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Overcoming ALL the Big Lies!

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America has had enough.

The amount of dishonesty being peddled from Congressional representatives to CNN is suffocating the average citizen. Half of them believing every word of it and feeling helpless to do anything about it. The other half knowing it’s nearly all false and also feeling helpless to be able to do anything about it.


Stirred outrage that’s uninformed but highly volatile and mixed with misguided ideas and a powder keg has been lit. Combined with utterly incompetent mayors, governors, and other public officials and we see disasters one never imagined in America have become reality.

It’s time to stop.

To pull the plug on the incendiary.

To quell the violence, end the murder, correct the record. 

To call out the biggest lies...

We were never divided. 

As the horrific death of George Floyd played out on viral video captured publicly from what seemed like endless angles, NO ONE defended the actions. The president, the mayor, the African American vice-chair of the Minneapolis City Council who grew up in the inflammatory teaching of Jeremiah Wright, the white Bible-teaching pastors of the suburbs, civil rights organizations and thousands of police unions ALL condemned the killing that took place not even two weeks ago. From the homogeneous to the multi-cultural, north to south, from Hollywood to the White House, the nation was outraged, angry, and determined to seek justice.

All Black Lives have not mattered. 

Oddly after such unity—violence broke out inexplicably. Even though the president green-lit a federal investigation into the Floyd death as a homicide, it took days for the mayor to fire, then have arrested, first just the one offender and many more days to follow for the three accomplices. The initially peaceful protests were aimed at demanding the city act as swiftly and as thoroughly as the feds. The actions finally took place but the slight hiccup in time allowed for Antifa, some black extremist groups, and ne’er-do-wells to infiltrate, terrorize, loot, and kill. Sadly, the criminal element of the protests have already (in 12 days) killed roughly the same number of unarmed black people (14) as all police departments did for the entire year of 2019 (15) (according to  a Washington Post crime report). The media has ignored the lives of these murdered black citizens, proving ultimately—they simply do not matter—for the sake of the narrative.


The media is and has become more so the enemy of the people. 

Such negligence has proven that most of our nation’s media is heavily invested in manipulating an outcome through their “influence” rather than giving the facts and allowing the people to draw their own conclusions about their meaning. Through the obfuscation of the deadly toll of the riots, and the omission of important information in some cases one could argue media malfeasance. But the whole-cloth invention of facts and twisting outcomes is another level of malevolent disrespect for their viewers. For instance, it’s one thing to refuse to report on the impact to black-owned businesses, violence (serious but non-lethal) to black people, and to most certainly ignore the hundreds of hospitalizations of police officers. It’s another thing entirely to report that the president used weapons of war against the American people for a photo-op, with reckless disregard for any of the facts of the report. Most precisely that the president never ordered it, no such weapons were used, and the photo was taken in front of a historic church that terrorists had attempted to burn down the night before. Through all of it the media acts as though they are above any accountability for their actions.

“Bad cops” are the problem, not “police.” 

One of the untold stories the media has yet to even demonstrate curiosity about is just how bad the “policing” issue is across the country. Unilaterally the activists associate police departments with being a “white on black” matter. But increasingly in cities across the nation, police chiefs are POC (people of color.) On some of the largest police forces, the departments themselves are POC majority. So many of the minutes of footage from even the riots show black officers being screamed at in the face by a white protestor. Police departments have been undergoing reforms for the past couple of decades. Diversity in management, adjustment of policies regarding techniques used, and other criteria have consistently been re-examined. The murderer of George Floyd had not been reformed. Through the protection of a big union, operating in a heavily unionized blue city, and an increasingly less blue state this bad apple had not been held accountable for 18 different complaints of excessive force with nearly all of them being made by POC. A simple review at the 2019 Uniform Crime Report would have again shed light on the overall trend. Out of a nation of 328,000,000 citizens, a total of 56 shootings of unarmed individuals occurred from all of the millions of police officers across the nation. 25 of those were against white individuals, and only 15 against black ones. Nevertheless, the newest demand by the extremists and their accomplices in the media is to eliminate police departments by defunding the police.


More engagement with police is necessary—not their elimination. 

At the very moment when (perhaps ever) the nation cried out as a united voice to correct an injustice, those who would hijack that progress are seeking to destroy the nation as a whole. The idea that the answer to a society that has struggled as mightily for the last 90 days as ours has is to remove the only restraint against evil that we lawfully trust is just insane. Speak to civil rights leaders—real ones who have been through the fight, not the woke snowflake wannabes like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez—and they will tell you what low income and crime-ridden neighborhoods need is greater engagement with police. And on a couple of levels, more POC who look like the people in their neighborhood, and come from their neighborhood develops a level of trust. But even when they don’t look like or come from where they live it is a detriment to the welfare of society to not have police engaging with citizens. This week my heart was touched when a viral video of a white Houston PD officer put his arm around a five-year-old black girl and assured her he was there for her protection, that he was there to keep her and her parents safe. Why did he need to assure her? Because the little girl had asked him if he was there to shoot her or her parents. Whoever planted that thought in her little heart was evil. But her interaction with a police officer—even one who looked nothing like her—broke down the barrier.


Breaking down barriers is what our nation desperately needs. 

We came together to seek justice for Floyd. It’s time to overcome these lies and seek the best for all of our fellow Americans from this point forward.

We long for that more perfect union!

But there are those invested in preventing it from occurring. And it is to those evil elements we reply...

We will overcome!

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