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Michelle Obama’s Powerful Statement at the Convention Should be a Clarion Call to the Mothers of America

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Everyone is abuzz over Michelle Obama’s passionate speech at the convention Monday night. The most profound part of her speech came towards the end. “This November,” she said, “when we go to the polls, that is what we are deciding. Not Democrat or Republican, not left or right. In this election and every election, it is about who will have the power to shape our children for the next four or eight years of their lives.”


That statement should send chills up your spine. Even if you knowledgeably agree with everything the Obama administration has done over the last eight years, even if you support everything Hillary Clinton stands for, this should concern you and be a clarion call to every mother in America. Who will have the power to shape our children for the next four to eight years is not a question for the government. It is our responsibility and our divine right as parents to fill that role.

As a mother, I will decide how my children will be raised, how they will be educated, where they will be educated and what values will be instilled in their hearts. No matter what your position politically; no matter what your personal values, that should be something we as mothers and parents can all agree on. They are our children, not the government’s. But that is not how Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton and many other media and government officials think—as witnessed in this video of MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry stating children don’t belong to us they belong to the community.

As I’ve watched the Democratic convention this week I’ve become even more disturbed by Mrs. Obama’s words. The Democratic platform was introduced as the most progressive platform in party history and that statement was repeated over and over again. That platform is what they intend to promote in the media, public policy, our laws, and in our children’s schools. So what does that platform include? Here is just a sampling.


1. An unprecedented commitment to equal rights for LGBT Americans—which is being heralded as the first party platform in history to include transgender Americans. This means more propaganda shoved down our children’s throats,more graphic sexual content being thrust on the classroom and more transgender bathroom and locker room safety issues.

2. The strongest pledge ever to fight climate change. This means more draconian oversite on small businesses, farmers, corporations and homeowners with increased infringements on property rights. Everyone will be affected by this with higher food prices, increased inflation on goods and services and excessive regulations being forced on everyone.

3. A bold new commitment to debt-free college. This of course means higher taxes to cover the cost of “free” college and bank bailouts to cover the debt—because nothing is ever free. Someone has to pay for it, and that always ends up being hardworking (often struggling) American families.

4A first-of-its-kind pledge to fight institutional racism and end mass incarceration. This sounds nice on paper but not in practice since it includes phrases like “racial justice” and “societal transformation to make it clear that black lives matter.” Based on the last few years that equates to more federal government intervention on local law enforcement, more justification for criminals and needlessly inciting even more tension and violence in our communities.

5. Ambitious policies to help working families get ahead. Note the word “ambitious.” That will of course include increasing minimum wage until the McDonald’s dollar menu is a $5.00 or $10.00 menu. It also means federal government oversight and control on businesses forcing them to provide unsustainable federally mandated benefits whether they can afford them or not. This will of course lead to more people losing the jobs they have and the raises they’ve earned. Businesses will have to lay people off and may even have to shut their doors leaving even more people without work.


Added to this are Hillary Clinton’s positions on gun regulations, expansion of universal healthcare and her pet projectuniversal preschool. None of this is good for American families and it certainly isn’t good for our economy, the protection of our children or safety of our communities. The past eight years are proof of that. Unfortunately millions of Americans are overjoyed with the platform and Hillary Clinton is eager to execute it.

The Democratic Party stated their platform “represents an agenda we can all be proud of—especially when compared to the backward, divisive platform Republicans approved...”

The Republican platform includes things like lower taxes, school choice, traditional marriage, religious liberty, right to bear arms, reducing federal regulations, restricting federally mandated minimum wage, fair market salaries and benefits for government employees, appointment of court justices who respect the rule of law expressed in the Constitution and Declaration of Independence including the inalienable right to life, ending federal funding of Planned Parenthood, rebuilding the U.S. military and repealing Obamacare.

More than ever we need the mothers of America to lend their voice with their vote this November. The choices are clear. What we decide will determine who will have control over our jobs, income, homes and our children for the next four to eight years. Do you want a government that controls every aspect of your life and livelihood; or do you want a government that will respect your inherent rights as a person and your fundamental rights as a parent to manage your own life and provide for and protect your own family?


Michelle Obama is right. It’s not about Democrat or Republican or right or left. But it is about freedom or servitude. The choice is ours and we can’t afford to stay home. It will be the mothers of America that determine this election. This is our clarion call.

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