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AP Photo/Alex Brandon

As of the penning of this editorial President Donald J. Trump has scored his most significant victory while in office.

His claim that neither he nor his campaign had any illicit conspiracy to sway the election by colluding with foreign agents from the Russian government and cheat their way into office in 2016 has been fully substantiated.


We can know this using deductive reasoning from the initial statements asserted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller upon his transmission of his final findings to the Department of Justice. 

He affirmed that no further criminal indictments would be filed by his office in the matter. In doing so he also conceded that none of the current Americans (indicted or tried) had in any way colluded with Russia.

Zero Americans colluded with Russia to help Donald Trump win an overwhelming victory to become President in 2016.

But with such an admission, regardless of any further findings of Mueller’s report, the election of 2020 has been dramatically impacted.

Here’s just three areas:

The Never-Trump Establishment has been utterly humiliated. For most of the day on Saturday former operator of the now defunct The Weekly Standard, Bill Kristol, flailed about on Twitter like a dying fish in the bottom of a boat. Tweet after tweet from the past two years of genuinely deranged reversals by Kristol and his apparent loyalties-for-hire were thrown back in his face. Seasoned journalists (and I can only guess those who may have at one time been his friends and colleagues) couldn’t have raced fast enough to the use of “This held up well...” before linking to prediction after prediction that the findings and conclusion of the Mueller report now shatters. 


The efforts of Kristol, and those in his camp like Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post, and a smattering of defectors across talk radio have been stymied by Mueller’s ultimate decision to end his investigation and announcement of no further indictments.

The Shameless Dishonesty of Democrats is being exposed. Within minutes of the announcement of Mueller’s conclusion, several Democratic Party leaders, including most of the declared field of 2020 candidates for their party’s nomination for President began to use the report’s end to spin new imaginative tales. The first of which was to imply that the President and his team were already engaged in a plot to prevent the public release of the report. As quickly as they could find their way to cameras Khamala Harris, Bernie Sanders, and others “demanded” that we “must not allow a president, but especially this President” to “get away with anything less” than full transparency. The take away is a complete fabrication of the President’s stated position that he would be totally fine with the report’s release to the public. Additionally nearly all GOP leaders on Capitol Hill have reflected the same sentiments. 

Ironically some Democrats took a quite different position immediately following the report’s release. They began to downplay its importance even ignoring the stated findings as irrelevant. Not surprising some who did so had been some of the most televised members of Congress, former Obama officials, and progressive upstarts. Some had even spent much of the last two years attempting to pass a law requiring the President to leave the investigation open. And after two years of constant complaining about the need to do so many are now planning to ignore wholly the substance of the findings “of the only investigation that mattered.”


Lastly on this point at least one 2020 candidate decided to continue with the now patently, provably false claims of collusion. While hitting a campaign stop on Saturday one being as exactingly dishonest on the issue as he had been when falsely answering a question last week concerning “post-birth abortions” (we label it infanticide.)

The Demonstrable Proof of Two Years’ of Fake News has done considerable damage to our nation. For nearly the entire time the current administration has been in office CNN & MSNBC most egregiously, but most of the rest of the major networks to some extent, conducted profusely inaccurate and negligent conspiracy reporting the likes of which America has never seen. 

Independent journalist Michael Tracey appeared on my show Saturday evening explaining how. The genuine danger of which is the gross malfeasance done to your audience in the process. Consider the number of segments either of those two networks ever ran stories that may have at minimum told “the other side” or better perhaps might have demonstrated exculpatory evidence to consider. They were few and forgettable—at most. Tracey reminded me that often times the experts featured would be forced to admit that they were largely informed by media reports. He also expressed strong concern about former administration officials being hired as expert analysts on networks that were seeking to take a position first, and do what little journalism they were willing to second. I also reminded Tracey and my audience that as a cultural commentator at FoxNews over the past two years, I was never asked my opinion about Trump/Russia that there wasn’t also a center-left Democrat sitting at the desk with me being given the same amount of time and questions to answer.


That the news networks of MSNBC and CNN even often downplayed other legitimate news stories of the day to headline with the hot Russian rumor of that cycle further allowed them to self define and identify what President Trump has labeled them from the beginning: fake.

Because they were. Mueller’s report now proving it at least on some level.

The President who is well known for very “active” tweeting. Has been uncharacteristically quiet since Mueller turned over his report.

How long that remains the case only time will tell.

But he has every right to shout it from any mountaintop he chooses because the same dishonest, establishment, corrupted combine that were crying on election night in 2016, were weeping again at the conclusion of Robert Mueller’s last day of work.

And I have to wonder if but in the back of his mind after all this settles if he does not have a bit more wind at his back to... keep America great?

Especially now... 

That the great Russian collusion hoax... 

Is finished!

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