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Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead

As this year’s Women’s History Month winds down, and given that it is the 100th Anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution—the amendment that gave women the right to vote—it’s only appropriate that this year’s theme for the month is “Valiant Women of the Vote.” Let’s take a moment to reflect upon the choice women will have when voting this coming November. 


As a physician who lives in Arizona, I am proud of our state’s history regarding women office holders. We have had more women serve as Governor than any other state. We are one of only six states where both our U.S. Senate seats are currently occupied by women, and we have had women serve as both the Speaker of the House and president of the Senate in our state legislature. Our state is also the proud home of retired Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, who many recognize as the first woman to serve on the United States Supreme Court.

Which brings us to the 2020 election. Many analysts are saying that the outcome of the presidential race, as well as the makeup of the Senate and House, may well be decided by women voters—in particular affluent suburban women. 

Many of these women’s perceptions are being manipulated by the media’s caricature of President Trump—a media that is overwhelmingly left-wing and the majority of which are allies of, if not mouthpieces for, the Democrat Party. As someone who has met with the president on several occasions let me assure you, the picture of the President they are painting is patently false. 

The President Trump whom I have observed is a thoughtful, respectful executive who listens, asks questions, engages in productive discussion and then assertively decides a course of action based on the advice of those counseling him. Is he a fighter? Absolutely. But he is a fighter for us, not the tone-deaf elites who have forgotten, neglected, and abused hard-working, law-abiding Americans for the better part of the last 30 years. His tone can be direct, no doubt, but frankly, as a woman, I find his straight talk refreshing.


One question I’m always sure to ask when interacting with voters is, what’s the alternative? Is going back to the political status quo that has decimated the middle class, stagnated economic growth and hurt virtually all Americans really what women want? I am confident it is not.

What do the Democrats offer us? Joe Biden and a return to the failed economic policies of the Obama era? Hard pass.

Democrats like Biden have promised to raise our taxes, without regard to what that will do to economic growth or to our retirement portfolios. They have promised to steal our healthcare and give it to illegal immigrants. They have promised to eliminate our family’s educational freedom. They have promised to confiscate our guns. They have promised to open our borders, release prisoners from jail, legalize drugs, undermine our elections, sexualize our children, allow boys into our daughters’ locker room, legalize elective abortions up to the moment of birth (and some say even after), and much worse.

Is this really what American women want?  Do women really want this laundry list of nonsensical, insane progressive-socialist policies?

I’m willing to bet that women want someone who keeps his promises and offers the best pathway to prosperity for them and their families. In fact, I’m doubling down on the fact that strong, smart, incredible American women can see right through the laughably inaccurate caricature the media attempts to paint of President Trump, and that they see him as I do: the most pro-woman president in American history. In honor of this year’s centennial of women voting for president, let us cast our most important vote in the last 100 years and re-elect President Donald J. Trump for four more years.


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