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What It Looks Like When Injustice WINS

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Injustice abounds in this life.

This is the primary reason the front page of a newspaper, or website exists: to remind any and all that the more sage, wise, and good we think we have become in our own eyes—is meaningless until tested.


More often than not mankind fails that test.

Mankind has failed from the beginning, and apart from some significant intervention will fail to the end of time.

The front page may have lies written on it, sometimes it doesn’t, but it will always report the truth: that humanity is unjust to one another.

Sometimes even gleeful in how much so...

The reporters at the Associated Press, and ideological opponents of Bre Payton have demonstrated this pretty forcefully. 

The progressive trolls of Twitter couldn’t stop themselves from hitting Payton for what they believed were her personal convictions about vaccines, universal health care, border security, Donald Trump, free market economics, and of course the fact as a committed Christian she must have also been harboring any number of fill-in-the-blank-phobias.

The obituary writers at the Associated Press decided her crimes were so damnable that before even one quote from anyone who actually knew her was included, her entire body of journalistic work (which was enormous for a reporter of only 26) to a summation of recent appearances on FoxNews “condemning the media as fake news” for its attacks on President Trump and for sexist and bigoted attacks on Melania Trump.


What none of these knuckle-dragging Twitter users, nor the mouth-breathing obit writers at the Associated Press know is that Bre Payton was beloved by nearly every person she came into contact with. Liberals progressives, conservatives, libertarians and independents thought she was kind, joyful, and warm. 

They don’t have to because injustice prevails, especially on the front page.

Over the same course of days many also witnessed the brother of Ronil Singh, Reggie, as he broke down in tears in a mixture of grief and relief that the California law enforcement community had worked together to apprehend his brother’s killer and the seven individuals who had attempted to help hide him and plan an escape.

Officer Singh’s killer is an illegal alien, burning up tax-payer resources in an American jail cell, and may well do so now for the rest of his life. Half of the additionally incarcerated persons arrested with him are also illegal aliens.

Officer Singh was a naturalized citizen, having desired to become an American he did so legally, culminating on that day when he took an oath, and then pledged allegiance. Then in an even greater sign of love for this nation he donned a uniform and began protecting and serving his fellow Americans.


That he died and his killer and all his killer’s associates live, breathe, walk, and eat is unjust.

Regardless of how tearful the Sheriff or Officer Singh’s brother may be behind a podium, Speaker-elect Pelosi (who represents the same sanctuary state of California) can not be bothered to release a statement from her posh vacation in Hawaii, much less return to Washington DC to push for better border security that would prevent up to possibly 8 illegals from committing such crimes against such a good man.

There is injustice in this world.

It is evidenced when evil defeats good.

Sadly Bre Payton and Officer Ronil Singh are now lost from our ranks as we attempt to battle it.

The only question that stands is “how will we honor their sacrifice in our battles to come?”

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