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We are all familiar with radical terrorist cells that once set in motion commit acts of mayhem destroying American life and property.  But there is another kind of terrorist network operating in America. Rather than blow things up, these terrorists tear things down from within the institutions themselves. Rather than plant explosives, these terrorists infiltrate local, state, and national governments and businesses and use the power of acquired positions and the wealth given them by George Soros, the Muslim Brotherhood, and other enemies of the United States to incite opposition to and riot against American institutions and values. Whether driven by a bin Laden-kind of perverse theocratic hatred for Western freedom and religious pluralism or by far-left desires to transform our country into a communist state, these radicals want to put an end to America as the greatest bastion of liberty the world has ever known, and establish in its place dictatorship. 


In her excellent new book, Woke Army, former Wall Street Journal reporter Asra Q. Nomani reveals the identities, locations, and actions of this heretofore clandestine network of radicals. It exposes their plot to take over America and their methods. Her book is an eye-opener. A Muslim born in Bombay, India who has traveled throughout the Middle East, she spent her youth in Morgantown, West Virginia.  Since her arrival in America and citizenship here, she has adored our foundational principles of individual liberty and religious pluralism.  “I embraced liberal American values of freedom, self-determination, and secular government,” she writes.  She is part of a Muslim reform movement which embraces conceptions of equal rights for men and women and acceptance of other faiths, including the Jewish faith and the state of Israel.  For that, she has been condemned as worse than heretical by many in the same network of radicals she exposes in her book.  “I have been viciously attacked as a ‘Zionist media whore,’ ‘racist,’ ‘American apologist,’ and ‘Islamaphobe,’” she writes.  

Nomani strongly opposes all forms of racism and religious bigotry, including anti-Semitism.  She has a long history of public defense of equal protection of the laws and equal opportunity regardless of race and gender.  A professional journalist and author, she was the former colleague of Daniel Pearl who was abducted by radical Muslim terrorists from Nomani’s home in Pakistan and thereafter murdered.  She is also, along with Suparna Dutta, one of the original founders of Parents for TJ (Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology), where she opposed race-based exclusion of Asians imposed as part of the school’s “equity” agenda.


Nomani defines these obscured threats to the survival and success of liberty this way: “The Woke Army is an organized, well-financed global network of Muslim radicals and leftist activists who exploit the freedoms of the West to promote a system of beliefs that runs counter to any values of freedom.”  She explains how these radicals incessantly exploit means to destroy the United States, uniting with Marxists, among them those in BLM and Antifa, to maintain a constant assault and effort at erosion of everything from law enforcement to public education.  Together, they subvert foundational American “values of democracy, meritocracy, and progress” and promote essentially self-destructive and divisive ideological concepts like critical race theory, cancel culture, and anti-Semitism as a means to shake and crush the United States, ultimately enabling the foment of a revolution to bring about, in the case of the radical theocrats, a Muslim theocratic dictatorship, and, in the case of the Marxists, a communist state.  

They operate in political positions of power, such as on school boards, boards of education, high schools, and universities; local, state, and national political offices; non-profit organizations; and businesses large and small.  The picture she paints is one of insinuation of radical elements into these institutions all over the United States.


In her first few pages, Nomani boldly lists by name and position and organization those who are a part of this radical network.  She finds certain common sources of financing and activity behind them.  She writes “the network’s national security influence” is “funded by . . . George Soros.”  She explains that it is “counterintuitive that Soros, who survived the Holocaust as a teen born into a Jewish family . . . was financing a great deal of this network, most of them anti-Semitic and anti-Israel.”  She explains that Soros has, for example, increased his support for the radical group Muslim Advocates from $78,000 in 2006 to $1.7 million in 2019.  

She reveals that as far back as the 1950s radicals began plotting means to overthrow the United States and establish either a theocracy or a communist dictatorship. She documents the arrival in 1981 of the now deceased Ismail Al-Faruqui of the Muslim Brotherhood to Virginia and how he purchased buildings in Herndon at 500 Grove Street.  That location would thereafter serve as the address and center for all sorts of radical groups and as the funding base for others nationwide and worldwide.  She explains that Al-Faruqui even acquired a lucrative chicken slaughter house in Georgia to help fund their political operations, Mar-Jac Poultry, Inc.  Nomani records the history of development of these groups and their alliances with Marxist entities.  She also records their success in landing large donations again and again from George Soros’s funding entities, often to pay for political operations against American institutions by radical Muslim groups in conjunction with or as a complement to Marxist groups.


This kind of ever present, persistent terrorism is now big business in the United States. Nomani reveals that the radical agenda is being promoted across the country.  Her book Woke Army is a wake-up call to all freedom loving Americans.  It asks us to recognize that the terrorism threat is not limited to violent massacres but involves a persistent decades old and continuing effort to infiltrate essential American institutions and use them as bases for the elimination of all foundations of American liberty. Grave threats to the survival of our nation from Biden’s open border policies, Soros-baked prosecutors’ anti-incarceration agenda, and Marxist CRT indoctrination in the schools are exacerbated by this dedicated network of radicalsand Marxists who exploit those weaknesses at every opportunity.  We must awake to the reality of the Woke Army and turn the power of local, state, and federal law enforcement against it.  We must first remove those in office who stand in the way of defense of Americans’ rights to life, liberty, and property.

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