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Biden’s September 1 address from Independence Hall rests on a false premise, that he has the moral authority to define America’s “soul.”  Biden lacks that authority.  His embrace of unlimited government in place of protection for individual freedom of choice contradicts and flouts America’s founding principles and makes a mockery of Independence Hall, a hallowed shrine to leaders who refused authoritarian power in favor of individual sovereignty and freedom of choice.  Biden’s sanctimonious recitation of platitudes selectively culled from the orbit of American liberty is not only vacuous, demagogic, and insincere but lacks the power of persuasion, an intellectual talent beyond Biden’s cognitively fragile mind but also apparently beyond the reach of his speech writers. 


The term “soul” has been defined as the spiritual part of a human being.  Spirituality is, of course, of God.  To presume to define America’s soul, a person must at least have sufficient virtue to avoid hypocrisy.  One would not ask a pedophile to lecture on how best to raise a child; a serial killer on the second great commandment; or a corrupt politician on America’s “soul.”  And yet Biden’s handlers had the audacity to have one of the most corrupt politicians in American history lecture us all on our collective soul.  

Biden’s speech rang hollow not only because it invited one half of the electorate to go to war with the other; not only because it failed to provide a resolution to any of the enormous hardships he has caused Americans to suffer; and not only because the speech was filled with feigned homage to founding principles Biden routinely violates, but also because Biden lacks the morality and integrity necessary to opine on the depths and majesty of the American soul.  How can one with no real understanding or demonstrated commitment to America’s founding principles, to the lives, liberties, and properties of Americans, to the rule of law, and to equal justice under law presume to lecture Americans on those principles without appearing entirely insincere, wholly hypocritical?

When we compare America’s soul with Biden’s, the latter comes up lacking.  How can Joe Biden who drew funds from bank accounts shared with his son Hunter into which America’s enemies paid millions to influence Vice President Biden have the moral authority to define America’s soul?  How can Biden who has repeatedly violated the Constitution as determined by federal courts (and thus his oath of office) have the moral authority to define America’s soul?  How can Biden who refuses to enforce federal immigration laws, opens our Southern border to unchecked illegal entry (allowing in an endless invasion of terrorists, drug traffickers, sex traffickers, gangs, and arms smugglers) have the moral authority to define America’s soul?  How can Biden who in a hasty, despicable Afghanistan retreat abandoned to Taliban butchers American citizens and allies alike, resulting in the deaths of 13 service men, have the moral authority to define America’s soul?  How can Biden who is destroying the fossil fuel backbone of the American economy and is dumping more federal dollars into the market and at a faster rate than ever before, creating rampant inflation and destroying free enterprise have the moral authority to define America’s soul?  How can Biden who has used his Justice Department and FBI to attack political opponents and parents protesting at school board meetings have the moral authority to define America’s soul?  How can Biden who has taken away medical freedom and endeavored to compel Americans to wear masks, be vaccinated or lose their jobs, and accept remote learning, masking of children, and vaccination of children contrary to “the science” have the moral authority to define America’s soul? How can Biden whose White House has conspired with big tech to censor conservative views and criticism of the COVID vaccine have the moral authority to define America’s soul?  How can Biden who sold his soul to the socialists in fulfillment of President Obama’s call for “transformational change” have the moral authority to define America’s soul? 


In every way this man who presumes to tell us what our soul is has attacked the very heart and soul of America every minute of every day since he assumed office.  His legacy is one of destruction, of disregard of Americans’ rights and interests and support for actions that impoverish, endanger, and sacrifice the lives of Americans.  There is in Biden no moral authority to lecture the American people.  Indeed, he is stoking flames that are devouring America, achieving more of benefit to America’s enemies than they themselves have been able to achieve.

There is in Biden an inherent conflict of interest that makes his stand at Independence Hall all the more outrageous.  By repeatedly wielding legislative power as President, he is functioning as a dictator in what is--by constitutional design--a limited federal republic.  If he respected the handiwork of those who labored for liberty in Independence Hall, he would accept as axiomatic that he has no power to make law, only to execute laws passed by Congress.  He is living his presidency as a constitutional lie.  

That should come as no surprise, however, because Biden and truth rarely agree.  Just ask Fox White House correspondent Peter Doocy.  Doocy confronts the White House with its hypocrisy at nearly every press conference.  He started that practice during the presidential campaign when Biden answering Doocy told one of his many infamous whoppers.  He told Doocy that he had no knowledge whatsoever of his son Hunter’s business dealings with representatives of enemy states.  The record amply confirms that to be a big fat lie.  Vice President Joe Biden violated the Foreign Emoluments Clause of the Constitution, not only an illegality but also a betrayal of his own country for personal financial gain.  Can a President who violates that clause through profiting from influence peddling with enemies of the United States by his own son ever be entitled to our trust? 


Regardless of how many canned speeches Biden delivers in front of American shrines, he can never define our souls, because in the realm of ethics, morality, and integrity, he has nothing in common with the typical honest hardworking American.  Somewhere early in Biden’s political career he learned an evil lesson—that if you repeat a lie enough times people may come to believe it and you may thereby mislead them to your own advantage.  And so he repeatedly lies, brazenly, even when called out for his lies.  

Independence Hall is a curious location for a person who believes in unlimited government.  It was there that delegates adopted the Declaration of Independence, the first charter in the world that made individuals sovereign and the state their servant, precisely the opposite of Biden’s agenda for America.  The Founders must be astonished and disappointed as they look down from Heaven upon America’s 46th president.  He has engaged in a systematic destruction of every founding principle, curtailing American freedoms in favor of regulatory constraints, violating even our most cherished rights to free speech, to keep and bear arms, to impartial justice, to the rule of law, and to the presumption of innocence.  

The carefully staged set for Biden’s speech has meaning for his radical base, as did the repeated clenching of his fists and outrage against MAGA Republicans.  The red wash lighting with black backdrops mirrored communist China’s colors, thereby conveying an eerie, apparently intended suggestion that an authoritarian now governs.  Listen and obey.  The juxtaposition of two marines in the presidential shot blurs the distinction between the military (sworn and legally bound to avoid involvement in domestic politics) and Biden’s political agenda on the eve of the mid-terms, suggesting to viewers that the military backs the agenda.


Biden’s calls for “unity” was contradicted in the very next breath by attacks on fully one-half plus of the electorate, all who voted for Trump.  While Biden disregards constitutional limits on his power, he condemns MAGA Republicans for “destroying our democracy” and “not loving their country”.  But it is precisely because MAGA Republicans love their country that they oppose Joe Biden for violating the Constitution.  MAGA Republicans stand up for the rights Biden violates and demand the integrity in government Biden and his administration lack.  For that he has declared them enemies of the state.

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