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Biden's Tyrannical Attack on Private Property Rights

Posted: Aug 06, 2021 11:30 PM
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Biden's Tyrannical Attack on Private Property Rights

Source: AP Photo/Evan Vucci

This week, President Joe Biden solidified his position as a left-wing radical, not the Democratic moderate he claimed to be during his 2020 campaign. He did so by launching an outrageous attack not just against private property rights but against the U.S. Constitution. 

For over a year, the federal government has forced private property owners to allow tenants renting their homes to stay, despite months of failing to pay rent. The Trump administration implemented the policy in the early days of the pandemic as governments shut down private businesses and Americans lost their jobs. Renters were given the benefit of a moratorium while property owners were still obligated to pay their mortgages to the banks. 

The federal government attempted to blunt the issue with relief packages, but in typical fashion, bureaucratic red tape has prevented property owners from receiving help. 

"A North Carolina landlord says he is out $24,000 in unpaid rent from tenants, while one renter bought three boats over the course of the eviction moratorium," Fox News reports. "Buddy Shoup, who owns 35 properties across the state, said that he has been forced to maintain the properties and hemorrhage costs while the federal government slowly dribbles out rental assistance, of which only 7% has been doled out to renters in need."

This is tyranny. 

In June, the Supreme Court ruled the moratorium, issued through the Centers for Disease Control, was unconstitutional. 

"In my view, clear and specific congressional authorization would be necessary for the CDC to extend the moratorium past July 31," Justice Brett Kavanaugh wrote about the 5-4 ruling. 

Congressional Democrats, led by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senator Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, did nothing to fix the issue with legislation. They didn't make it a priority. This week, President Biden acknowledged the court's decision, admitted an extension was likely unconstitutional and moved forward to screw private property owners anyway. 

"I can't guarantee you the court won’t rule that we don't have that authority, but at least we'll have the ability to, if we have to appeal, to keep this going for a month – at least. I hope longer," Biden said. 

The court already ruled he doesn't have the authority. His statement is an admission he is openly violating his oath to be faithful to the Constitution, respect equal branches of government and uphold the law. If he weren't a Democrat with a majority in Congress, it would be an impeachable offense. 

Who does this hurt the most? Mom and pop rental owners who rely on their properties for income. They've been underwater for months, and many are on the verge of bankruptcy. 

Ironically, Biden's unconstitutional attack on private property rights will only further squeeze the lower and middle class he claims to represent. Homeowners on the verge of bankruptcy present a perfect opportunity for big investment funds to swoop in and buy up rental properties. This, of course, will only monopolize the housing market to big corporations and Wall Street, ensuring the middle class is eventually frozen out of the housing market forever and never owns anything. It could also lead to another bailout of the banks, which Democrats claim publicly to be against. 

More broadly speaking, if the CDC can regulate private property owners and their ability to collect rent and enforce contracts, what else can they do with unlimited and unending emergency powers? It's no wonder the Left is constantly calling for additional Second Amendment regulations under the guise of "public health." The same can be said about the Left's calls to address "climate change." 

Biden's attack on the rule of law and private property rights cannot go without consequence. It's a test run on the limits of executive branch power that will unravel foundation American principles if allowed to go unchallenged.

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