pushing it on our children from preschool so the idea of her being “horrified” by Trump’s comments is ludicrous.

The book Fifty Shades of Grey, containing bondage and erotic sex, sold over 100 million copies and the movie broke all weekend release records at the box office. Sixty-eight percent of those who attended on opening weekend were women.

Women set the bar in our country. When we lower the bar, this is what we get.

Can the networks really be shocked or offended by Donald Trump’s comments when every major media outlet airs primetime porn on their networks? Can The New York Times really be outraged by Trump’s actions when they have a booth at the Folsom Street Fair? Can elected officials really be disgusted by Trump’s language when they protect pornography and the debasement of women as free speech? Can women really be offended by Trump’s language when they engage in vulgarity, expose their bodies, laugh at lewd comments and treat sex like a bodily function? Can people who bought a ticket to see Fifty Shades of Grey really be appalled by Trump’s behavior?


Politics don’t define our culture. Our culture defines our politics. The sad fact is these candidates demonstrate the state of our society. Many people are calling for Trump to step down in favor of Mike Pence. He is a more palatable option but there were 15 more palatable options in the primary election and voters disregarded all of them in favor of Trump. If America wanted squeaky-clean we had it four years ago with Mitt Romney and blew it. With our culture declining as it is, I’m not sure we can get enough people in the country to elect a decent candidate. Trump certainly isn’t who I wanted representing my country, but if Hillary becomes president, I won’t have a country.

These accusations about Trump were masterfully calculated and perfectly timed to infuriate a specific audience—women. May I remind you that 68% percent of those who attended 50 Shades of Grey on opening weekend were women? If we want candidates who measure to a higher bar then we need to raise it.

I keep getting emails saying “vote your values” but I don’t see my values represented in either candidate. There are other options. The libertarian candidate Gary Johnson is garnering a lot of support and Evan McMullen—a write-in candidate in several states is doing shockingly well in Utah. We are told if we vote for another party we are throwing our vote away. It is a false narrative but it does come with consequences. The other guy (or gal) may win if we don’t vote against the one we don’t like. It is a hard place for a conscientious voter to be when the stakes are so high.


If you feel like the guy in “Third Rock from the Sun,” suffering from voter anguish you’re not alone. Vote your values when you can; your conscience when you can’t and hope that freedom lives another day. In our declining culture, this may be the best we can get for a while.

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