63 Years After Nazis Declare War, We Punish Them

Posted: Dec 12, 2014 10:54 AM

The House and Senate finally agreed on something, and presumably president Obama does too. Both legislative chambers unanimously passed the No Social Security for Nazis Act in what one analyst called a remarkably swift process. It was two months ago that the Associated Press discovered Nazis were collecting social security despite alleged war crimes. The condemnation has been almost universal. So almost 63 years ago to the day that the Nazi regime declared war on the United States, the United States Congress took action to stop Nazis from benefiting from a New Deal program passed before the war.

Swift indeed.

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Republican senators are holding back the nomination of acting social security administrator Carolyn W. Colvin to the permanent post. Citing work on a $300 million computer system that does not work, and possible criminal prosecutions Republican Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah has said that he will not let the nomination move forward. Clovin, who says that the project was initiated before she arrived at the agency and that her role was to try to save the floundering program, says that she has done nothing wrong.

Identity thief Sniders Jean-Jacquesof Florida was sentenced to 2 years in the slammer and ordered to pay $110,000 for a scheme involving the theft of at least 13 victims’ identities for the purposes of stealing social security benefits and 32 victims’ tax refunds. Additionally Jean-Jacques got three years of supervised release. The victims’ identities were stolen from Tufts Health Plan by an employee accomplice who worked as a courier in the scheme. Three others, along with the accomplice plead guilty.

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