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Why America Won’t Trust Terror Supporting, Anti-Semitic Democrats

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AP Photo/Tony Dejak

Even though there are hours of television proof to the contrary Democrats have largely been more on the side of a dead terrorist than free people for the past two weeks.


Disappointed that we killed the leading active terrorist on planet earth, they continually bemoaned the fact that we didn’t tell them we were going to ahead of time.

The odd thing about those same Democrats, every time they have been briefed on something over the past three years it mysteriously made its way into the headlines of the Washington Post within minutes. Heck, they couldn’t even keep from leaking stuff about their own committees and things taking place in top-secret chambers as it related to impeachment.

Honestly, if you were Donald J. Trump, and the law only requires that you inform them of your action within 48 hours after it’s conclusion, would you even consider it? 

Clinton didn’t. Obama didn’t. Why must President Trump handicap his own security mechanisms and give the terrorist the chance to get away?

It’s also not surprising that when a passenger plane is shot down in the aftermath of Iran’s own befuddling incompetency that these same Democrats make excuses for their suicide-bomber-flunky “missile operators,” as opposed to standing with the people who lost 176 family members, friends and loved ones.

Senator Elizabeth Warren—within minutes—made adjustments to her stump speech to verbally threaten the president as she claimed he had started a war with Iran. Tulsi Gabbard went on Fox News’ America’s Newsroom to continually state that the president had taken us to war with Iran. FNC’s Outnumbered Overtime with Harris Faulkner, Democratic strategist Jehmu Greene maintained the argument even after’s Editor Katie Pavlich continually called her out for conflating two different things: killing a terrorist and starting a war.


When the plane tragedy occurred—most normal people had the thought run through their head, “So this plane crashes at the same time Iran was launching missiles into the desert?”

Iran denied wrongdoing and the American media amplified those statements. So did the Democratic candidates for president who began to simply make things up in places they didn’t happen.

No, Mayor Pete, there was no crossfire that blew up the Ukrainian airliner. But that didn’t stop gaggles of innocently stupid or purposefully corrupt Congressional Dems from blaming it on the president. 

Your humble correspondent is not exactly holding his breath anticipating the wave after wave of apologies that should be coming forthwith.

Yet the question remains: Why is it only Democrats who give cover for openly anti-Semitic statements from their members? Why was it only Democrats who defended the “rights” of a terrorist who had killed and maimed far more than bin Ladin? Why was it only Democrats who rushed to restate the propaganda of our enemies as gospel truth? And why was it only the Democrats who have yet to issue support for the Iranians, Canadians, and Ukrainians who want justice for the “innocently stupid” actions that brought down that jet-liner? 

In fact... why was it Democratic President Barack Obama who gave Iran the money it needed to fund the nightmare in the first place?

The answers seem fairly simple to me.


They don’t side with America first. They don’t side with our allies. And they all seemed to be much more concerned about the “rights” of a dead terrorist than they do with the grieving families—some of whom are now being shot at in the streets of Tehran—who are mourning so much more than simply the death of someone they loved!

The exercise with Iran has proven helpful for the American voter in that it gives us a clear understanding of which presidential candidates stand with an anti-Semitic, terror-sponsoring “Supreme Leader.” And the only candidate who is proud to say and live “America first” as his criteria for solving every problem he runs in to.

It’s time for civically-minded Democrats to open their eyes and see the difference for themselves.

But then again, maybe that’s exactly what #WalkAway, #Blexit, and #ExodusMVMNT are all about.

It’s way past time!

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