Sarah Palin is Right: Obama is Just Being Obama

Posted: Jun 16, 2014 12:01 AM

Sarah Palin is right.

Obama losing Lois Lerner’s emails is worse than Nixon erasing 19 minutes of tape.

Two years of emails is much more significant than 19 minutes of conversation.

But then Obama’s just being Obama.

If the IRS would only turn over the hard drive of Lois Lerner, I would happily be able to restore those lost two years of data.

Do you know how hard it is to permanently delete data off of a hard drive?

Very hard… you’d have to deliberately do it.

It would be kind of like spending $1 trillion on shovel ready jobs and creating no jobs.

It would be like giving unprecedented support to the solar industry… and thereby killing the solar industry.

It will be like spending hundreds of billions on green jobs, an automotive bailout, and alternative energy, and end up with no jobs, no security and no energy to speak of.

It would be like passing banking reform to fix too big to fail, only to end up with bigger, more failure prone banks.

It would be like selling arms illegally to drug cartels south of the border and then covering up why you did it.

It would be like passing health care reform before you read what was in it.

It would be like promising that if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor.


It would be like spending a half a billion dollars on the website that doesn’t work.

It would be like losing Libya, Egypt, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia as allies, and driving them into the arms of radical Islam.

It would be like opposing the Iraq war but proposing to go to war in Syria.

It would be like saying that you ended the Iraq war while Islamic rebels drove into Baghdad.

It would be like outing the Pakistani national who helped us get bin Laden.

It would be like saying we can’t drill our way out of our energy problem amidst the greatest energy boom in the last hundred years in the United States.

It would be like promising to soak the rich on taxes, while raising taxes on everyone.

It would be like promoting class warfare in a desperate plea to retain power while fueling one of the greatest market booms that the Wall Street and Washington power elite has ever seen.

It would be like asking Warren Buffett if everybody deserves the same opportunity that he had.

Or George Soros.

Or Bill Gates.

Or Barack Obama.

It would be like letting four Americans die in Benghazi, for God knows what reason, because you think: “What difference does it make?”

It would be like relinquishing our traditional role as guarantor of state sovereignty in Europe—East or West—because Vlad the Impaler doesn’t seem like such a bad guy anyway.

It would be like the president of United States admitting to White House staffers that he would rather be the president of China.

It would be like trading five of the top terrorists in the world and an unspecified amount of cash for a deserter from United States military.

It would be like trying to govern without a budget.

Or trying to rule without first governing something... anything.

It would be like taking selfies at a funeral. With a hot blonde.

Or getting a Nobel Peace Prize for nothing.

It would be like not releasing your birth certificate.

Or your college transcripts.

It would be like being the junior senator from Illinois and expecting to be the greatest president in the history of the world, because your skin color has given you both a sense of hatred and a sense of entitlement.

And knowing our junior president from Illinois as well as we’ve all gotten to know him these last seven years, I think we can safely say this about Mr. Obama: Sarah Palin was right all along.

It would be just like him.