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ALIVE From New York: The Day Abortion Died

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Write it down! 

On May 4th 2019, a near perfect 70 degree afternoon, in the middle of Times Square, in New York City, from three sound stages blasting thousands of decibels into the surrounding neighborhoods, the final speaker of the day said that, “Soon... Abortion will become... unthinkable!”


The statement came after a 90 minute program that had been slated as a “public celebration of life.”

Not content to believe the organizers, protestors attempted to disrupt the proceedings. But those protests, which began with profane chants, obscene signs, and thundering drums, ended with nary a whimper, and dispersed far more mysteriously than they had appeared.

The reason why the 2,000 protestors evaporated wasn’t because the 20,000 life supporters had shouted them down. In fact the very opposite was what occurred.

It was an amazing moment to observe yesterday. 

I was there, at the corner of 43rd and 7th, face-to-face with Planned Parenthood supporters flipping me off and claiming “pro-life... is.. a.. lie...” “because all they want is... women.. to die.” 

Moments later I watched from the main stage as women like Jeanne Mancini of National March For Life, Dr. Alveda King (niece of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.), multiple women whose mothers had attempted to abort them – – yet they survived – and a former Planned Parenthood clinic director who had volunteered—underwent a live 4D ultrasound and projected on jumbotrons. 

It was even more amazing to witness Jim Daly, President of Focus On The Family, assert that the reason we had all gathered was to demonstrate love towards the baby in the womb for sure, but also to those (protestors) who “had gathered around the edges” of Times Square. Marjorie Dannenfelser, of the Susan B. Anthony’s List, took a moment out for the faithful to pray for the protestors. Jeanne Mancini expressed care and concern for them. Dr. Alveda King addressed them at one point reminding us all that she had once undergone an abortion and had once believed very much the same as those who angrily shouted back at her. 


But the seminal moment was when Planned Parenthood’s former “Director of the Year,” Abby Johnson’s 4D ultrasound appeared on the big screens. 

At that very moment she was on an examination table in a mobile medical unit behind the stage I was standing next to. For the first time in all my years of Times Square, I will never forget that moment.

In the middle of literally the world’s busiest intersection, a quiet fell across the multiple blocks that was so deafening you could literally have heard a pin drop.

No angry chants in protests.

No applause of agreement. 

Just a sleepy little baby’s face, in beautiful 4D, staring out across New York City’s busiest neighborhoods.

The ultrasound technician’s voice, pleasant and sweet, began to talk to the little guy. And for a number of minutes the supporters, the protestors, and the various media assigned to cover the event eavesdropped on the procedure that happens in crisis pregnancy centers every day across America.

It wasn’t angry. It wasn’t some “white male politician” “telling a woman what to do with her body.” 

It was a tiny little person having his picture taken for maybe the very first time.

It was a joyous day. 

Nothing that the abortion protestors had been chanting turned out to be true.

Flummoxed media members awaited the abortion survivors behind the main stage to follow up on their personal stories.


And though he did not show up, rabid baby-killing Governor Andrew Cuomo, had the perfect opportunity to see and understand what real moms feel when they see their baby’s face for the first time.

It was a moment where the brutal dismembering, saline acid washing, or other methods of killing a woman’s baby... 

Had become... 



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