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"Megyn Kelly: 'Racist Media Satan'"

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I don't know the politics of Megyn Kelly. But after a few years of seeing her operate, and occasionally running into her in the hallways at Fox News, I think I've learned a tiny bit about her as a person.

For instance, I know that Megyn is a kind person, and someone who demonstrates gratitude for those who have done her kindness. Exhibit A in that bit of evidence is the affection she shares for Brit Hume the retired senior admiral of the Fox News editorial operation. Brit was the one who discovered Megyn and first put her on microphone with a camera and assignment in the beltway.

"Anyone watching her even from a distance knew that her natural talent would take her a long way," said Fox News Radio host John Gibson when I once asked him about the rising star.

Those that watched her stint in the mornings with Bill Hemmer last year knew that she was personable and funny, and if anything, always proper--even when animated.

Megyn's public persona seems to capture a cut-throat "tell me the truth" kind of persistence in her line of questioning, but always one that carries tact and taste with it.

Even when the infamous Howard Stern asked her to come on his Sirius morning show and asked her the questions that Howard Stern would naturally ask, she kept her demeanor and composure and did not yield in her expectations to be treated like and to respond in kind as--a lady.

Megyn's had big stories. But her most recent, and perhaps most important story that she's been able to break is one that runs right to the core of our American life. Her willingness to put on-air J. Christian Adams, a former attorney for the Department of Justice, who had resigned his post in order to expose the racism inherent in the department, is serving all of America extremely well.


Megyn's show was able to uncover that our current Department of Justice has issued an edict that would prevent the department from any involvement in prosecuting voter intimidation cases in which the victims were white and whose initiators were black. A policy implemented once Eric Holder and the other political appointments were in place following the coming to power of the Obama administration.

Her tenacity in unveiling each new wrinkle that was revealed this week to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights provided her an exclusive amongst America's larger media. An exclusive on a story, that I might add, should have been front page news for the major newspapers and top of hour feeds for the 24/7 newsers. Four days after her original exclusive interview a highly rated fellow Fox broadcaster, Glenn Beck, finally provided the first corollary coverage. Yet the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, and all the major networks, have yet to pen their first word of coverage.

Had Kelly been covering the dismissal of a case against two Ku Klux Klan members, every paper in America would've pinged it. Further had the Justice Department issued an edict to ignore any further cases of voter intimidation by whites in which the victims were black, riots would've broken out in most of the nation's urban centers.

She has endured pathetic treatment from the Department of Justice on the matter. She along with (J Christian Adams,) Mr. Beck, myself and my morning listeners coast to coast have been slimed as racist for even relaying some of the basic information she has brought to light.


Kelly left the morning slot on Fox in 2009 to give birth to her newborn. When she returned she was awarded the afternoon solo gig that has dominated its ratings time-slot but not without cause.

In a world where facts are often run roughshod over, Megyn Kelly's tenacity on knowing, properly understanding, and relaying the factual information in the stories she features is without question. Talk to pundits on either side of the political spectrum and they will confirm that though she does not always ask them the questions they want to have to answer, they are unable to fault her personally.

In other words Kelly does what good journalists have always done.

The problem now is that so few do, when one does it with such crispness and expertise then it stands out as refreshing amongst the journalistic hash being slopped around these days.

It likely drives the anchors, even of Fox's prime-time "competitors," a little nuts that someone like Kelly can grow so big and become so effective so quickly. But perhaps if the former Air America hosts, and dried up sportscasters that those other networks employed were able to be half as intellectually honest as Kelly is, they wouldn't be. Of course they aren't so it's easier to slander Kelly as a racist media "satan" than to adjust their shoddy, agenda-driven practices.

The biggest scandal to date in the Obama administration is his own Justice Department's edict to enforce a racist and discriminatory policy against Americans based on the skin color of the parties involved. It is a scandal that Eric Holder should be brought before Congress to answer for. (As should all of the political appointees that played a hand in the decision.)


Yet if it were not for Megyn Kelly's tenacious ferocity to find the truth, to report it accurately, and to keep digging when everyone else involved is spitting in her face, America would not know.

It's disgusting to see a true lady, much less a graceful new mom, treated in such a way.

But something tells me that Megyn's "lady enough" to handle it.

Now...about our Justice Department's institutionalized racism...

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