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Let’s Talk About Morality

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Let’s not talk about whether Hillary Clinton’s defense of a husband she knew was a serial molester and accused rapist was moral or not. Or whether she acted immorally when she attacked his victims as “trailer trash” and “bimbos” and led “bimbo eruption” strategy meetings in the White House to destroy these women.


Let’s not talk about how in Hillary’s first job as a 27- year-old lawyer for the congressional committee investigating Watergate in the 1970’s, her boss, a Democrat named Jerry Zeifman, said he wished he could have fired her because she was a “liar” and “unethical” and “engaged in a variety of self-serving, unethical practices in violation of House rules.”

Let’s talk about whether we are entitled to judge a presidential candidate’s moral fitness for office. Of course we can and we must. Is it fair to disqualify Trump as morally unfit for the presidency because he said some juvenile, disgusting things about women eleven years ago, especially compared to how Hillary trashed her fellow females and her entire record of proven unethical behavior?  I don’t think so.

Consider that Trump immediately and forthrightly humbled himself by apologizing to his family and the American people. Many Christians who condemn Trump as immoral don’t seem to know our Lord said His followers are morally required to forgive others because He first forgave us.

So Trump cannot be irredeemable – unless you, like Hillary Clinton who called millions of Americans deplorable and irredeemable, feel qualified to take over God’s role and decide who is and who is not worthy of redemption. Whew.  

There’s another measure of morality we must examine – that is, which candidate will treat Americans and our nation with moral righteousness in following and faithfully executing  the laws of our land and in dealing honestly with We the People.


We have already seen the lawlessness and dishonesty Hillary’s reign would bring.  It was blatantly apparent in the way her husband just happened to meet with Attorney General Loretta Lynch in her private plane a few days before Hillary testified to the FBI. The same FBI that failed to swear her in or to record her testimony, or to ask her about the millions of dollars in foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation and how those millions seemed to trigger the favors she gave those nations as secretary of state.

We saw how the once-respected FBI Director Comey methodically laid out a powerful case for indicting Hillary Clinton for crimes including endangering national security by using her illegal, hackable personal basement server, scrubbing 30,000 emails that likely dealt with Benghazi and foreign bribes to the Clinton Foundation so the public and the government would never see them, and then lying about all of it.  

We watched as Comey tucked tail and ran from his own rationality by claiming that “no prosecutor” would recommend indictment of Mrs. Clinton despite the crimes he had just detailed. Of course it didn’t matter if Comey recommended indictment since Loretta Lynch would need to approve prosecution, and Hillary had just announced that if elected she would keep Lynch in the chief law enforcement job. If it weren’t so tragic it would be funny.  

Hillary also demonstrates how little she cares about the livelihood of Americans by arrogantly informing coal miners that she will force them out of their jobs. Isn’t it the duty of the president to increase American jobs instead of eliminating them? Autocrats and dictators order their unfortunate citizens where and how they will work, not our presidents. While she destroys livelihoods, this woman also destroys towns and the jobs of support service workers, taking food from the mouths of the women and children she claims to have spent her whole life “fighting for.” How is this moral?


And how can she say she’s concerned about middle class families and small business when millions are being financially decimated by Obamacare’s increasing premiums and astronomical deductibles?  All of it forced upon us against our will – and she promises to keep this debacle rolling right on over us even as its unaffordability punishes businesses and retards job creation.    

She has shown she doesn’t care about the brave Americans in our military, either. She denied her “good friend” Libyan ambassador Chris Stevens’ literally hundreds of requests for more security, even as other nation’s embassies and the Red Cross were fleeing the country because it was so dangerous. She ducked her responsibilities as secretary of state as four brave Americans died in flames because she and her wrong-headed decisions had made the place an ISIS snake nest.

Then she ramped up her rank dishonesty in order to protect Obama’s re-election by claiming the Benghazi deaths were the result of a film, not an Islamic terrorist attack. She knew what really happened because an overhead drone recorded the entire horrible conflagration. While she secretly told the Egyptian ambassador and her own daughter the truth about the jihadist attack, she carried through with her lie by actually imprisoning the innocent American film-maker.

And then as her final atrocity she lied to the grieving families that their loved ones were killed by a film even as their flag-draped coffins were being unloaded behind her. And she told a congressional committee inquiry, “after all what difference does it make?” Would this woman be an ethical leader? Would she uphold the high morality of the office? Are you kidding?


Now we learn from leaked emails that Hillary says it’s necessary to take one position on an issue “privately” and another for public political consumption – just like Honest Abe! That explains a lot.

We found out in her speech to Brazilian bankers that “my dream is a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders.”  That’s her “private” position. Publicly, though, she tells the American people that she will enforce our nation’s immigration laws and vigorously work against trade agreements like NAFTA and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP, which she previously backed).

No wonder she fought against poor hapless Bernie Sander’s demand that she release the speeches she made to bankers and Wall Street honchos.

Voters have to decide how decades of deliberate, unprincipled lying and deception from a practiced professional politician compare to a few admittedly vulgar and deplorable remarks 11 years ago from a businessman who tends sometimes to boorishness.  The difference must be carefully weighed because the decision will determine whether we and our offspring are further subject to the lying, the lawlessness and unethical behavior we see in our government that is bringing our nation down, or whether we get our personal liberty and life choices back. Trump’s unacceptable words seem incredibly trivial when viewed beside the massively unacceptable, immoral record of Hillary Clinton.

Joy Overbeck is a Colorado journalist and author who writes for Townhall.com, The Daily Caller, The Washington Times, American Thinker, BarbWire and elsewhere. More columns: https://www.facebook.com/JoyOverbeckColumnist   Follow her on Twitter @JoyOverbeck1


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