Obama Covers His Eyes and Hopes We Can't See Him

Posted: May 23, 2014 12:01 AM

The only thing surprising about the “surprising” decision of Obama to dodge any questions about the scandal at the Veteran’s Affairs department is that so many people are surprised by it.

This is a man who has gone to historic lengths to keep his past a secret, right down to his high school report cards, old girlfriends and his eight-track tape selections.

It’s silly really for people to pretend that a guy who got so far by pretending he really mattered-- that he was really, really special at doing nothing-- would suddenly stop pretending that when he covers his eyes the world can’t see him.

“It’s all Bush’s fault” wasn’t a talking point for Obama, as much as it was a birthday wish for a birthday that never ends for the One.

Close your eyes, and make a wish.

Now blow!

“Up to now, President Obama and congressional Democrats had thought ‘so-called’ scandals involving Benghazi, the IRS, and Operation Fast and Furious were largely behind them,” notes the Daily Beast, hardly given to condemnation of the president. “Nothing to see, just Republican witch hunts designed to embarrass the president and perhaps land blows against Hillary Clinton. But recent revelations about shoddy care at Veterans Affairs (VA) facilities across the country have brought bipartisan condemnation from Capitol Hill that should worry a commander in chief whose reaction to the brewing tempest has been muted at best.”

Well welcome to the party, pals.

And don’t act so surprised.

Because here’s the thing that can help you Daily Beast; and it’s the only thing that can help you.

Getting past the president’s ideology, his dogmatic approach to every fire hydrant he sees, Obama, if one is being truthful, really sucks at his job.

Really, really sucky.

Mind-blowingly sucky.

Seriously, I wouldn’t trust this guy to run a homeless shelter, even if he volunteered for the opportunity.

Which goes to show once again that we were right and liberals were wrong.

The only difference this time is that liberals can’t pretend that they don’t care, or that when they cover their eyes Obama disappears.

Or Republicans disappear for that matter.

Because just as George Bush will be remembered for his second term, so will Obama.

Imagine a country where the Senate holds solid GOP majority, the House is overwhelmingly Republican and conservatives have a chance-- a real chance-- to have another historic conversation about the scope and size of the government after seven years of Obama mismanagement.

How does Obama’s legacy look then?

It looks more transitional than it does transformational, for sure.

Instead of being the head of a new movement, Obama would prove himself to be at the tired end of an old movement.

We could transition to a time when technology allows us more choices, more freedom, and more liberty to control our own lives.

This is not the effect Obama was hoping for.

But it’s a real possibility.

And why?

Because Obama really sucks at his job.

And Democrats are now starting to find out that the price of propping up the most do-nothing and know-nothing president, will be the lost trust of another generation of Americans. Another generation again will learn, as so many have before them, that the government that sucks least is the government not run by Obama.

Or Hillary.

Or Democrats.

And those are good first steps.