Six Outrageous Positions Democrats Are Pushing in 2018 and Beyond

Posted: Mar 14, 2018 12:01 AM
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If the actions of prominent Democrats in recent days are a demonstration of why they believe they should be elected—they deserve to lose every election for the foreseeable future.

They are dangerous, foolish, and pose a massive threat to the welfare of America. I started to also add that they verged on literal stupidity because they seem to run in the face of common sense and public sentiment. But it hit me they weren’t on the verge — they had gone full Thelma & Louise right over the cliff.

So, judging from their recent policy moves, what might the Democratic presidential field for 2020 or even the congressional field of 2018 want to stake their claim, too?

Here are just some of their recent ideas.

  • End Energy Independence: This week on Twitter prominent Democrats, propped up by their mindless conformists in the world of Hollywood, bemoaned the deregulation of the EPA. There were claims that such deregulation would cause cancer. Free drilling on our own continent is unacceptable. Coal, shale, natural gas and oil are the enemy, people will die and more cancer... or something. 
  • Endlessly Investigate Evidence-free Cases: As the bipartisan House Intelligence Committee wrapped up its 14-month investigation into “Russian collusion,” leading Democrats demanded something odd. The didn’t make the claim that they had seen any evidence of collusion nor did they site proof that the closing report was inaccurate. Instead, they whined about ending the process. In other words they wanted to continue to call witness back for second and third interviews even though witnesses had asked them in their last interview if they had any more questions—to which none of them did.
  • Demand More Quotas vs. Quality: This has been a longstanding trait among the American left to have outcome-based results. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, for example, complained this week that there have not been enough judicial nominees “who were black.” He made this argument irrespective of ability, experience or background. (Not to mention judicial temperament.)
  • Disarm Public Education: Literally the opposite of what most of the reaction has been in light of the Parkland shooting, they want all armed people off school campuses. Even police. Mayor Bill DeBlasio literally removed the NYPD from the public schools in New York to replace them with unarmed resource guards. (Whatever that means.) The one thing it likely means is that we will see an attempted mass shooting in a New York public school sooner than later. DeBlasio in ‘20, yo!
  • Dissolve/Disband Immigration and Customs: This isn’t just some nutty idea that one candidate in 2020 will put forward. The most extreme among Democratic activists are pressuring all top Democrats to come out and take this posture early. In essence, they want to erase our borders and turn America into one big Sanctuary zone. Add the desire by some to do away with the Joint Terrorism Task Force and the entire nation could look like San Francisco. A place where literally today they will not check to see where you are from, and they will not report you to the feds if you appear to be connected to terrorism. What could go wrong?
  • Tax You More: The bottom line is the progressive elites cannot suffer an electorate who earns more, saves more, builds more and keeps more. They see you as fundamentally greedy for wanting to feed your family with less worry, or to even dare to send your kids to a Christian school. The great God of this line of thought is their “fundamental transformationist” (President Obama), who reminded us all, “You didn’t build that.” That translates today to “you will not be allowed to build it in the near future, either.”

These are the new core central ideas of the party that wants to govern you in 2018 and 2020. Many of these positions have been blatantly advocated for or enacted vis-à-vis policies under their current control.

Choose wisely, America.

They’re telling you to your face what they intend to do.

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