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Leftists are such drama queens. The fakeness in which they cry over, CNN, Mika Brzezinski, Mika Scarborough, or whatever her latest iteration may be, is laughable.


The left, like CNN and Mika, spends their lives trying to destroy people, especially conservatives. They use the media, primarily through the track of political correctness in order to shame decent people into silence. And the left is trying to destroy this Republican president, as they have tried all Republican presidents since Nixon.

Like Nixon, Trump is not as conservative as many think but the left wants to destroy him anyway because they are drunk with lust; lust for power and lust for money. The left says bad things, horrid things, about Trump every day. They destroyed Nixon who covered up a third rate burglary he did not even know about while letting their favorite senator, Ted Kennedy, get away with letting a girl drown in his car. They could have refused to seat him or, minimally, censured him. Instead they shamefully welcomed him back to the Senate. The hypocrisy continues and the people are beyond tired of it.

Trump, an astute and intelligent observer of people, grew up seeing how power was used and so did Brzezinski’s fellow host, Joe Scarborough. The difference is Trump has grown while Scarborough caved.

Joe Scarborough, though no longer a Congressman, is a classic Washington insider. Scarborough wants to be accepted by the elites and he could not be one of them as a Republican Congressman elected in the Gingrich Revolution. So instead of beating them, he joined them via his leftist co-host Mike Brzezinski. Increasingly leftist by the day, maybe now Scarborough will get invited to more overpriced Washington, Manhattan, and Hollywood parties.


The left offers a tempting path but going with the left is, like Yoda said, choosing “the quick and easy path.”

The same public that recognizes Nixon did wrong, and that Trump is brash but did not collude with Russia, also see the forces of the politically correct darkness on the left. The people are tired of being divided by race, class, gender, or whatever category the left dreams of. Our citizenry want to be Americans.

And this is why the people love Trump. Finally, here is a man who is what we have asked for, for years, in our politicians. We have asked, and even begged, for someone who will speak his mind without regard to what the media says. This is why even the evangelicals voted for him overwhelmingly.

The left further hates Trump because he was in their crowd before turning on them. Hey may not be as conservative as Ted Cruz or Mike Lee, but he will never ever be with the likes of Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton. Even worse for the left, he appoints the Supreme Court.

Finally, Trump knows how to defeat the left. He did it. He defeated their so called Blue Wall with calls to build a Great Wall. A testament to the left’s character, or lack thereof, is in how they dealt with their defeat. They did not learn from it but instead keep doing the same things and keep losing more elections, while defriending their few conservative friends on Facebook. They keep claiming political correctness and the American people are tired of it. The left is made up of intolerant dividers and cannot take their own medicine. And Trump will keep being Trump.


Could Trump be nicer? That would be nice. But the left will never do its part and take out the plank in its own eye. The left is intoxicated with government power and assaulting all that is good with America, even to the point of endangering the safety of our citizens. These are the people who insult Americans but then tell us how we should live. They attack the president, viciously, along with his wife and children and say nothing when their allies do the same. But when it happens to them, they can’t take it.

We are in a culture war for the soul of our country and there is not much time left. Could it be that this brash, once leftist, New Yorker was not only the one individual who could beat Crooked Hillary but the one individual who could, as president, punch back at the fake news and turn them on their head? He certainly is doing that and he deserves our support. He is taking them on. He is winning and we are not tired of winning. Keep tweeting Mr. President. We’ve got your back.

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