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AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais

“What works in San Francisco does not necessarily work in Michigan," Pelosi said at a roundtable of Bloomberg News reporters and editors on Friday.

Those are the actual words of Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

She wanted to get the message to Democratic candidates that they are on the “wrong track.” She forcefully argued against “Medicare For All” and the newest hot idea: a “Wealth Tax.”

She continued: “Remember November. You must win the Electoral College.” 

What she is identifying is observably true. Voters are more savvy than ever and unless they embrace the Democratic field’s explanations like, “the rich will pay their fare share” (a Bernie favorite), or Warren’s newly minted “money doesn’t even really exist,” most Americans believe these programs will cost far too much.

The wealth tax idea being floated by Warren right now is especially loser-ish. 

FDR tried it and most historians and economists believe it turned a three year downturn into a 10 year disaster.

The idea is simple: punish not only those who have earned their money (and already paid taxes on it), but tax that same money again simply because they held on to it. Because there is this “progressive” idea out there that believes not only were you not worthy of earning said money, but by saving it and investing it you are in some way being selfish. These are the same people who believe that you can spend your way into a healthy economy. Therefore a wealth tax re-taxes your accumulated savings year over year. 

The one thing we should be encouraging more Americans to do financially, reduce debt and save money, is the very thing the left wants to punish people for.

As to Pelosi’s criticism of “Medicare for All” she’s also correct. Obamacare was a loser of enormous proportion and Medicare for All is more expensive, does less, and will definitively hurt the average tax-paying family. We can’t spend 5 out of every 6 tax dollars collected just to take my co-pay from $25 to $0. Massive fraud and mismanagement await and are already licking their chops.

Pelosi is also acute in her comparison. The people of Michigan don’t want anything to do with the excrement coated walk ways of big progressive metros. San Francisco and increasingly Los Angeles and sadly New York City have fallen deep into the hands of agenda-driven leftists. Despite what liars like New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy say, people do leave places where costs of living are high, the quality of living is low, and the inability to attract new ideas, talent, and management all meet.

Pelosi is correct by intimating that forcing such policies on the rest of the nation will give President Trump an enormous electoral landslide in 2020. 

Which he will likely get anyway.

The reason?

Because she’s overlooking one huge important hypocritical obstacle. 

For as much a losing set of propositions “Medicare For All” and a “Wealth Tax” will be to the voters of America, conducting a fake impeachment with “evidence” manipulated in secrecy, without due process, and strictly partisan in nature is something those same voters resent.

Especially when doing all of it to remove the President they (We the People) chose.

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