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Roy Moore, the Moms, and the Yearbook Signature

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Three out of the four Moms of the teen daughters who now claim sexual harassment or worse by Roy Moore 40 years ago, trusted him implicitly with their daughters at the time in question. Shockeroo! 


According to the Washington Post article that unleashed sexual predator zombie accusations against the Alabama Senate candidate, Debbie Gibson was 17 in 1981 when Moore asked her out. She asked her Mom what she’d say if she wanted to date a 34 year old man named Roy Moore. Gibson quotes her Mom: “I’d say you were the luckiest girl in the world.” The two dated a few times, says Ms. Gibson, and Moore kissed her once. Kissing while dating is now sexual assault doncha know.  

Another Mom in the Post hit piece was “really, really strict” according to her then 19 year old daughter, Gloria Thacker Deason, but let her stay out past her 10:30 curfew with Moore because “she just felt like I would be safe with him… she thought he was good husband material.” She dated Moore a few times in 1979 and she told the paper their physical relationship “did not go further than kissing and hugging.” The man was a monster!

Deason’s Mom likely approved of her daughter dating Moore because he was a hometown hero; a much-admired West Point grad, and a Vietnam vet with a bright future as an assistant district attorney. Certainly neither Deason’s nor Gibson’s Mom had reason to think their daughters were in any danger from the town’s golden boy or they would never have enthusiastically welcomed his attentions to the young women.

Yet to read the volcanic spew of articles and horrified accusations from the High Foreheads of MediaWorld, Republicans and Democrats alike, you’d think that a man who dates a teenager when he’s in his 30’s is a raging pervert. Case closed. No discussion allowed.


Even in the sole case in which sexual misconduct is alleged against Moore involving 14 year old Leigh Corfman, her Mom showed enormous trust in the assistant district attorney from the moment they met. The girl and her Mom, Nancy Wells, were sitting outside a courtroom in Etowah County, Alabama, awaiting a custody hearing in Wells’ divorce case when Moore came up to them and offered to watch Leigh while her Mom was in the hearing. The Post quotes Wells, now 71, “He said, ‘Oh, you don’t want her to go in there and hear all that. I’ll stay out here with her.’” Wells wasn’t the least suspicious, but instead says, “I thought, how nice for him to want to take care of my little girl.” Had they met before – or had Moore introduced himself as an assistant d.a.? The Post doesn’t say.

If Wells left her 14-year-old daughter with a total stranger for a couple of hours, either she was a bad Mom or a bad Mom who put her own personal convenience before the safety of her young daughter. Corfman and Moore chatted; she found him “charming and smiley” and gave him her phone number. When he called, they made plans for him to pick her up around the corner from her house. “I was kind of giddy, excited, you know? An older guy, you know?”

She says he might have given her alcohol, and while they sat and talked, she told him she was 14. Moore kissed her, whereupon she felt nervous and asked him to take her home, which he did. Yet she met him again and they again went to his place “in the woods.” 


Corfman seems to have been an adventurous girl eager to explore the unknown. “This was a new experience, and it was exciting and fun and scary,” Corfman told the Post, explaining why she saw him again. “It was just like this roller-coaster ride you’ve not been on.”   

She said they went back to his house and says “before long she was lying on a blanket on the floor.” Moore left the room and according to her, returned wearing nothing but “tight white underwear” as he kissed her, removed her pants and shirt, and, she claims, touched her through her bra and panties while “he guided her hand to his underwear.” She thought, “I don’t want to do this – I’ve got to get out of here,” and she got dressed. Then she asked Moore to take her home, which he did.

And that’s it. No attempted rape, no violent sexual assault, not even any forced nudity. Of course, if it happened, it’s awfully icky and yes wrong and unlawful that a grown man would handle a 14 year old in such a manner. If it happened. And even if it did, is it worth 40 long years later, ruining a man’s reputation built over four decades of service to his state and nation, and destroying his hard-fought prospects to become a useful, productive U.S. Senator? 

Plus, if Moore did this unsavory thing, for which there is no actual proof, only he said/she said, he was a Democrat at the time; he didn’t become a Republican until 1992.  Hmmm.   

The attacks on Moore have nothing to do with sudden moral outrage, not when Majority Leader McConnell and his GOP cronies spent 30 million dollars to eviscerate this fellow Republican in the primaries even before any sex-related allegations surfaced. And why once he won the primary, did the Republican High Command - McConnell, House Speaker Paul Ryan, John McCain, even Mike Lee and Ted Cruz - condemn him as a predatory deviant, again with stunning lack of proof? And why did Colorado Senator Cory Gardner, the Republican Senate Campaign Committee Chair in charge of the money, cut off GOP funds for Moore, abandoning him to be outspent by his Democrat opponent 11 to 1. Then Gardner even threatened to “expel” Moore from the Senate if elected by Alabama voters.  How reprehensible.   


But why, when Moore would have easily defeated the Democrat in red-state Alabama and kept the Republican majority – why would they all circle round and tear bloody chunks off the man like a pack of snarling dingoes in a National Geographic special? Because Moore is a rebel who has proved he can’t be bought or controlled by the powers that be. And then there’s his radical God thing. 

What would Moore say to the leadership’s price tag on a committee assignment that demands a new Senator pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Republican (or Democrat) campaign war chest? As exposed in Colorado Congressman Ken Buck’s sobering book, Drain the Swamp, chairing an important committee can cost a member over a million dollars! Moore would doubtless raise holy Hades at the pay-to-play that infects Congress and the valuable time members must spend money-raising instead of doing the peoples’ business.

Senator Moore would refuse to play the Washington game. He would vote his conscience, not in lockstep with demands from on high. He might even start a revolt -- and they can’t have that kind of insubordination in Congress! But the people of Alabama chose Moore as their nominee despite the GOP’s $30 million to defeat him, just as they twice elected him Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court even after he had been kicked off the bench for standing up for his Ten Commandments monument and traditional, man/woman marriage. Side note to ACLU: a carved frieze of Moses holding the stone tablets of the Ten Commandments actually looks down on the Supreme Court Justices from the south wall of the courtroom as they dispense their verdicts.


So now comes professional outrage-monger Gloria Allred, Godmother of Victimhood. Having run out of Trump accusers (where did they all go anyway?) her “client” this time is one Beverly Young Nelson who dry-sobbed her way through her salacious accusations since to go all tearful would be to carve a Mississippi River into her elaborately troweled face. Nelson complains that when she was Moore offered to drive her home from the restaurant where she waitressed but instead took her behind the establishment and attacked her in his car.

She and Gloria offered the only “proof” in all the accusations that Moore and the woman even knew each other – Nelson’s 1977 high school yearbook allegedly signed “Love, Roy Moore, D.A.”  It’s come to light that “D.A.” were the initials of Judge Moore’s longtime assistant and secretary, Delbra Adams, who says she habitually added them to his official signature, as proved by a divorce document he signed years later with the identical D.A. initials   – coincidentally, a divorce decree in the case of none other than the very same Beverly Young Nelson. 

That’s a big problem for Allred and Nelson since there’s no way that Moore would have added his assistant’s “D.A.” initials to a personal 1977 yearbook signature (also he was an Assistant D.A., then a judge, never a D.A.) AND especially since Ms. Adams didn’t start working for Judge Moore until 1989, 12 years later.  And there are other  big doubts about the validity of the Moore signature.


But the most damning evidence of forgery comes from Allred herself. When CNN’s Wolf Blitzer asked her directly: “Can you say flatly to our viewers that the signature is not a forgery?” Allred refused to answer his persistent question. She told Blitzer she would only release the yearbook for examination by hand-writing experts if and when a Senate committee calls a special hearing. Which she knows perfectly well they will not do for a candidate -- and time-wise it’s impossible prior to the December 12 Alabama election.

Allred and her client have exposed themselves as serial liars. The Republicans would rather have a Democrat in the Senate than a man who would help bolster their majority and President Trump’s agenda. And Roy Moore is being mercilessly savaged by political assassins on the basis of nothing more than 40-year-old she-said passing for proof. Oh, and the latest is some woman accusing him of grabbing her butt while her mother was present. Yeah, that happened.

All America awaits the December 12 election to see if Alabama citizens will stand up for their voting rights or bow the knee to the bullies of D.C.             

Joy Overbeck is a Colorado journalist, author and Townhall columnist who has also contributed to The Washington Times, The Daily Caller, American Thinker, BarbWire and elsewhere. More columns: https://www.facebook.com/JoyOverbeckColumnist   Follow her on Twitter @JoyOverbeck1


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